Saturday, January 10, 2009

Walled more than 3 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Walled more than 3 located in Zigong City, Da-an District mouth cattle more than 3 Zhaizhen Hill, squat at the junction of three counties, 436 meters above sea level, covers an area of 1.25 square kilometers. Xianfeng was built in the nine-year-ching (1859), Guzhai 100 years, from its test, and build Sanxing of co-reactive, meaning more than 3 Zhuang Yu, multi-fu, more life, more men are. Public Works Vast, magnificent architecture, with a long history. Well-known far and near. "Zhaibao southern Sichuan ranks first in" good reputation.

  In 1851, the outbreak of the uprising of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of the news shortly after the artesian well on the big salt traders are at stake, you start to build Walled chips. Xianfeng three years (1853), by Chang Li Zhenheng Launched, the rough set YAN Chang-ying, Wang Ke, and other family of four, collecting money to raise staff, steep terrain in the cattle population in the mountains Zhaibao construction. During seven years. Silver spent more than 70,000 of the two, time-consuming and more than 1,100,000 before Walled into a building. With the topic because it is built and hosted by Li, Wang, Yan three business tycoons of the Salt family, they only Prosperous family, children and grandchildren will continue to proliferate so called "three Walled"; some people say are Walled An Yu Fu, Lu, Shou mean more than 3. Walled because of the five is Li Zhenheng people with the topic of maintenance, and repair was still inside the Walled yesterday a "five Ancestral Hall", dedicated to five tablets. "Three Walled" 1300 Joe perimeter stone wall, about San Zhang, eight thick Feet, 4 minutes Dongnanxibei Zhaimen, repair the door and there Jianlou Fort, a total of Duokou 2555, there were 400 acres of farmland, construction of housing tens of thousands of years, from open reservoirs, extensive grass stored grain.


  Zhai also have Hakkei: "According to Eagle's Nest night," and "Shuang Tang Chinese Restaurant," Wang smoke high mountains " "Di Cui Xiao-yan," "Ma Shu Se", "Yun Feng-dong", "Stephen Furui", "Xiao Buddhist temple bell." Zhaibao the entire system, as if the wall is a closed, an independent kingdom, easily defensible, see full-Chuan Han. 10-year Xianfeng (1860) and LEE Wing, Chao Lan Ding Yijun scored Zigong region, the wealthy Jia carry on the run home to more than 3 Walled there's more than a thousand.

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