Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ma Ya Mu-ho - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Ya Mu-ho at Lingyun, Wu You Shan between the two rivers overflow on the east coast, Ma-ho is the name refers to the Yamu cliff caves cut from the tomb. Hao Ma Ya Mu Han Yamu Leshan is the seat of the museum. The museum to Ma Jie Ya Mu as the mainstay, supplemented by both North and South exhibit hall Leshan tomb unearthed relics display Leshan Yamu the profile of the Han Dynasty. Leshan Yamu of the Eastern Han Dynasty that, according to available information, research, to discover and understand it the first time in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu years, the Tao people from the British, the French Segalen, such as on-site inspection after. Before and after 1937, living in Leshan pipefish scholars of high-Ma-ho and other places were Yamu Study. Geng added, business professor oak for further investigation, that Leshan Yamu Yamu for the Eastern Han Dynasty. Leshan in the Eastern Han Dynasty Yamu Minjiang, Qingyi Jiang, the Dadu River and along the shallow valley of the cliff, the total number to 10,000. The number and scale of large, rich stone home first in Sichuan. Ma Ya Mu-ho Le Graves cliff more concentrated and more representative of the burial. Released by the State Council in 1988 for the state's key protection units of Chinese and foreign tourists have been open. Yamu into the museum to see the face of the Eastern Han Dynasty was cut in a major multi-chamber tomb, numbered Yihao Mu Ma-ho. As early as a result of Stolen, damaged severely disabled, the tomb of an unknown. Large-scale tomb complex structures. Former room 2.8 meters high and 11 meters wide, the tomb of a total length of 29 meters. In and outside the walls of the tomb, there are 35 beautiful portraits of stone. Mumen engraved on the figure lying sheep, fish, birds and Wadang brackets, such as sculpture construction. Engraved on both sides of Mumen "Kai Feng "Ying Ye" and "good-bye" and other portraits. And on both sides of the room before the posterior wall engraved with "?????" and "rose" and "feast", "Ma Man," "Buddha" and "the first beast," and "fishing" and "single door", "Wan Emperor's carriage "portrait, in these portraits engraved at the top of the 48 different patterns of Wadang and decorative map . After the tomb, there are three rooms, in the South Road in front of the wall engraved with the high and pipefish are for post-oak Mr. Cimu study of the topic in mind. After the three rooms of the same structure, each of the coffin chamber, ears room, finished wall, stone stoves, etc., in accordance with the owner of the living conditions of life before the opening of the building. The coffin was on display kiosks and independence and Muguan portrait of the sarcophagus. Sarcophagus Side were engraved with "Queen Mother of the West" and "double reading" map. Tomb of the front of the showroom two hours, "Han Leshan Yamu profile" and "Yamu performance of the life of the Han Dynasty" in two parts. Han exhibited Leshan Yamu unearthed copper, iron, pottery, stone tools and some of the best stone portraits, and other questions in mind, the Han Dynasty reflects the social economic life Culture, arts, architecture style and ideology. Leshan Yamu for us to study the history of the Han Dynasty, culture, the arts provide valuable information on high value. In particular, Ma Ya Mu-ho is the perfect home landscape, the renowned scenic spots Lingyun, Wu You Shan between the two, adding more of its deep history and culture So that the whole Leshan Giant Buddha become a world-famous tourist destination, attracting tens of thousands of guests of the Four Seas.

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