Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wutongqiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

E-Bridge is located in Leshan City area 24 km south, is quite a unique ancient town water. Chung River and Mountain River bridge into the five-clearance around, Blue Dragon mouth, Disporopsis Beach consists of three parts. Wutongqiao Yishanbangshui, Zhao Ying, Castle Peak, surrounded by green water, exquisite beauty and unique folk customs. Lee praised the source of the Qing Dynasty poet, "pyrotechnic 10,000 people , Should not the West Lake scenery ", the" small West Lake ". Wutongqiao into mountain, water, trees, as one town, Bridge is also more and more water, a variety of styles of the town bridge to link land-3, Dangzhou River, through bridge, the town can enjoy the scenery. Wutongqiao another landscape here is the angle of the yellow wood tree, a few hundred Grand vigorous, Climb, Tong Tong, such as cover, Yanzhao He tree, the tree along the street, formed a five-bridge unique scenery. Here is the seven national "Swimming town," one of the Mountain River is a natural swimming training ground for many years has trained many outstanding swimmer. Wutongqiao young heroes or martyrs DING You-jun Township. Buddha on the mountain to build a "martyr memorial DING You-jun," Museum of the board for Hu Yaobang, the museum also has exhibits such as Zhu De and national party leaders wrote. Trees around here, fresh and beautiful, but also a bird's eye view of the entire city. Wutongqiao annual Dragon Boat Festival in May, should be held in the traditional dragon boat races, the size of Hong , And the scene was spectacular.

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