Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cloud Lake Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Mianzhu City Cloud Lake Forest Park for the provincial Forest Park, located in the Sichuan Basin in the northwest mountains, is Longmen Shan Mountains 9 branch, 108 km away from Chengdu, 21 km away from the urban Mianzhu. Park, with a total area of 10,320 acres. Park in the center of a high mountain lakes in the mosaic of Lin Tao result mu named.
?? Mizoguchi Mountain Gate Park is located 785 meters above sea level, mountain and circled up on the center area 1,500 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the territory for Lingyun Feng, 2264 meters above sea level. Scenic annual average temperature 9.7 ?, the highest temperature in late July, 25.6 ?, the lowest temperature in late January, -9.6 ?. Full capacity, cloudy and foggy, has a unique microclimate Sensen alpine environment, is the summer heat, high in the fall, winter and spring Shangxue good place. The tourists arrived in the city lived Park, the most obvious physical response, where a high oxygen content of the air, and everywhere lush lush forest, Jade, visitors are immediately from the Feeling too comfortable and happy. Throughout the park are various types of vegetation cover, plant species as many as 63 of its branches nearly 2,000 species of immense Metasequoia Zhetianbiri Lin, walk through the forest, the bark has bid farewell to a small taste. Ginkgo forest, blooming rhododendrons, primrose are blooming then letting nature take its course, there is no man-made Up. In the blue waves of the Sea Cloud Lake, clusters of the three Shuzi whirling beautiful, exotic flowers and beautiful dove tree. Si Wuyue to flower in full bloom pigeons, doves spend one after another, the eyes and taste beak, white green eyes, as if only Zhanchiyufei pigeons.
Dove tree, also known as Davidia, at the national level to protect plants, Scenic view of the world's rare species. China's endemic species. Davidia tall tree tall and straight, wide leaves hypertrophy, whirling Shuzi beautiful, exotic flowers are particularly beautiful, 4 per year to bloom in May. Davidia flower petals did not, by countless male flower into the first-inflorescence together, give birth to a gender to the top of flowers, inflorescence under two large Bracts, the season in full bloom, white bracts like pigeon wings, the purple flower as the first dove, yellow-green just like a pigeon's beak stigma. Davidia one after another is obvious that he was to spend just a taste of the pigeon beak. Davidia growth in 1000 million years ago, the new generation in the early Tertiary, and thus a "living fossil". Today, to cloud Forest Park visitors can still feel the cloud around the lake on the land vacant Kuanggu the charm, can still be 4 to May Ilex witnessed the spectacle of pigeons. Although there is no longevity of the dead grass, but when you dine in the restaurant Cloud Lake, then South Korea can still enjoy the end in the mountains of the few religious consumed taste local products: Fern, spring shoots, bamboo shoots and Yun Nan Lake of the specialty-chul ears. The taste of delicious, high nutritional value and Shanzhenhaiwei also compared favorably.

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