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Leshan tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guchengjiazhou Leshan, Sichuan Basin is located in the south-west, east and Neijiang Zigong, Yibin and south Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, west and Ya'an, Meishan bounded by the region. Kenji Leshan history can be traced back more than two thousand years. Nam said the Western Han Dynasty, Jia Zhou, also known as the Northern Zhou Dynasty to the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Song called after the Jiading, as a result of the South have to Leshan, renamed the beginning of the Qing Dynasty Hill. Leshan ancient incense-rich color of the Begonia English, and "Hong Begonia country."

  Since ancient times, Leshan is a Ren Jie Ling and cultural town, Meishan "Su" and contemporary literary giant Guo, Leshan region are, at the same time, Leshan is a tourist attraction of a large number of state-level wind Spots. Its well-known scenic spots there are "small West Lake", the five-bridge, "Temple of birds, Feng Zhu Lou contained" Lingyun Si, Wu You-ji; construction of the boat-shaped ancient town of strange city, as well as Jiajiang Qianfo Yan, Niu Green God Temple, Meishan three Su Temple, and Longtan Renshou, and so on, Qianshan Wan Jing, collected, 10,000 kinds of style, attitude million In recent years, newly discovered Millennium sleeping giant sleeping Buddha, is an eye-opening surprise sigh. No wonder the Northern Song Dynasty scholar Shaobo praised the "landscape of the world Shu-sheng said that the Sichuan Jiazhou Sheng said," Su lamented the "do not want to 10,000 letters Hou" I hope, "set for when the wine tour Gun."

Climate And, beautiful scenery, economic prosperity, rich products, Shanqingshuixiu is well-known scenic tourist destination. "Sau-hung, the world is" Mount Emei and the world famous stone statues Maitreya - Leshan Giant Buddha, and every year attracts thousands of tourists at home and abroad.

Complex landform, climate and diverse Leshan, Different from the natural ecological environment in the distribution of different biomes, extremely rich in biological resources, is of great economic value and ecological value.

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