Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deyang wall art - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deyang Art Wall is located in Deyang city of Taishan Road main road, it is a total length of over 1000 meters, 7 meters high, by the cattle gate, Song of Life, art gallery, the light of the wisdom of the Chinese soul, Zodiac, and other large column landscape group Cheng. And art into one wall is the wall opposite the lawns, gardens and scenic beauty of the scenery on Lake Jing. Deyang wall art is the use of a highway retaining wall built long. It's just wall with the adjacent park Shek Ngau Deyang. Park top of the wall and elevation up to 7-9 meters, just naturally become the background of the park. Deyang city of craftsmen who cleverly terrain environment for dealing with the arts, ideas, ideas System and build a blueprint for the Park and Shek Ngau supporting a large stone wall art, opened in China's urban construction of retaining walls and the organic integration of the first plastic arts.
Deyang is about 700 meters wall art, wall Build 40-hole arch, arch out of 35, dark arch 5, 35 and arch out by 3 A few paragraphs of the order, which has Yu of the Chinese ancient culture, as odd as the mysterious culture, the arch in front of the 16-hole look at the two sites between the different dragon, the wall on behalf of 56 Chinese ethnic groups and the exquisite statue of each arch Cave of the dragon and phoenix, turtles, horses, animals, people, and other relief, murals, attracting numerous tourists all the year round. Special people Haunts of the two groups is both large-scale relief, 38 m long wall at the north end of large-scale relief, "Song of Life" from "Four Seasons" and "Ma Yue Fei waterfall," "Man and Nature" consists of three parts, showing human beings and nature Had a harmonious relationship, as well as the thirst for life and save the Acura. Wall 53 meters long tail of a wall carving hollowing " Light-hui ", as well as portraits of the Han Dynasty style, the show focused on the Ba-Shu culture, brilliant.
Deyang stone wall art not only by domestic visitors praise, have been friends abroad highly. Domestic tourists to visit, read no under surprised, amazed stone wall art: "Art Palace , Through a no, "and" in Ya Kin-hung, representing "," National Treasure "and" pioneering the East. "Foreign friends said it is the art of the wonders of the world, is a huge empire.

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