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Temple million years - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eight years Temple Mount Emei is one of the temple, founded in Shanxi, Fugen, said Temple, was renamed when the White Temple, Tang, Song Fugen for the White Temple. Song of peace and rejuvenating the country five years (AD 980), Mao Feng Zhao Korea true Zen master, King ordered him back to Shan Chung-hing, the six major monasteries, and sent Secretary of State Zhang Chan, 3200 to carry gold, cast in Chengdu Yin statue, transported to Temple worship years. Wanli next 27 years (1599 AD) fire burned the temple, not only damage the statue. 28 Wanli (1600 AD) imperial court grant payments to repair, Taiwan monk Stephen Leung non-brick construction of the Temple, 29 years Wanli (1601 AD) completed in July, coincides with the mother of Emperor Ming 70 Christmas, birthday to the Queen Mother, that is, thanks to White Emperor Temple Fugen "Temple Shengshou years." The fire was three times in the late Ming and Qing Emperor Kangxi years of rehabilitation, and then destroyed building. In 35 years (1946 AD) years robbing the fire temple again, with the exception of non-Liang Dianwai brick, all burned. Now the temple years 1954 People's Government of funding to repair. A main sanctuary, the towering Palace, the House is willing, Zhaitang. The Mountain Gate, the Hall of Maitreya and the inside of the Pilu Temple, Wisdom Hall, is the 1986 amendment. Also in 1991 the reconstruction of the dead to the left of the clock tower, drum tower on the right side of the wall and promenade, to become the largest of the Temple Mount Emei . In the greater national reputation, "famous Chinese Dictionary", "Scenic Chinese Dictionary" and some Buddhist books have recorded. This is the first Hall of Maitreya Hall for the Maitreya, the Maitreya Buddha statue was carvings Jin Shen. Houdian for legislation like Guanyin, the wood for Jin Shen. Bazi is to bring up the rear on the left Pilu Temple, Fawu circulation Department; the right side of Wisdom Tong, for the upstairs room. To a higher level that is well-known Hall of bricks. Kit Kat Hall of the structure, India is hot like that in the form of temple architecture, for the hemispherical dome roof, and the Quartet have a central tower 5, there are around four sub-deer, that good fortune. For the square below, the so-called "Tianyuandifang" Hall of 18.22 meters high, Zhang Kuange 16.02 meters, with full brick. Dianqian after the door-on, the hall at the top of the caisson decorated with flying, there are around ring seven-seat niche for small Tiefo 1080. The construction 400 years ago, experienced the level of 5-7.9 earthquake 18, and the safe and sound, as State of the ancient architecture in the history of a miracle. Pacific country for four years the Northern Song Dynasty (979), real-mao monk abbot monk Feng Zhao Korea, the King Jia Yu Zhao Guangyi, Zhang Hai-chan to send a doctor to carry gold, with the real-mao monk back to Chengdu, the purchase of 300,000 jin copper, cast Fugen Riding a white, 7.35 meters high and weighs 2 tons. Sub-cast bronze statue, by riveting. Fugen, Angiopteris, riding a white elephant and the lotus, the four parts of an integral whole, do not see welding marks, the process is extremely delicate skills, is one of the key cultural relics. As for the white lotus feet Zuta, vol Shu Mei nose, eyes bright, like the one journey. The image of the ancient Hun And dynamic. Fugen like sitting back on Angiopteris, Golden Buddha head five, Luo Ying Xiong Pei, wearing a scarf, holding well, full body, looked serene, the proportion of symmetry, sleek, eye-openers. Zhezuo Lou on the right side is "willing to line floor," Upstairs there are three Bao: "relic", "Pui After "," Royal India "." Tooth "is the next Jiajingnianjian Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) donated by friends, 44 centimeters long and weighing 6.5 kg, it was identified as Liushiwannian ago about the Stegodon Fossils ; "Pattra Sutra" for the next Jiajingnianjian Siam (now Thailand) presented by the king, written in Sanskrit, "Lotus Sutra," " India "is the Wanli emperor Zhu Yijun, when Hall Yen Chi Jian brick thanks to the last moment," Wang is willing Fugen treasure, "engraved at the top of the" Da-ming Wanli, "engraved on the left," Royal Palace title brick, "engraved on the right side," presented by the king, written in Sanskrit " Lotus Sutra. " "Royal India" is the Wanli emperor Zhu Yijun, when Hall Yen brick building thanks to the last moment, "Wang is willing Fugen treasure" Engraved at the top of the "Da-ming Wanli," engraved on the left, "Royal Palace title brick," engraved on the right side, "Chici Asan." Treasure Palace for towering bronze statue of Buddha, for the next casting Jiajingnianjian. Houdian Weituo for the painting, like clay. 3 Main Hall with the statue, "3" Buddha, each 3.85 m high statue, the gold index Copper, Jing years, other chip-monk cast. Ocean's 18 or so for the hatchback. Temple million years there is still a glorious history, and that is to open the first year of the Tang Dynasty, the poet Li Bai travel to Mount Emei, living in the Hall of Pilu Temple million years, try to listen to play monks Chun Kwong. Later in the Whitewater Gallery Pavilion pool set up to commemorate it, at home Mupai, engraved " Tang Li Ting Qin Department. "You Xi Li like Emei mountains on Mount Emei, it had to write for ages" on Emei Mountain Song ":" Emei round of the fifteenth day of a month in autumn, Qiang Jiang Ying-ping into the water. Night made to the stream of the Three Gorges, You may think of the next Yuzhou. "He also wrote down the mountain after a" listen to Shu Chun-playing monk ":" Shu monk hold Lvqi Emei Xixia peak. As soon as I waved, such as hearing song Among a Myriad. Running water to wash off the heart, the cream into the ring for more than 10 minutes. Bishan feel the morning, the number of dark Autumn Clouds. "Temple million years, the scene is very beautiful, especially in the fall, the leaves red, white water in the pool reflected on the wind from moving leaves, the pond off flashing red wave, very charming." Autumn Water, "" Ten Emei Mountain ". White-bearing pool also is a favorite elf - playing frog. On a clear day, visitors stand in Chi Pang, lightly applauded to show that it will immediately bomb Qin effect, clear and sweet like a zither playing, Tim frequent visitors to taste. There is a King You, that is, from the right side of the temple and into the ditch along the stalagmite, about 2 kilometers to the peak of the stalagmite, the stalagmite is white water ditch, stream-induced turbulence, breaking through rock cliffs, under the Qing Yinge in convergence. Stalagmite as the peak of Mount Emei Qi, directed at the sky, like Chun-Sun unearthed, such as Yu-zhu tower, called Qi Jue.

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