Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deyang Confucius Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deyang Confucius Temple is located in Deyang City Street South. China's western region to maintain the integrity of the Confucius Temple in the size of the most ambitious of a Confucian temple. Area of 29,700 square meters (about 50 acres) Outside the temple there is the Confucius Temple Square, the temple crown way past Germany doors equipped with the world, Ren-million wall, lattice door stars, with Overseas Chinese Chi-ping, Ji door, music kiosks Dacheng Hall, Kai Temple in the Qing Dynasty, and other ancient buildings more than 30. Deyang Confucius Temple was built in the Southern Song Xi-opened two years (Year 1206), the Ming dynasty, the Qing Dynasty had been converted, a number of additional. The existing temple is 30 years of Qing dynasty pattern. The whole temple blocks south, the temple Huangwa red walls, imposing temples, the layout of martial law , Just like the imperial palace. Various types of stone, wood Seiko They all have very high artistic and historical value. In addition to the grand temple of the ancient architecture for Ferris, a Great Hall of Confucius, equipped with four, 12-chul statue on display Jikong ceremony and musical instruments on display, there are things housing Kongmen his 72-hyun on display, the display on the life of Confucius Open year round to visitors and conduct guided tours, photography, tourism, the sale of souvenirs and other services. Ji Kong also antique music and dance performances. Welcome to the Confucian Temple in Deyang sightseeing!

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