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Purple rock scenic areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Mianzhu from the Chengguan car, 15 minutes up to rock purple spots.
?? ?? Mianzhu also known as purple rock mountain, located in the Chengdu Plain and Minshan Mountain Interchange, north-west of the mountain for days, Pinnacle peaks. The source of much cotton Tuojiang River winding up the mountains, Yixieqianli, the Chengdu Plain at the north end of the formation of a fan-shaped side impact date Zhu Shi Pingba area. In this mountainous and plain Interchange, the distribution of many historical sites and beautiful natural scenery, beautiful scenery of purple rock Park (also known as the bow Temple), the generation of monks to retreat on the sea division of the Department Gu Yun Wu Temple, and Song Dynasty relics in the large park in Berlin, as well as the use nearby white water ring Xikou pear orchard area. ?? ?? a long history, profound cultural heritage and beautiful natural scenery add radiance to each other, forming a purple rock into famous scenic spot, were water, celebrities, who as one of the unique Park Yun Zhi, thousands of years by numerous seekers can explore the heartfelt praise. Tang Dynasty poet Wang Bo Zan "disk-based cross-risk, out peaks with Xiao, Feiquan Flow, rattan trees Hyun. "Tang Dynasty poet, Wu Shan Mianzhu into the poem:" The things Mianzhu corner, with a potential Shiqianfeng, Dongba pressure, stretching incidence Shu ... ... "Taoist classics," Yun Ji Qi Jian "Mianzhu Hill as the world famous Seven Twelve one of the blessed land.
?? ?? In recent years, local Party committees and governments invest huge sums of money to pay the above-mentioned spots A radical improvement in the conditions, the formation of the cement highway connecting the various attractions, day by car can reach all the tourist attractions, and enjoy the natural scenery and culture of Buddhism, Taoism culture, the charm of scenic spots.
?? ?? Purple rock park is a hillside of the natural scenic spots, parks with a total area of 11.3 square kilometers It is located in the mouth play Han Wang Zhen, Yan Bo foot of the mountain is far from Mian's vast river, Li Temple in the bow of the ship above the cliff overlooking the water flow folder Han Wang Zhen, as a giant ship, which is on the bow of the original mountain Of a temple known that the Temple in the bow. This ancient name Hill Hill Ziwei, after five years of construction, the Wan Shan Road Park , Ruyan is the lush vegetation, which rise amid the Qi Qiao, Ting Lang, Tai Xie, the Palace and watch, which shade of the temple, on top of the tower folded Jimu thousands of miles, such as the People's Bank of ants do not have a refreshing feeling. And step up along the mountain scene, its winding streets. Tall cedar forests Nongyin no summer hot spot of green Chang Lin to stay in the warm spring, it is nirvana for the tourists.
?? ?? Wu Yun-ji, formerly known as Cloud Temple in the Ming Dynasty Jiajingnianjian Yun Wushan built by the Buddhist temple, the temple because of fog. Hill Hill Ziwei in the above 1,500 meters above sea level, high-shan Lin, year-round cloud cover and fog around the name. Cloud Temple, built in the cloud top, to stay away from Fan Xiao of the world do not have a cool and quiet. Generation of monks during the Republic of China to the sea division in 1943 went to the Western Hills Mianzhu Cloud Temple, the Temple this as a translation from the back of the Tibetan Tripitaka's special for the community. So far, in the Hall of Temple's side has yet to sea divisions of a stupa. Cloud Temple's natural environment, particularly because of quiet Vacant, and the abbot monk who has become a Buddhist temple in Prachuab popularity high, and every summer to the Commission, the mountains ceremony, the steady stream of tourists sightseeing. Wu Yun-ji to meet the increasing needs of tourists in recent years and expansion of the restaurant, Ke She formed to allow 300 people to dine at the same time the capacity.
?? ?? Berlin park Berlin Park is located in Mianzhu City to Han Wang Zhen between about 10 kilometers, there are newly built concrete ring road with the Berlin heart, and convenient transportation. Berlin completed since the ancient Song Dynasty, 800 years of history has been, in Berlin, Kim's anti-Southern Song Dynasty, Zhang Xian Xiang generation of parents date Yong ZHANG Xian-country public and Ms. Qin Guo's account of the grave, Ming, stone buildings mark the landscape, and so on. As early as in the Qing Dynasty, ancient Mianzhu Berlin that is entitled to "push Mianzhu Sichuan Science, the world number of the ancestral hall in Berlin" reputation. Berlin, Berlin, together with the water park covers an area of more than 500 acres of surface area. Yishanbangshui, Cuolayouzhi, green Song Bolin, Nongyin Blot out the Sun, and the wonderful Lin, Meilin, Jiang Lin, Lin cherry blossoms add radiance to each other so that visitors can spend four seasons Shangjing concept. In particular, the summer is known summer resort. Park is now complete different style of the Pavilion, Taiwan, F, Qu Chi Kok and corridors, rather traditional ethnic characteristics. Park set in the Convention Center are building, floor, accommodation, restaurant, tea house, Le Center. Berlin and the Berlin park adjacent to the lake surface area of more than 400 acres, Water World, the city gun battle, helicopters and other recreational facilities are being put into use.
?? ?? in particular is worth mentioning that the Berlin park has a rich cultural atmosphere, with the Northern Expedition Zhang Yue Fei poetry manuscripts to send the monument, 7 meters wide, 3 meters, the magnificent, which is full of strong patriotic passion. Beilang Kehui on the back of a patriotic Southern Song Dynasty and the Song Zhang's famous Confucian scholar and educator Zhang Mu-manuscripts and calligraphy works, the younger generation is the study of history, learning the art of calligraphy rare valuable information.
?? ?? Berlin public transport, parks, Mud on the road to rock-purple clouds and the Temple Park, adjacent to them Xialian cents strict view of Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot and Kichijoji. That drove more than 10 kilometers northward to the provincial Cloud Lake Forest Park to enjoy the charming scenery of virgin forest.

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