Saturday, January 10, 2009

Xichang Satellite Launch Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xichang Satellite Launch Center (XSLC), part of the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Armament Department, is currently China's opening to the outside world's largest, most technologically advanced equipment, the alien agents fired up to the task, with more than launching a new type of satellite capacity to launch spacecraft . Xichang Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province is located north of the city 6 Km in the valley. Satellite launching test, command and control, tracking, communications, meteorology, six service support system corresponding field, are scattered among different regions of the canyon. 76 m high tower and fired more than 300 meters high to avoid preta, the towering stands at the bottom of the canyon. Here is a three sides , To the southeast of the opening semi-closed small basin, an area of about 2 square kilometers. Xichang Satellite Launch Center was founded in 1970, delivered in 1982, since January 1984 China launched its first communications satellite, has launched 28 satellites at home and abroad, in order to gain the honor of the motherland. Jiang Zemin Party and state leaders to come here to inspect. Center opening in October 1985, received from over 50 countries and regions to exchange technology, the study group. Center headquarters site (the technical area and fired the two workers), communications terminals, command and control centers and three tracking stations, as well as Some of it related to the protection of life (hospitals, hotels, etc.) units. The coordinates of the location of the launch site for the 102 degrees east longitude, latitude 28.2 degrees. The main responsible for broadcasting, communications and meteorological geosynchronous orbit (GTO) satellite launched by the Organization of command, the test launch, the initiative paragraph measurement, security, control, data The rationale, information, weather protection, recovery of the wreckage, the pilot study, and other technical tasks. Xichang Satellite Launch Base is located 60 km north of Xichang. Xichang from the start about 1 hour to arrive. Tickets available at the city, but also into the "ditch" when booking.

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