Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wu You-ji - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu You Temple is located in the city of Leshan in Sichuan Province on the east coast, with the Gun Hill (Leshan Giant Buddha) side by side, formerly known as Ching-ji, founded in Tang and Northern Song Dynasty when this name change. Wu You Temple was built in the mountains. Wu You also known as the Hill from the reactor, also known as Tsing Yi Shan, located in the eastern city of Leshan foam water (that is, the Dadu River), as water (that is, Qingyi Jiang), Copper River (the Minjiang) convergence Department Mailyard Taiwan temple there, as Han Chuan Guo Sheren qianwei County Notes "nga", Mailyard Linjiang cliffs on the right side of the Taiwan chisel "mainstay" words, words 5 m in diameter, for the people Pengru Ming Jiajing Leshan is the book . Rohan also the temple hall and many other temples up the house, Lvwa red walls, shade In the meantime, the beauty scene.

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