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Lijiang tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

By the State Council and the approval of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government, in the area in the ancient city of Lijiang City on April 1, 2003 formally established.

  The ancient city of Lijiang City area is rare in the world have three World Heritage (Old Town of Lijiang world cultural heritage, "Three Parallel Rivers" World Natural Heritage, East Memory of the World Heritage literature books).

Yunnan Province is located in the ancient city area mountains to cross the north-western Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau transition zone, the seat of Government 2400 meters above sea level, is a low-latitude plateau monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 12.6 degrees Celsius, the average annual rainfall of 950 mm rainfall Pei, non-summer heat and winter without strict cold, like spring all year round climate. Area of 1255.4 square kilometers in size in the region, under the jurisdiction of the large study, Golden Hill, the seven river, Jinjiang, Yongsan, Cable 6, and other towns and townships in 53 villages (UN) Committee. The ancient city of the district's total population 142,000 people, Naxi, Han, white, Tibetan, Yi, More than 10 meters, and other ethnic groups, including Naxi population of 86,000 people, accounting for 60.22 percent of the total population.

Yunnan is located in the old city area, Sichuan, Tibet transport hub since ancient times is the Han, Tibetan, Bai, Naxi Shizu, and other cultural and economic exchanges between the hub of the Silk Road and the South, "Cha Ma Gu "The center of the military and strategic.'s Long-term national integration, multicultural Huijiao, accumulated a long history, unique to the formation of the Naxi culture represented by the national culture. Relics in the territory can be seen everywhere, natural landscape and more Zi colorful, dazzling Museum of the national culture.

-- Old Town of Lijiang cultural heritage sector. With a 800-year-old Old Town of Lijiang, located in Lijiang Bazi in the central area of about 3.8 square kilometers, was built in the Southern Song Dynasty. Lijiang is the way Xuanfu Si Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty government soldiers and civilians Lijiang Lijiang Prefecture resident. Old Town of Lijiang unique location, layout, to make full use of mountains and rivers And the surrounding natural environment, according to the North Xiangshan, Jin Hong Shan, Chen monkeys West Hill, east and south and the open nature Pingba linked not only to avoid the cold north-west, south-east towards the light source to form a seat on the Northwest, the overall look of the South East Pattern. Originated in the north of the city at the foot of Xiangshan Yuquan the river into the city after three hours, divided into numerous branch , Lane Chuanjie around, spread the city, forming a "water flow around the front of every family, every household Chuiyang Liu behind" Figure Painting. In any street in the neat and free distribution of Bangshui Main Street, Drainage temporary lanes, 300 more than the ancient stone bridge and the river water, trees, Gu Xiang, Furuya dependent matched, very old water plateau, a small bridge, flowing water, Jia Yi Yun aesthetic, as the "owners of Venice"

"Suzhou plateau." Make full use of the springs in the city to build more than the "San Yanjing," drinking on the pool, pond in vegetables, clothing drift downstream, is a symbol of wisdom of the ancestors of the Naxi, the use of water resources of the local population is an example of a masterpiece, full expression to Harmony with nature. The city-Tusi's Yashu showed an attitude of "Laguna's palace, to be king in" extraordinary scenes. When the heart of the ancient city of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Square Street Northwest Yunnan is a hub of commerce, the Tea Horse Road is on the center. Anti-Japanese War, due to pass on the ancient city in Tibet, India, issued Dali, Kunming The location of the throat to become the Anti-Japanese War of the operation of the strategic position of materials, and trading activities at a very Sheng, merchants gathered so far. Square Street to Cai Shi Pu, street washing water, for the city of Japan, Di twilight game's unique and famous street. Its colorful flowers around 6 Stone Street, with the mountains and powerful, open to radiation, linked to the streets. Extending in all directions, traffic In order to facilitate. One place, it is as if into the "Painting Scroll" of the downtown scene. In the ancient city still remain large areas of the Ming and Qing architectural features, "Zhao Bi Square,

Tetraena five yards, cursory floor corner "Tile House of row upon row of buildings, highlighting both the structure and the pursuit of carving painting equipment , And hence outside the Neixiu, exquisite Qing Qiao, construction and foreign experts as "the museum houses." It is worth mentioning that more is that city residents have always loved to cultivate planting bonsai, so enjoy the city, "Lai Xi County has been planting trees in the mountain city of fly everywhere" in the world. Old Town of Lijiang large number of cultural relics, unique and rich cultural implication, To preserve the integrity of our country, the nation's most ancient style of the cities and towns. In 1986 the State Council of China's historical and cultural city; December 4, 1997, the Organization of the United Nations Education formally approved the text of the "World Heritage" list, becoming the first country shared by humanity's responsibility to protect the world's cultural left City; in October 2001, was named the National Scenic Area and civilized demonstration; in 2002, crowned as "China's 10 most desirable cities".

- Naxi Dongba splendid mysterious culture. Tai Chi-hui of the Naxi ancestors, in the long social practice and production Moving to create a splendid Dongba culture. Dongba culture to teach Dongba as the carrier, mainly by the Dongba to record the way it is accompanied by a long history of Naxi Fahuang gradual formation and evolution of living and cultural patterns, some formed in the Tang and Song period, the history of the last millennium. Naxi Dongba religion is the original religion, and integrated He has other religions, believe in animism, polytheism. Dongba text is a list of both Italian and phonetic components hieroglyphic picture. Naxi pictograph is only 1,400 words, but words unusually rich in detail to fully express their feelings, but also the complex narrative description of all things, but also an issue to write poetry, At present, the world's only "living hieroglyphs." Hieroglyphs used to write down the text and retain a total of two million copies. Voluminous books by the book, rich content. Involved with philosophy, history, astronomy, religion, doctor, folklore, literature, art and so on, the Naxi ancient society can be a hundred book Jane Branch Dongba culture with its own unique scientific and artistic value of the value of the centuries has attracted many Chinese and foreign scholars and people with lofty ideals, and the translation of research to come to watch. Naxi Dongba culture of the people of the world's great contributions to mankind.

- Music in Lijiang Naxi ancient music treasure. Naxi ancient music The soul of the ancient city of culture and symbols of the ancient city of Lijiang is a scenic and elegant. Naxi ancient music since the Tang and Song are some of the Cipai Tune and music. In the Hongwu period (1368 AD), this music will be gradually spread to Lijiang. This music in the Central Plains region has long been a sound way, but the autobiography was to Lijiang Pan to spread in the village are heard everywhere in town this wonderful voice. Naxi ancient music to the present day, there are 22 pieces, some of them into their own thoughts and feelings of the Naxi and playing style. Naxi ancient music by Chinese and foreign scholars and the vast majority of music lovers known as the "living fossil of music" and "Voice of the peace" The Sound of Music Sounds of Heaven. "Naxi ancient music to listen to real people feel," Ciqu should only be there in the sky, the earth will have to hear a few "artistic conception.

After nearly 20 years and carry forward the publicity, Naxi ancient music has to go out of the country in the world, music in the world to find its due Home. 1995 Great Britain tour will study ancient music caused a sensation; in February 1997 at the Hong Kong Arts Festival performances by high; in 1998 in China, known as the highest forum of the Beijing Music Hall Concert Hall, is further evidence of the Naxi ancient music of art Value; in May 1998 by Norway at the invitation of King , In Norway's National Day on a grand performance;, one after another to France, Belgium, Sweden, Taiwan, the United States and other countries and regions to perform, has been warmly welcomed and highly praised. Naxi ancient music with its unique artistic charm of a brilliant shine bright, it has become increasingly known to the world and favor. - AAA-class black spots Longtan. Longtan and Old Town of Lijiang is not only the most important source of flowing water is also an important area of the city tourist attractions. White high-rise to the Yulong Snow Mountain in the background and the Longtan clear bottom, whirling around in the trees, Wu Fenglou, relief Lin, Long shrines, bridges lock Tsui shade of the old buildings Between. Longtan is located in the central and get on the floor, hoisting Mr. Guo Moruo have personally wrote the couplets: "Thirteen of the Longtan reflected peaks Hyphalosaurus in the day, flying to the ground; vertical and horizontal water-yu Hsu and a half years, for Mo Yu, Yu-chang for God . " Beautiful natural scenery and unique human landscape of the most perfect, and so increasingly Longtan Worldwide attention for much of the scenic spots, have been included in the "China-chuen, 000," "Chinese scenic spots" and other books.

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Baoji Museum of History - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baoji City Museum of History, in the Taoist view of gold in view of Taiwan. The main museum to display the original Zhou, Yong City, a march, Binh Duong, a thousand-yang ZHOU Qin, and other sites of historical relics unearthed, the calendar describes the jurisdiction of Baoji city and the region from the primitive society to slave society and the historical status of the changes, the library is Collection of early Western Zhou Dynasty bronze High grade.

  The first part of the Library for the exhibition primitive society, the local concentration of 20 found in a number of cultural sites of the original antiques. Among them back in 7000 before the North Ridge of the first site of the most eye-catching. The second part of the museum reflect the early Zhou Dynasty the history of the development, focused on the former site of the week The bronze. The third part of the Museum of Qin's early activities were made vivid presentation. Museum's collection are the times of Shek Kwu Qinwen Gong (copies) and another site of archaeological finds in the city. In addition, Feng Qin Yong part of the city's cultural relics unearthed relics are on display here. Baoji Museum where land is still one of the Baoji Eight " Liu Xia between "Ferris Department. Whenever the rising sun, or sunset, that big yellow glazed tile-covered roof of the sun's shining, glittering, dazzling Shen Yao.

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Taiping Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple is located in Qishan County, Taiping town at the western end of the original peace in the former site of the Temple, Yuanyou three years in the Song Dynasty (1088) to build for the nine-storey octagonal pavilion Fangmu structure, 28 meters high pass. The south tower, tower 1-7 canopy tower on each floor are five shops to jump two brackets, an eight-storey tower canopies are single-hop brackets, the nine-storey brick tower canopy is a canopy Corbel The tower two, three, four, five, six, seven floors each side are hidden by a brick column, there is stigma Fang-ping, each side is divided into three bays. In the second, four-story east of the west door voucher Bi You are in the middle, on both sides of the openings between the brick lined square to leave the window; to the north is false doors and windows off. Three, five or six east, Is in the middle of the face-off for vertical doors on both sides of the cross for each of the false window frame; in the third, fifth floor of the south, north of Pi You are in the middle of a coupon the openings. Taiping Temple eaves on the second floor of the tower-block fence decorated with lianpan three, three, four, five-story flat is not any decorative railings.

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Wu Shan (Good Hill-san, WU Yue) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Shan Shan, formerly known better, also known as san, WU Yue, is located in Baoji City, County Baoji Jiexiang Kawamura northwest of the temple. Qianlong, "Albrecht repair Shaanxi Annals" Hua Shan, as a Wushan Mountain in Shaanxi Juanshou out in the drawing. Mountains, which rise amid continuous, 17. Among them, the town of Xifeng, Feng-yin, should Ling-feng, Wang Feng and the emperor's carriage will be the most Sianfong 000. The town is located in Xifeng other four peaks, while the British show alone, Zhu Feng Zhi-out, the Wushan seen as the main peak, the imperial dynasties Cifeng of Wushan, that this peak. Tai-yin, located in the town of Xifeng Zhi Zuo-Feng, Qiao Ning-day play, Xiuba processes, natural production of Su-shaped arch, the largest in the name of Feng-yin. Right there are four mountain peaks. Ling-feng should be in the town of Xifeng Right. Feng under the pool, value-year-old Tian Han, the villagers pray for rain here, and people often come true. There are two left-Feng Xiao-feng, a right-feng. Sianfong will be at the peak of Southern soul, Pinnacle range upon range of hills, Lin You-deep quiet and elegant, from time to time Gao Yi, Yu habitat here, will be named Sally. North Peak has a small peak in the south there are four small peaks. Wang Feng emperor's carriage at the peak of large-yin , Peaks Show, if the North-Gu, as if hoping for some, the emperor's carriage named Wang, left a few small peaks.

  U San Shwe since then, there are a number of construction is to facilitate the Jisao imperial dynasties built. These construction to Wu Yue Miao-based, is a characteristic of the ancient buildings. Wu Yue Miao Mountains in the next 2 kilometers. Temple Row upon row, the towering dignified. Suikai Huang Temple was built in 16 years, the splendid palace construction are also quite spectacular. WU Yue Chudo statue of the temple sat civil and military unification minister hand-held plate, stood on either side. The statue figures, such as Xu-xu. Shan Tao in front of the horse, Majiao upright, Siti to save animals and Malta short jump To jump off. The door of the temple There are two sit side of the lion, dragon two cast iron flagpole to the top side fighting a two-story, four vertical and four small iron flag down the iron railings of the four. The temple construction in two parts, Eastern Hospital have Lianchi Bamboo, the imperial house of the West Museum. U San Yu Xiang Ting also, Yang Zhi-ting, Ting Shu Yu, Zhen-Yi Ting, Ting Xiao, and Wang Hai Ting, Pearl Niangniang temple construction, and so on Alice Shu Yu-ting next to the stream, and under considerable Zhixie Falls. Xiao-ting on the Moon for the first Sanin. Hai Ting Wang, Qin Chuan 10,000 ares ocean view. There are 38, there were 72 Division curtain on video. Tianzhu plug, Wu is a beauty.

  Wu Luan Yamaoka Saga, tall and straight Shi Feng, Xifeng town, Feng Yin, Ling should peak (peak elevation of 1841.9 meters), will Sianfong, the emperor's carriage Wang Feng Gao Jun Xiuyi the most, that is, the history of reputation, "Wufeng Tingxiu." Li Yuan Road, "Shui Jing Zhu," said the Mountain "show stacked sky, Love collapse back to the dump, to defend the peak phase, often off the power of hope."

  From the week Starting on the Wushan as a town west of the country, 16 years Suikai Huang (AD 596 years) to start the establishment of Wu Shan Temple. After the history of Emperor Wu of God constantly sealed, under the Wushan Mountains are also increasing the size of the temple. Before the liberation, the only temple on the stone floor of the 150-up. Wu Shan board, Qi scene between Diego Health, Health is not closed. From the foot of the hill west of the town of Wushan the beginning of the temple, along the River into a mountain, followed the king is teacher Ridge, Beacon Hill, heaven and earth furrows, and one day the door, the town of West Qiushui Ling, Shi Hui Xin, Can Xia Dong, acupuncture Yama , Magistrate pool, cliffs Pa hand, the Jade Emperor Qiushui, real-dong, Jinping, a small Jinping, and so on more than 40 scenic spots. In particular Should be under the peak, "Yang Ya water", linked to trickle in more than meter-high cliffs, Fei Xie drift, wind-Chu, Yu Jing-seekers can explore the "Fei Yu-Ching."

  Today, Wu Shan, the most ancient tablets and looting destroyed not from the West, Wu Shan temple in the town house down the remaining Ming and Qing era of the clock can be seen The Temple Guanjia former glory. Shek Pik on the mountain, still the ancients carved Mount "root rain cloud clock", "Ting Chui Wufeng" several Yanke. In recent years, some of the Taoist view of hole to start rehabilitation, the state approved the establishment of Wu Shan Forest Park, opening to the outside world has to accept friends from all walks of life Tourism.

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Arrow, including Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Arrow Ridge is located in Qishan county, including 30 kilometers north-west, more than 1600 meters above sea level. The two mountain-qi, the confrontation between the two peaks, including Rujian shape, and therefore its name. According to records, including an arrow to Qishan is named after the ridge. Chengkungling Conglong vegetation, cliff Calocedrus, Niaoquetiming, go red, do not have a quiet Wild. Cliff Ridge engraved with There are wonders of the North Lady Lake, floating off the "text, and so on.

  Qishan famous Chinese and foreign, as early as the 16th century, Japan, Oda Nobunaga on the very well-known generals have a strong admiration for China's Zhou Dynasty Emperor Wen, according to Wang Qishan and the reunification of the great world, so will be occupied by "well-head" was renamed "Gifu." 1987 , The mayor of Gifu Japan and other officials have repeatedly made a special trip to the region to explore during this week of the original history, when the Japanese guests, including Ling arrow to see that wind around the clouds, the mysterious beauty of the scene, sent bursts of praise, linger Pleasant. Arrow now has become a ridge, including Chinese and foreign visitors set foot in the resort.

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Chicken-san (another Hill) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to the "Baoji County," it reads: "Play Chicken Yun-Feng, Yue Feng County's odd, but for the most chicken Hill; Tianzhu stands, emptying Yu-Sun; WU Yue west, east China too; Yun Feng Yao around, touch When rock was colored, chicken habitat Peak, alarming only in Yat Ming. "Also contains:" If sambong cut, gets the top of resettlement assistance and iron chain, there are large, such as chukars . "" Ming-chi dominate, "says:" The mountains are sambong Bingzhi, a town on the crown. "Wonders of a lot of chicken-san has always been there," King 36 ", said. One well-known scenic spots include:
Shi Shi standing on wooden club kang (This is the hub of the mountain, a natural stone steps, such as farm-kang, the home has two stone pillow, so "Kang Stone") looked to the east, peaks in a peak on a stand about 15 meters high, 5 m in diameter cylindrical stone, much like rural women washing clothes by the fist wooden club, named "Stone wooden club." Wooden club into the top stone, bamboo-song around Tsui. In the early morning sun glowing rays from the peak through the gap between the song, blurred colors, thousands of images. Chi rice is high on a pier Tianchi, Shaopian location in the West Peak, about 80 cm square pool, pool water all year round. People up here, just thirsty again encounter in the pool to drink a few words, it is also more than sweet rice.
Ling Chi Wan land in the top of the West Ramp, a towering mountain. Chengkungling I piled stones of the temple land, there are 1,000 Miaohou Gusong stone on the stage, 14 high, five meters, scales-bark, green leaves and branches.
Deng gap is the chicken-san, from the southern slope of the North Slope to the port boundaries. Standing gap, you can gaze afar South Qinling Mountains, the peaks and downs, continuous; Wei-shui overlooking the North Sea, high-rise Li, busy.
Cellar stoning area of about 400 square meters of a chair-shaped platform. Dan Leilei slope root of the chaos, between the thick stone, all over the vine, it appears that some desolate. But here is located in Xiangyang, Ziqi East, the mountains of the construction is a good place for Joan Tower. It is said that as early as the Tang Dynasty years, and there is a temple There is, after the collapse of the mountain, the rocks tumbling down the temple buried homes. Temple-based site has also looming. Legend has it the ancient opera "Legend of White Snake" in the White Snake, here is an earlier practice, and then to Danfeng County of Shangluo region before the Emei Mountain in Sichuan golden wood house training for the immortal white Buddha. Cimiao was the main house of God Buddha is white.
Play Chicken Feng Yun This is a gap, from the southern slope of looking at the overall impression of chicken-san, a huge cloud insert the high peaks, magnificent, the food fascinated.
Michael most plot epitome of the main peak of the left side of the peak with a single show, Kuaikuai stacked stone base with each other, at the end of the broad peak, increasing gradually narrow, Tip-top show, such as the stack stands, the outline of Maijishan Posi Tianshui, named.
Yu-Sun emptying the main peak in the middle part of a column of a column of rock dropped from the peak, towering rocks, as rows into the sky stalagmite, which dotted Calocedrus pines, the main peak is putting Xiuse added.
Impregnable fortress The right-feng, from the top at the end, such as cutting the general Fupi formation, really stand like a wall of the Ren-million momentum.
After a gap Lingguanshenchi, oblique to the east under the 100-meter Zoubu Dao, a spa, that is, Ling Guan Pool. Ling Guan Pool elevation of 1700 meters above the mountain and water, chicken-san is a pool of water, even if San temple, as many as 1,000 visitors a day, enough water is also essential. The original pool of small and shallow, and there is leakage, and expand deep processing of concrete, is a more adequate water storage capacity. This water is said to Ling Guan Shen Shui God, holy water, cool Touche. Taboos in the public pool and wash hands, wash and wash dirty objects, or when the water Immediately dried up over the past few days have not come.
Um aunt Ling Guan Pool and then east along 50 meters away, down the road is the site of Um aunt. Legend has it that in ancient times there was a girl, Liu Feng, from the bonds of this world, running away from home, here take advantage of Dan Yao Um, as a nunnery, to practice hard. After a number of years, cultivated itself Zhengguo To commemorate her, later kindly aunt Om said here.
Black tiger by the pool aunt Um continue eastbound Daopi in the West Ramp at the top of the rock cliffs at the bottom of a pool, the pool is black tiger. Top-down a steep irregular cracks, the cracks along the water into the pool. It is said that the cracks in a large live pythons Hot days, shun crack down in the pool water.
Shi Jian Pi black tiger next to the bridge to the west, stands a narrow split boulder, as if by Jianpi, Fengkuan 80 centimeters, about 4 meters high by about 5 meters, said Shi Jian Pi. This is a black tiger had to go through the bridge.
Black Tiger Bridge (also called " He Bridge ") just east Jianpi out of the stone, black tiger is the bridge. Look at the rise of thousands of Ren is a steep, move forward is a cliff gully, looking down at the end of Shen Jian is not. In this there is a precipice on Cyclobalanopsis with wood, Qi Mu created the path along the cliff of the small bridge, 10 meters in length. Precipice in the attack on a vertical hole to install a row of a cup of thick iron Tiaoyan leader, These iron just Tiaoyan line in the middle of the cliffs, one out of the Abduction of trees, like the roots of Plowshares, on the trestle frame in which iron and Tiaoyan on Schott. The bridge leading to the chicken-san is an essential bridge, but also when Kazuo Kai-Fu Mo million related to the first clearance.
General stone bridge over the Black Tiger, in the old quarry area to the edge Black tiger to the bridge about 500 meters on the slopes of a towering black rocks, about 15 meters high, such as chicken-san to guard the southern gate of the powerful generals. Legend has it that year Tangxi Zong Xuan Li-san to flee to the chicken, black tiger at the bridge on the west side of the slope, at his Yulinjinjun, as a result of cooking fire, the grass slope fire The raging fire of the mountain is covered with a black stone fire. General, including stone, a rock hill to the present or the black.
She Shenya with the Jade Emperor Shen Xiandong the eastern side of the hole with a Cave, an area of about 18 square meters, inside the stone is the kang, on a block at the entrance cookstoves, which can accommodate more than one room and board.
Qi Shen Bian In the immortal hole, looked to the north, not far from where they stand one's Shi Feng, the air on three sides, unlimited scenery, said Tiebian Stone, also called King whip stone home. Tiebian south of the stone, can climb stairs. Tiebian climbed stone at the top of the area only two or three square meters, cutting a cylindrical Shiwo, Shiwo flying in a heavier weight of the Baishi Tiger Tiebian.
Black Cattle by the nose Tiebian rock climb upward turn back to the west, all of a sudden Hengkong old quarry area, the interruption of mountain people at a loss, seems to be a blind alley. Take a close look at old quarry area on the right side has been down the vertical hole, called Black Cattle nostrils. Cidong, huge overlap, the same up and down, Dong Ding Xiang Zhi peaks, steep wall, such as Li There can be arrested inside the cave, climbing iron chain, is the top of the board must pass through holes and Yifu is when
Fumo million in customs clearance to open the second.
Acupuncture Yama (the snake aisle), the Black Cattle nostril to the top of the West Ramp Paqu about black tiger Bai Shi-meter bridge over the cliff edge wall, there is an opening of about 60 � angle of the "tiger's mouth," " I "slightly under the lower lip dump, which is" Yama acupuncture, "can be san on Chicken Road near here." Tiger's mouth, "a high degree of opening is limited, can not come from the inside, like a snake can climb over the same, so Snake is also called the aisle. Below is a steep cliff, is breathtaking.
Ten Black Cattle path drilled nostrils, to South, about 100 meters long slope of the Grand Canyon, and this along, as if next to impossible in general, look down from the bottomless, the hand can look up feeling days. And to stimulate thriller.
Golden Casting herald the break of day in the Qing dynasty 29 years, weighing as much as seven, Bashi Jin, South Fengdian place. Chicken-san is a sign of devout men and women and the worship of . Sophisticated modeling, realistic look. Around the "Iron Chicken" has led to many interesting stories. Such as the "iron chicken," a red line around the rope, and a solution to take home in their own system of the hen house, so that the chicken will not have all diseases, even
Lay eggs on more than. There will head back to the party which, on which side and good luck, Gu Limin.
Coming attractions herald the break of day golden stone standing on a huge rock overlooking look around, there are inscribed on the Han Li, "flying stone" words. Boulder about 4 meters high, as CYLINDRICAL irregular, around about 18 meters, this stone is surrounded by day, and the stone base is not one that people outside the coming days is the legend of stone. It has been speculated that the possible Meteorite or move activities from glaciers.
Mushroom stone away from flying about 50 meters, a huge rock, about 5 meters high, 2 meters in diameter, like a mushroom, with old trees around, Congcao Xiangyingchengqu. Slopes around the breeding of wild mushrooms. Agaricus mushroom can be regarded as Wang.
Sea turtles at the mushroom 60 meters, a huge rock, like Cove, and the air hanging, for Mangmangyunhai. From afar, may Turtle just floating in the sea.
Shi Hui Xin (Hawk Cliff depression) South End travel peak, it is necessary at Dongfeng, Hui Xin Shi necessary. Hui Xin Shi huge air, blocked the road up the mountain, there are iron chain Chuidiao down and seize Faso, every effort will be on board, "Hui Xin Shi."
Yao Zi stand up and climb three Qing, "Hui Xin Shi", and then winding up on the peak Dongfeng - Top Hunyuan. In the top of Hunyuan, there's iron Pangu, the emperor's, Queen's people, to Queen's statue. Hunyuan top of the north, a thriller, called " Sub-turn "from visitors go to get to three clean. Liuxiayaozai stand up, keep iron chain, the old quarry area face, legs bent Deng, step by step foot down on security to the next three clean. There are iron Temple Block, Senior's original memorial tablets, Lao, Lingbao Road-the tablets.
Tang to the Qing Shi Chuang three Abduction is a place to sleep Tang, Shi Chuang, stone pillow, Shi Chuang North High Low South, there are prominent old quarry area, not on sun, rain does not rain, more than 10 square meters large, evergreen next to the Four Seasons Qiao Song Jiang and iron forest, south wind, all from the north wind swept through here, it is easy for a good place for leisure.
Southern Tang board A pre-flight rock, suspended on three sides, there is a stone chessboard, such as table tennis table, clear demarcation line between the clear, the board has to place a piece of the insufficiency of loss, this is the Tang playing chess legend.
In addition to the above-mentioned spots, there are peaks Raytheon, double stone, stone Beaulieu, Xifeng (also known as Yao Wangshan , South Peak (also known as al-Taiwan incense), Dongfeng (also known as top-Hun Yuan), the son of Shibao things. East Baoziwan mountain peaks were tamarind, ranked bifurcated peak, peak-wah, and so on; in addition to Shen Chi Lingguanshenchi, there Raytheon pool (in the Leifeng peak), and Shen Chi Yin, Shen Chi black tiger and so on.
Chicken Yung-san is a natural landscape and Wen landscape into one of the peaks. Pinnacle peaks, mountain, stone, loose as a foil to each other, the harmony; scattered high and low, Junqiaoxiuba, organically into an undulating waves, the magnificent three-dimensional picture. Song Dynasty poet Su Shi-san chicken board, wrote the "chicken-feng Yunxia ancient temples You Dragon King's palace," the beautiful poem. They now stand in majestic peaks Mountain chicken, and then will have the same feelings of Su Shi: The vast fertile land of the West panoramic view, the Weihe River as a golden ribbon flew to the east. Diego range upon range of hills surrounding peaks, the convective clouds around Fei Wu, Fan Juan, a drift, like a stormy sea waves higher and higher. The soft and thick green groups , A seat on the sea like jasper jade-like islands, the sea is rough for a while was buried sea of clouds, while he was mountain breeze gently introduce the sea, magic Piaomiao, Xiasi food.

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Baoji People's Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

People's Park is located in Baoji City, cultural and educational center, according to the North rolling Wei-shui, the south and the Museum of the Bronze Sports Center, the Weihe River Bridge in the east, and the bustling downtown across the river, an area of 519 mu, of which more than 140 surface acres, is A comprehensive multi-purpose entertainment break, more than 500,000 Chao????? Times. Park has beautiful scenery and full of water Huguang Yan, surrounded by shade, Jade, is the perfect place for recreation.
  Founded in 1974, in October 1, 1979 the official opening to the outside world, have been completed and cultural and entertainment district, open viewing area, animal exhibition area, water sports and the district administration five To the district. A total of the whole garden planting various types of ornamental flower, shrub, tree more than 40,000 trees, evergreen Four Seasons, there are three quarters of flowers, a beautiful, into which visitors to see Lake Adventure in waves, forest birds listen to contend, relaxing, away.

  After 20 years of reform and opening up the construction and development, in accordance with the master plan has been Has become a busy district animal exhibition, elegant view of the open areas, rich and colorful cultural and entertainment district, the crystal clear water sports area and administration area, and other functions of the five areas. Huguang in the park landscape, an integral whole Tingtailouxie, Xiangyingchengqu, there are three quarters of flowers, there are four seasons King, ran, is flourishing and leisure entertainment The best spots.

  In recent years, in order to adhere to sustainable development and meet the challenges of the tourism industry in the new century, they speed up the construction pace of development, more than two years to invest 400 million yuan for infrastructure construction in the park and has worked for the construction of the Big Island, etc. "Let the Moon" and "Wai Fung Ting "Pavilion of the new millennium", "Century Gallery," "Yi De door" scenic spots, travel up the mountain trail laying 350 meters, rockery spots so that the Big Island to attract visitors to become a new bright spot, the renovated terminal, the construction of a modern air was filled with long rest Gallery, and built a new and unique form of two, a full range of facilities, environmental protection, garden-style water closets, laying The road with more than 3000 meters, laying brick around the lawn of the more than 1300 square meters, making the all-stainless steel signs, warning signs, guide maps, park notes, publicity column 12; to attract more than 200 million investment to increase access to the concept car, naughty fort, Crazy bus, to travel through time, space, luxury cabin, disco turntable, Celestial sphere, such as large-scale recreational facilities, formed a "land, sea and air," the full flowering of the situation; on the management of the area renovation, conversion of office buildings, planting grass 1200 square meters, equipped with a sprinkler irrigation facilities, making it a showcase of professional garden green The level of "fine demonstration garden"; for the zoo to invest more than 40 million The introduction of African lions, tigers, Jin Qianbao, Takin, an ostrich, emu, and other rare animals, the expansion of the animal cages, have greatly enriched the content of the exhibition, has been acclaimed. At the same time, adhere to the garden plants, has completed a rockery Oshima, the Eastern Great Lakes, the management of afforestation and beautification of the area, etc. tasks, planting trees 4 More than 00 trees, grass planting more than 8000 square meters, greatly increased the level of afforestation and beautification.

  Baoji People's Park has been awarded the provincial party committee and the provincial government in recognition of the "poor rating success," the best units at the provincial level health units-the-art, civilization and city-level unit, the municipal public security model unit, the municipal model of respect for the elderly Units such as the honorary title of party branches as advanced grass-roots organizations recognized by the municipal party committee, as Liannian Pi Bureau advanced units and branches.

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San Tai Kwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baoji City is located in the southern suburbs of Qinling Mountain, since ancient times, "Chuan-Shan throat." When the struggle between Chu-Han Han, "repairing the surreptitious" from here on through; Cao Cao Western Expedition when the three countries by Zhang Lu also here; According to Chen, "Three Kingdoms" recorded: "(2006 Lite-On) the spring, back-scattered Kwan, Wai another, Cao Zhen's refusal. " San Tai San, also known as customs clearance, customs clearance in one of the four, in order to pass the Zhou dynasty, scattered countries, named San clearance. Here steep mountains, range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, great "when Kazuo customs, Fumo million opening of" trend. North-South traffic briefly because of the throat, since ancient times, "Chuan-Shan throat," military vital importance.

  According to historical records San Tai Kwan battle took place more than 70 times. When the struggle between Chu-Han Han, "repairing the surreptitious" from here on through; Cao Cao Western Expedition when the three countries by Zhang Lu also here; According to Chen, "Three Kingdoms" recorded: "(2006 Lite-On) the spring, back-scattered Kwan, Wai another, Cao Zhen's refusal. " Million in May 1131, the Southern Song Dynasty built a four-year-yan, the day will be eight years (1130), Song Ping Fu in the war after the failure of Song Wu will pick up that Canbing, Tuen Mun, according to the former monk, has just set a good stockade gate, Jinbing To have been under the original. Tuen Ng advised to move Hanzhong, to keep the points Sichuan, Wu said: "I have this insurance, not the enemy And the more I enter! Jianbi of Pro, my fear another step later, it is also Shu security. "Sure enough offense to beat the Jinbing. May the following year, the legislation did not Langjun and the other will be equivalent to ulu, Rukou Fenliang Lu. Li Fengxiang not out, or self-order, as, Fung Kwan, a large bulk. At that time, Wu lack food, the soldiers not to fight. Wu Di and Zhao WU Will be to inspire loyalty phase, and drink blood oath and so many soldiers moved and inspired. Ulu equivalent to go to soldiers, monks in the north of the original array, Song Jun more war break again and again, equivalent to big loss. At this time, no legislation is Langjun rocket attack Kwan, Wu Fen soldiers hit the election so that the two Jinbing not to join, go big loss. October, Wan Yan Zongbi (Wushu gold) from Xi He moved soldiers Shu, Yinbing many hundreds of thousands of people from the Baoji-made pontoon ferry committed to Wei Wu, Mr Ng Lung camp, such as Lei Zhong, Jin soldiers "in force vector" Yingdi. Cavalry and cut its grain, against a total of 30 times, Wan Yan Zongbi in retreat and arrows. Song Jun game victory.

Chuan-Shan Road this rock on the left predecessors Juan "Great San ancient customs," a few characters. Here steep mountains, range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, great "when Kazuo customs, Fumo million opening of" trend. Today there are scattered ancient city of Gu Zhi Guan, Hill Falls, the northern slope of Qinling Baoji Railway 8 fonts, and so on winding Road landscape, magnificent.

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Bronze Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baoji Bronze Museum in 1990 in preparation, on September 8, 1998 into the outside world. The main construction area of 10,000 square meters for the unique style of "five-ting platform" style, magnificent momentum, the novel, condensed out of the Western Zhou Ting system of the profound meaning. It is the only name to the Bronze Museum of the topic, the collection of bronzes in the history of our country as a milestone, not only in the western city of Baoji landmarks, but also into the major cities of Baoji important historical and cultural symbol.

  Taking history as the key link to the history-ming. Baoji Bronze Museum of the main display, "Zhou Qin Wenming Light" For the Western Zhou Dynasty and the Fat in Baoji Baoji Bronze Museum in 1990 in preparation, on September 8, 1998 into the outside world. The main construction area of 10,000 square meters for the unique style of "five-ting platform" style, magnificent momentum, the novel, condensed out of the Western Zhou Ting's system of the profound meaning of It is the only country to feature the museum named after the bronze, bronze collections in the history of our country as a milestone, not only in the western city of Baoji landmarks, but also into the major cities of Baoji important historical and cultural symbol.

  Taking history as the key link to the history-ming. Baoji Bronze Bo The main display hall, "Zhou Qin Wenming Light," is divided into the Western Zhou Dynasty in Baoji Fat from the Qin and the rise of Baoji, "Kim Ji Year - China in the 21st century archaeological discoveries in particular", "Dong Qishan Western Zhou Dynasty Village theme cache Exhibition" , And other parts of the Baoji area renowned archaeological discoveries of bronze, jade, pottery, gold, etc. More than 600 products (group), demonstrates the rise of ethnic weeks, the public and to move the ancient Qi, Wang week out, Packet leaders, Rites of Zhou, Qin Jun hunting, Mugong hegemony and a series of important historical facts, vivid reproduction of ZHOU Qin Dynasty Each side of history, to create awareness of the bronze culture of the soul which saw Zhou Qin Wenming of five Chinese In doing great contribution to be called for a monumental bronze in the history books. Qin's rise from Baoji, "Kim Ji Year - China in the 21st century archaeological discoveries in particular", "Dong Qishan Western Zhou Dynasty Village theme cache show" part of the renowned archaeological discoveries in Baoji bronze, jade, pottery, gold, etc. 6 products 0 items (Group), showing a rise of ethnic weeks, the public and to move the ancient Qi, Wang week out, Packet leaders, Rites of Zhou, Qin Jun hunting, Mugong hegemony and a series of important historical facts, vivid reproduction of ZHOU Qin Dynasty Each side of history, to create awareness of the bronze culture of the soul which saw Zhou Qin Wenming by 5,000 years of Chinese The great contribution called for a monumental bronze in the history books.

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Wu Zhang Liang of the original temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liang temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, the temple sit north of the Southern Dynasties, Song Zhi in the first of the original, magnificent, resplendent into the Mountain Gate, is a tall order Xiandian, in the main hall, the Eight Diagrams Pavilion, the roof ridge animal, are thousands, walls painted, brilliant colors. Xiandian on both sides of the walls, a mosaic of Yue Fei hand-written before and after the "Inst" Stone Tablets 40 Erchi by the square of the run-on from Qingshi, a text-to-speech forms the heart, writing outstanding; vigorous and imaginative writing, fluent earned; Juan technical skills, become artworks, known as "Sanjue" monument. Yuen is a backyard in Berlin, lawn flower bed, like spring all year round, fresh clean, Liang Yi Guanzhong Youju Berlin, the delicate beauty Star Pavilion stands in the backyard of the Central, Central Beilang get back yard, Wen-Chen Gallery generals on both sides of the separation, its winding streets, elegant environment.

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Yandi Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baoji is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation. According to historical records books, archaeological excavation support, some dating back more than 5000 years ago, on the Yan Emperor tribal survive here, known as "Yan Emperor town."

  Yandi Ling is located in Baoji City, 7 km in the southern suburbs of the Department often sheep Peak.

  Yan The ancestor of the Chinese nation is one in the history of mankind's development has an indelible contributions. Contains the history books: Dili office set Baier Shi, Chuan-VIII 500 years. Ancestor of the Yan Emperor, who, code-named Shen Nong, any mother Si Chang Yu Yang (Hill) induced Timor, Jiang longer than water, because that's. Yan agriculture-based production Lei Si, Gengjia people; for the creation of Japan-China city of primitive open trade; Bianchang hundred herbs, medicine and serve our community, the original invention of medicine ...... and a great contribution to this life. As a result, China was non-respect for the god of agriculture, the sun god, the god of medicine, and was enshrined in the Yellow Emperor as the common ancestor of the Chinese humanities. Fang Huang Di's set: Born in Shen Nong Meng Yu, bathed in nine Longquan, longer than the ginger water, the roof of the old cerro. And the ginger water in the basin. As early as the Tang Dynasty in the past, and there is a large-scale temple Shen Nong, the Yan Emperor Temple, Shen Nong this pit, nine Longquan, Shen Nong bone sites such as Taiwan still can be seen. To ancient , During the ancient calendar on July 7 memorial day Yan Emperor, who come here to hold a memorial ceremony. Tiantai Mountain also for its beautiful scenery and rich source of the human landscape, in February 2094 by the State Council for the national key scenic spots.

Often located in the Yangshan Yandi Ling on the majestic, God , Solemn, quaint, quiet, the Chinese people become Yelingbaizu the Holy Land.

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Red River Valley Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Town business district located in the river valley in the territory, Taibai Mountain peak at the northern foot, 120 kilometers away from Xi'an, Room 60 kilometers chicken in Westwood Chang Xing exports to the highway, Westwood Village, Hedi Meixian County line south to the junction, the specific direction Has prompted signpost. Into the park from the board under the Temple 26 km, and the formation of Taibai National Forest Park Central Tourism, Hill and Westwood may be outside the regular high-speed Xing, Bao-South lines connected.

  Deng river valley is one of the Taibai Mountain Road, Park has been the development of the four spots, 80 at various spots. Admission to see the quiet temple, a significant hole Temple, Yu Huangge, Kwun Yam cliffs and so on religious and cultural monuments. Qinling Mountain Park has a typical landscape Zheng, forming a quiet, odd-jun, the show's landscape. Park steep mountains, deep Shek, including Valley show, pit Fei Bao, Chu Yu-fei splash, the changing landscape. Tai Gong distant ancient stone vessels, two-hole curtain mysteriously, as people gather Qunxian show, turtle eggs Bao wonderful story of people lingering aftertaste. Beaulieu Bay, winding streets Chuan Lin wading, do not have a life. Doo-grand mother falls momentum from the bucket and pouring Qi, a vertical drop more than 80 meters, Shaanxi can be the first waterfall. Zhao Kuangyin legend, when the good life Jian, the group flooded the poor, viewing tour Fortunately, this is the genuine worship, Shilaiyunzhuan, Reign Again, proclaim oneself emperor ascended the throne, said Fukuzawa here for the land. Xiantao Curtain, Feihong Yu-zhu, Shek Mun Valley, landscape Yi Li has embraced staggered.

  Taibai Mountain Park has a unique unusual landscape of the Quaternary glacier remains, do not have to climb Glacier Shi Shan able to see the strange. Eight Taibai Park can watch the "Red River Danya," "Doo-feng sent home" and "safe sea of clouds, and eight Guanzhong One of the "Snow the Taibai" scenic spots.

  Taibai Mountain by cableway to enjoy the unique Taibai Mountain high, the mysterious Lake cirque, pulling extremely Sally's Song Wei, Ji four vast glaciers.

  Qinling Mountains because of the unique geographical location, population, formed from the park 800 meters above sea level to 3666.6 The peak of diverse plant and animal species, rich in forest vegetation, the vertical distribution of the band obviously Qitesenlin landscape, the transcripts for the "gene pool of animals and plants." State of rare animals and plants more than 30, is the scientific study and research as a base.

  Red River Valley Resort was built in the Park 6.6 km, Department mountains, streams around two-and shade trees. Unique wooden villas, tree-hugging cluster Yamahana, the negative ions of oxygen-rich, is an ideal tourism, the Holy Land vacation.

  Red River Valley Resort reception of the existing 300 bed sheets, the formation of a food, housing and entertainment of the one-stop service system. The river valley You Scenery, excellent service, welcome to your visit.

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Five of the Jialing River area: the birthplace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"No small plot difficult to flow into rivers", a large number of Jian River, under the stone springs between stone and water together to form a thousand miles a source of the Jialing River. Changing the source of water features, the thin jet of water is the source of water features in the first feature: the stone water, music-like sound of water, attractive; Silver Chain bead, the second largest of its features: Meeting the more Yue streams, water Increased from afar, hanging on the hillside, as Silver Chain on countless small pools, sparkling in the sun; Feibao spectacle is the third largest of its features: the first from the source is far more greater the potential flow of the river along a major If the slide down as the cornerstone of convective clouds, and then drop attached to form a width ranging from falls.

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Original fir forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuli Yang Dong at 200m, an elevation of 2597 meters, alpine fir is a plant, a national plant protection II. Here towering old trees, tree-straight, white density. Woodland, the spot over and over, singing and dancing Niaoque, changing scene; dense forest, with branches hold, Blot out the Sun shade, a mysterious silence. This rare deserted Fir forest in this 2597.8m above sea level on top of the growth of hundreds of years.

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One of the Jialing River area: Heilongtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

God is located in scenic areas in upper reaches of the River, where the river bottom clean, small fish in the water leisurely games, a small bridge across the river, the river along the winding road ahead 500m, far from being able to hear the sound of thundering water, only 20m from the river bed of a high cliff fell on to form a water depth of 12m, with an area of about 800 square meters pit Tam week mountains, Blot out the Sun shade, such as water Tan Mexico, and named Longtan. Here the short duration of bright sunshine, air humidity, Shensui around the quiet, and more Longtan added a bit mysterious.

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Zhou Gongmiao (Shaanxi) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaanxi Province key cultural units at the provincial level scenic spots --- Zhougong Miao, is located in Qishan County of Shaanxi Province in the northwest 6.5 km south of the Phoenix Mountain, an area of about 620,000 square meters. Yishanbangshui here, towering old trees, beautiful scenery and the East, West, North Hill on three sides, only the south and the ground phase, like a loop. The Book of Songs "here described as" those Arab-volume, self-Piaofeng South. " As a result, later known here as "the Arab-Israeli Scrolls."

  Takenori the first year of Tang (618), Western Zhou Dynasty to commemorate the well-known politicians, who are out to help Wang Li-cheng and Wang assisted insurgency and bringing peace to the Duke of Zhou Ji Dan, Zhougong Ci built here. After Xiurong generation, expansion of the form to the public Wednesday (Duke of Zhou, the public response, Tai Gong) as the main hall, Jiang Plateau, supplemented by Hou Ji Temple, decorated pavilions to showcase the ancient buildings. Fat is Qishan Room of the week, more than 3,000 years ago, "Fengming Qishan," the story took place in the Arab-Israeli Scrolls in the mountains north of Phoenix. "Bamboo Ji "Contains: 33 years as Wang, Wang Zhou led a volume in the Arab-Israeli civil and military travel. Can be seen as early as the early Western Zhou Dynasty royal family here is the playground of the aristocracy.

Early Tang Takenori years, Li Yuan dynasty in order to cherish the memory of the Duke of Zhou Yin Tak diligent, Xia Zhao in the Arab-Israeli Scrolls for the Duke of Zhou Jian Li Miao temple, said Zhou Gongci before. Tang, gradually Its governance, and Jiang Taigong, the public response, Jiang salamander, the first week of Hou Ji, and other historical figures of the main hall decorated During this period, and the Des Pavilion, Taiwan, the floor, Tower Building, and so on a number. The northeast corner of the temple area has a natural spring, the spring water a few years, Chung, a few years dry up, water will come when the Thai-year-old Feng, Tian Han is not to close, the local people call it Lingquan. Tang Xuan Xia Zhao has been to the Ci Ming-chuen, "Run-de-chuen." Basaltic area inside the cave temple of the Tang Dynasty are the carved white marble carving basaltic Xiang Yizun, as his crown put on fat-free, barefoot uniform, sword in the hands of hand, foot Guiyi, jade carving process with its unique artistic value, and the local touch-sheng as can be Size-fits-all, the people here are really a joy to Mota. Zhou Gongmiao scenic spots large-scale, existing buildings more than 30 seats, Bo Han Tang Huai more trees and vegetation Feng Mao, Blot out the Sun shade, Baoji is the largest, most complete preservation of ancient buildings in China. From ancient times, people have been here to visit the places in the history of Han Yu, Su Shi, such as Kang Hae - Seekers can explore more than once to visit this sentiment, leaving more than 140 poems in the first visit and more than 30-steles.

In recent years, Zhou Gongmiao scenic spots of the hardware infrastructure has been a fundamental improvement. Since 1999, in particular, has invested more than 600 million yuan to complete the landscape of Zhou Gongmiao District arches, Zhou Gongmiao Mountain Gate, Bei Lang Tang Beiting, the door Sheng Yang, Om North Mountain Gate, the temple road sclerosis, both inside and outside the temple to beautify landscape, the size of the square in front of the temple, tourism service center, Kuixing Lou maintenance, painting, plate, and so on The task of building the project, the restoration of dry up the springs dried up many years of Run-de King. Based services Further improved. The construction of a high standard of three dry latrines, repair of the new closed-end La Jichi 3, to replace the production of the area to introduce bilingual signs explain the attraction card, said card lead over 40 pieces of a newly purchased area of public information graphic symbols 30 000. In addition, the county also built to the county seat of the second special tourist area Highway opened to the county seat from the area of public transportation bus line.

Inside and outside the temple landscape has been further strengthened. Has in at Fenghuangshan oriental arborvitae planted 2 million trees in the square in front of the temple and the temple of the Arab-Israeli lawn planting more than 3600 square meters, more than 2,000 strains of valuable trees, cedar trees and others-300 Trees. Constantly improve the level of quality service. To further increase the area of internal management, and strive to create unique scenic spots and brand image, quality services to vigorously contest, the full implementation of the standardization and institutionalization of service standards for the reception, to further improve service levels.

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Horie Mountain Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Horie Mountain Forest Park 25 km northeast from the county seat, the wonders of many sites, scenic verdant trees, mountains and along the ancient and powerful, is well-known Buddhist holy sites.

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Taibai National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taibai Mountain - recline in Baoji Meixian, Taebaek, Xian County 3 weeks. Peak due to snow, silver in all directions, so Taibai said. It is the Trans-Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi Province of the main peak, 3767 meters above sea level and is also the peak of Qinling Mountains. As early as the Taibai Mountain, the poet Li Bai, Du Fu, Liu, Han Yu, Su Shi Yu has been here, wrote a famous poem. Old Taibai Mountain on July 1 for the temple, during this time, the foot of the mountain, visitors can not. "Taibai June snow days" is one of the eight Guanzhong.

  Taibai Mountain from the main body of large-scale granite, geologists call "Taibai granite." White granite in the long geological history of the development, after several changes in the structure, faults, is joint development, they shared the role of various external forces, the shape of today Taibai Mountain Qi Lin, the lofty mountain of risk, odd scene. Taibai Mountain High Mountain has retained complete, thousands of relics of the Quaternary glaciers. All mountain lakes, ocean waves, Huguangshanse, an intoxicating, and the ancient local people are calling it the "divine lake", but in reality "Bingshi Lake." Lake Bingshi these ancient times, "Taibai Chi-kwong," "Pearl of the mountains" that are classified as Taibai Mountain of Eight workers. Out in Sendai, Happy Valley, along the beam, shihe, Shi The noble, seems to be rolling Pentium trend, dazzling. Sendai pulled from the ring around the Vision, the angle peak, valley, cirque, Hom ice, the ice-order patterns unique to the landscape fresh in our memory. As a result, Taibai Mountain is a study of the Quaternary glacier can be described as the best natural museum.

  Taibai Mountain has beautiful scenery and fascinating scenery. Taibai June snow days "is a well-known customs in one of the Eight. In the past during the cold, snow Taibai Mountain peak, when the height of summer, the view from the Guanzhong Plain, snowy, silver in all directions, and become The Greatest Places .

  Taibai Mountain has a long history of China since ancient times is a famous mountain. Xia and Shang said, "Shan - , Zhou said, "Tai Shan", to start the Wei, Jin said, "Taibai Mountain." Canadian champion of its imperial dynasties and wait seekers can explore more of the footprints are all over the Taibai Mountain Shan mountain range, leaving a great deal of praise Taibai Mountain's wonderful poem. Since the Sui and Tang, Meixian Tangyu Guanzhong is a well-known tourist destination in convalescence and has built-Quan Feng , Stephen Fung Tang, Tang City palace, and so on. Li Bai, Du Fu, Han Yu, Su Shi, and other celebrities, many times before boarding degree Taibai Mountain, poetry and painting, "splash-ink Taibai Mountain" legend will travel to Lee Taibai poems, well-known medical scientist Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty, Known as "Manual" long taibaiensis live in seclusion in the mountains to study the grass in Taibai Mountain Medical treatment for the people, the Taebaek mountains, he there is still left over from the old path along the cliff walk pound medicine in a mortar and pestle of Waterloo. Manual and the legends, are also popular locally.

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Jiucheng Gong site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiucheng Gong site - located in the city of Baoji City Linyou County, with the summer heat, cool and pleasant climate. Jiucheng Gong is located in the waters north of the Du Tiantai Mountain, East impaired bare hill, west Phoenix Mountain in the south have Shijiu Hill, according to Bristol City, North Hills, is still one green mountains and blue waters, beautiful scenery beautiful. Jiucheng Gong was founded in Wong Kai-Sui Wendi Started three years by the name of "Renshou Palace," Tang Zhenguan five-year extension of repair, changed its name to "Jiucheng Gong," "90" means "Nine" or "nine", the statement tall.

  Jiucheng Gong was founded in Sui Wendi Wong opened 13 years (in 593 AD) in February and be completed in 15 years Suikai Huang (AD 59 Year) in March, the beginning of the name of "Renshou Palace," is detached palace of Emperor. Zhenguan five years, Tang (AD 631 years) to repair the expansion, changed its name to "Jiucheng Gong," "90" means "Nine" or "nine", the statement tall. Tang Emperor, he was renamed as the "Palace million years", meaning and Wan Yi, Hui and then Original name.

  Sui and Tang Dynasties period of the grand building Jiucheng Gong, Zhou Yuan 1,800 multi-step, has extended Fook built, Pai-yun, Yu Yong, Xianheng, Guinness, Wing, Xiao Dan, and other large-scale palace. Now still Fengtai, Tang will be Taiwan, dresser, Liquan, Tang wells, Peng, and other official sites.

  Science Survey excavations and a series of inspections confirmed that the Tiantai Mountain Linyou Jiucheng Gong is the main peak of the large-scale buildings. A large-scale excavation of the palace has 10 multiple sites. South Tiantai Mountain dig out the gallery aisle 3, in which two 12 meters wide, a width 9 m, connected with the court. Temple to the north of the site, found that Du shore water swim Terminal sites, we can see when there are Jiucheng Gong in inland sea, ships and pleasure craft.

  The early years of the Tang Dynasty, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty as a result of Nanzhengbeizhan and broken down from constant overwork, Qun Chen proposed detached palace built in order to avoid Yan Shu. King decided to palace life Suiren-based, to repair and renamed Jiucheng Gong. Zhenguan from six to 18 years, King had been 5 degrees to more Jiucheng Gong.

  Linyou county 163 km east of Xi'an, Baoji 133 km north, when the Guanzhong Plain in the hot summer period, Linyou still cool and pleasant. According to an annual test of the hottest in July, where the average temperature of 21.8 degrees only. Jiucheng Gong in China to explore further She will attract an increasing number of visitors to Cuba Linyou summer.

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Famen Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fufeng county seat is located in Baoji City, 10 km north of the key to the town, about 120 kilometers away from Xi'an, is a long history of the Buddhist temple. Famen Temple was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the legend of India Ashoka In order to carry forward Buddhism, the Buddha relic will be sent to various parts Service who have a bone pagoda dedicated to the construction, is the Famen Temple One of the largest and is a.

  Famen Temple, the relic home and tower, tower and as a result of Jiansi. Ashoka formerly known as Temple, known as the Sui Dynasty "is as gym," Early Tang Dynasty renamed the Famen Temple. Early Tang Dynasty and Yuan Wei monasteries have been expanding, Tang Qing Emperor significant years Xiu Gui Gong Lin round-house, building a very spectacular. Tower of the original customs "St. graves." Tang Zhenguan turned into a four-year period Wooden Pagoda, three Qing Ming-Lung (1569) Wooden Pagoda collapsed, Li million in 2007 to 37 years to build 13 Zhuanta octahedron, 47 meters high, 11-year-ching Junji (1654) as a result of the earthquake-tower tilted cracks in the Republic of China at the end of 28 years (1939) General Zhu Bridge Capital repair the pagoda, on August 24, 1981 as a result of continuous Yin Yu Pagoda collapsed.

  Famen Temple in China's ancient settlement Fogu Buddha relic of the famous temple. Famen Temple was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the temple tower built as a result. Famen Temple Tower, as a result of a funeral of a Buddha finger bone which got its name, the Famen Temple Tower Temple "in the customs of their ancestors Tamiao" reputation.

  Temple is now restored, in strict accordance with the original built in the Ming Dynasty Zhuanta. In addition to the palace unearthed in Famen Temple Buddha finger relic, but also have gold and silver utensils unearthed 121, 20-glazed glass, porcelain 16, 12 stone tools, ironware 16, Qi Mu-1 Pieces of jade, gems and about 400, more than 700 pieces of silk goods.

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Old river rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ten days he is one of the largest tributary of the Han River, originate in the abdomen Qinling mountains, the perennial water is relatively stable, clear water, or relieve or urgency, the twists and turns, a lot of pools on the beach, very appropriate to do water rafting activities. River rafting in the election of cross-strait scenic Qing Ni Wan Tai Chi to wish the city outside Seoul generous at the Avenue Recreation Center embankment paragraph Tai Chi is an important city of tourism projects with a total length of 12km, more dangerous shoals on the way, more white water, drifting both during the stimulation and romance.

  Xunyang Xian is located in the city due north of the river named after ten days, ten days the river water and the beltway, with the mountains room, a wide surface, in the river bed around the big stone, there are many dangerous rapids . A group of four or five people each, sitting at 15 rubber boats to drift down to the river. As the river too, and more stones in the water, the first turn on the dangerous shoals of six boats, sparking laughter and a voice cried out in alarm. As the river here short, it did not appear too dangerous. One does not feel dangerous shoals fun, and even carry a To drift back to another time.

  Drifting to a more open water, the use of the kayak first start playing Shuizhang provocation. All of a sudden, in the mobilization, among the boat engaged in a fierce battle, water splash in the market, shouting into a sound call. Only those who participated in the fighting with all Latang Ji, the scene Dai's Songkran in Asia. Shuizhang drift almost all the way to fight all the way, the result is called for the suspension, with the bow to concede defeat, peaceful co-existence, the exhausted and trampled. Fighting just to name a few interesting, if not yet the end of drift, then the fighting will be many exciting scenes.

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Dien Antananarivo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the well-being in the urban areas in the eastern 6 km, Huang Yanghe attack convergence of the Han River and the formation of the steep rock ---- eight public Yan Ding, stand the imposing momentum of Dien Antananarivo. It was built in 1917, seven sub-tower, about 30 meters high, along the West side, the first tier of the urban area is a hole above the Shihmen embedded Qingshi inscribed "Dien Tap the "regular script reads. Natori tower," Kang Chang-Yong, Acer lay "means. It is said that in order to build the tower in the town to gas well with Golden State helenahat. ?? ?? through the staircase tower, visitors can climb level. Above six-storey four - Are round or arched openings left, the Quartet can enjoy different scenery. In the The four-storey tower surrounded by ceramic wall also set to fight the "smart Bo Hou, in the column Tianyi, Yong Dian well, solid-hole of" regular script of 16 characters. Top, colorful Angiopteris, seat two 3000 re-jin's Ball. Dien Antananarivo seven cornices are decorated with stone reliefs, a clear pattern, different images, most of the top flight However, wings extended, the Youth Pre-employment Training Lingyun great force. ?? ?? Dien too Antananarivo, standing proudly in the high and steep rock above the mighty sacred, as if like a Monty, in the well-being faithfully guarded the door to the East. On the board can enjoy Lvshuiqingshan, Taying sky. River flow between the boat flies, and crowded urban areas over time scales High-rise panoramic view can be described as "unlimited land King, a Poly Tower."

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Ssangyong groups cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ankang City, located in the southwest town of Ssangyong in the territory, the highest honor in the cave, the cave and Rohan Guanyin cave, and other components. ?? ?? the highest honor in the urban areas well away from the cave about 40 kilometers, is located in the town of Ssangyong Ssangyong nine halfway up the mountain village, with a total area of about 700 square meters and can accommodate more than 100 people crowded a significant but not Tourism. Tung is the highest honor in Ankang Found in a limestone cave of wonders, as a result of a foot inside the cave Hydrangea push the stone lions named after the "lion hole." ?? ?? engine lights overlooking the cave, rocks inside the cave, rocks, thousands, very strange, countless rows of white icicle sparkling like stalactites, stalagmites have many of the cone to the stand And become pillars of various shapes. That is particularly Biaohan physical enough to push Hydrangea, eyeing the majestic lions, well that life, the amazing nature of the uncanny workmanship. There are a dragon pillars, about 20 meters high, surrounded by four in order to Wei Yao and the other three pillars distant relative, it is Magnificent. Sword handle more than 10 close together, Spinibarbus the air, flashing a sharp knife; 10 small Rong-chu, forming the confrontation, Junxiu tall and straight, as well as the brightest spot in the Ocean View days, lotus throne, Bao fishing boat, the Maitreya Buddha statue and other fine shape, Stone-realistic, one has also become a unique spectacle, it is Then too busy, relaxed and happy. ?? ?? There are two lion-hole, was at Qidong, winding streets, people want to explore the mysterious. Lion-and provincial-level scenic spots even for first-line Ying Hu, is the well-being of the city's distinctive tourist attractions.

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Kanda de Prairie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Living in the hill above the peak, at an elevation of 2300-2540 m, the level area of 780 hectares, has an area of 11,000 hectares. When the grasslands around the steep cliffs and luxuriant forests. If looking down at the high-altitude grassland, the bus is like a giant top general hold up a piece of boundless generosity of the green carpet. ?? ?? containing the history books: "The number of acres of wide pools and muddy throughout the year, if the stone, in a moment of heavy rain, named Kanda." Heyuan less than God km, the river winding paths, 99 Bay and grassland Kanda 99 backpack to form a wonderful frame of reference. Land package between the size of the lawn 32, 10 Chi, the largest lawn, about 1000-2000 acres. The largest pool of about 3000 square meters. It is strange that there are around Rock Hill, with the exception of the grasslands is a land of deep, almost no stones, people walk on the grass like riding in the same soft sponge. A total of here ?? ?? 10 major scenic spots De Dragon's Back, Hua Chi, Ya Dong-yun, throwing fairy Hydrangea, Bainiaochaofeng, black pool, Yang Shan large number of God, small Kanda, Kanda, and other scenic spots around the steep cliffs, the vast virgin forest Zhetianbiri. Kanda give the impression that six Grassland not understand the fans to be insightful to study the feasibility.

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Leung Ping River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ningshan County Leung Ping River Forest Park, like a dreamy fairy tale world, the earth will be decorated into the wonderful beauty of the four seasons - spring vigor of spring; warm, unrestrained in the summer; Eclisse, sweet autumn; Holiness, the Jingying Winter. Four Seasons landscape is changing, less than beautiful to see. Leung Ping River belonging to the Ling branch, 2280 meters above sea level, 152 kilometers away from Xi'an, 36 km from Ningshan County, Forest Park with a total area of 130 square kilometers. As a result of the unique features of the landscape in the region, not only the vast wilderness of acres of pasture large hinterland of Qinling Mountains, the spectacular momentum of the crater, Fei Liu and gold coins were let go under the waterfall , Winding streets of the vast primeval forests, there are a variety of animal and plant resources. Giant panda, golden monkey, golden takin, deer musk deer, flying squirrels, golden pheasant habitat for rare animals such as forest, giant salamander Hynobius flows in streams. Here is more a result of the four seasons changing scenery, beautiful people and so reluctant to leave. Spring Where to send warm spring breeze, sprouted vegetation, for Tao Liu Yan, Feng Fei Splendor, as if an artist to the earth as paper, pens for the wind, painted a bright color all over the green into the wilderness, mountains, dazzling Fruit on the stained color, light green to sprinkle on lakes, rivers, Nongmo a color painting of the spring; Xia, Lin Green Wave, breezy summer if Bristol Hill, the rain Rain Man, Yanlanpiaomiao, sun showers, endless changes. Fenglin autumn to make dye, Wan Shan Hong Bian, numerous wild fruit, delicious Seyan; temporary winter snow man open, snow-wrapped, the tree is the ice, tree trunks into Yu-zhu, "River Deep hard snow, mountain Not to cold flow, "" Wild Bridge A few trees and white one after another. "All this is a masterpiece of nature air, the fine spirit of the Holy Spirit! 18 Joe Falls Park for another scenic spots. Sai Wan Road 173 kilometers, about 15 km from the county seat. Falls more than 30 meters high , 10 meters wide, the upper reaches of the river basin with an area of about 2 square kilometers. Waterfall from the On the cliff top of the fissures in Fei Liu, Ya Xia pouring pit to form a curtain, shed one of the silver blurred. Shen Lei, such as falls off, with echoes of the cliff pool, playing a remarkable movement of the magnificent, filled with water, such as tobacco Ruhuan, the color of their voice, intoxicated people. Waterfall into the side, the more thoroughly cool, 210 countries Throughout the whole territory of the park, from the Falls Road, about 1 km, narrow, Chui Man-sinense, elegant scenery, convenient transportation, every spring and summer to autumn, followed by visitors. Leung Ping River Park, the main peak-top, flat, open field of vision, look around Zuozuo low mountains, Cui Bo Songtao off-ming; blue sky and white clouds hovering eagle, Shao Dewy shining strong. This is a natural eco-tourism resort, for a variety of special travel or adventure, hunting, or rock climbing, skiing; or collecting specimens, or scientific investigation, honeymoon or vacation ... ... Chinese and foreign tourists all sigh and admiration for their Miaojing .

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Taiwan Leigu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lei Gu-called Taiwan "Nanguan the first peak," well Ziyang Xian is located north of the city, belonging to the Qinling Mountains branch of the Phoenix Mountain peak branch, according to legend Han Zhang Fei in the Leigutuidi, it got its name. Mountain ups and downs, peaks Lin, Lei Gu Taiwan craggy peak rocks, pine and cypress Xiuzhu matched. Every autumn, blue skies, this time on top , Overlooks a radius of hundreds of years. In the vicinity of the cliff, is also preserved ancient architecture in the Ming Dynasty, has been part of the collapse, the trend was still visible. Lei Gu station surrounded by better preservation of forests, forest development of special tourism.

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Xiangxi hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangxi hole at Ankang City in the southern suburbs, according to the South hill, bounded by the Han River, was a legend, Lu will practice cents place. Area with a total area of more than 10 square kilometers, divided into Xiangxi hole, the door for three days, the Man Mo Shan, centipede Hill, neat's foot 5 Ridge area, scenic peaks again and again within range upon range of hills, lush vegetation, there are 12 kinds of precious trees in the country Level of plant protection; there are many built in the Tang Dynasty, rebuilt in the Ming and Qing Dynasties of ancient architecture, is a human into the natural-style garden in one area.

  Xiangxi scenic holes with a total area of more than 10 square kilometers, sub-Xiangxi, three doors, centipede Hill, neat's foot ridge of the five scenic spots, more than 50 scenic spots. Forest Cover rate of more than 85%. 12 kinds of rare and valuable trees, was referred to as "living fossils" for the protection of plants at the national level. In December 1989, Xiangxi scenic hole is listed as the first provincial-level scenic spots. Xiangxi scenic hole, surrounded by mountains, out with Ping, Rui luxuriant vegetation, Ting-Yu Lin, one beautiful Mei scenery! Brook, clean water, hanging cloth curtain hung. Cross-strait stream, rich green trees, Qingxinqishuang, Bicao flowers, grass flat. The rich have a long stream of "pilgrims Spurs" (commonly known as Qili Xiang), in full bloom every spring, with flowers to water, water broadcast floral fragrance far, an intoxicating, named "Xiangxi hole." Xiangxi hole through generations to repair, the macro scale. Pavilion, Yu-ting, Ladder, resplendent; caves, stone carving, stone carving, Yasugongshang. In particular the place where the sculpture Taoist figures, patterns of life, life. With a long history of cultural and natural landscape Xiangyingchengqu. The area within 3 , Tung Chun-yang, Alchemy furnace, Dragon Valley, the plane goes, bridge, Yuhuang Ge, Wang Jiangting, a legendary one, a one-story. Eight Xiangxi, Xiangxi eight holes, the more poetic, so beautiful.

  In the past, Xiangxi hole with its beautiful scenic charm talented, classical architecture The legend of magic, attracting numerous visitors, leaving many precious cultural relics sites. There are existing Xing'an Prefecture in the Song Dynasty, wrote the Greek-sun's "Tour of Xiangxi," the Ming Dynasty poet Pu-hui Seven of the quatrains and the end of the Qing dynasty, the last county magistrate Lin Yang Guang the author of the monument. After the liberation, in the leadership of the province and a number of foreign visitors to watch the Xiangxi. In recent years, security Urban construction department and a rehabilitation Yu Huangge, Ladder, cloud bridge, pavilions, kiosks-yu, caves, the statue; and tree flowers, and even an entirely new look. This is called "the clouds pavilion built over the bamboo Cong Shan, flowers, guests laugh, stream-ching Four Seasons" in Wonderland.

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C.kawakamii Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Sanming City, 30 km southwest of the mouth floor, the source of small Xin Village. Area of 1.41 million mu, the total timber reserves of 210,000 cubic meters, of which C.kawakamii accounted for more than 80%, is the world's largest natural forest Castanopsis. 100 years ago, the United Kingdom have a last name of the grid in Sanming Forestry experts found this Castanopsis forest, home Devoted to the author, was named a result C.kawakamii. C.kawakamii Department of rare trees, also known as the Green Castanopsis hook, known as the "red Ke." Evergreen trees and dense canopy, the yellow; solid material, as well as the texture, corrosion-resistant, high-end furniture for the shipbuilding and quality of materials; system can bark extract; its starch-containing fruit, sweet Food, "small chestnut." Castanopsis natural forests more than 200 years ago, the average height 26 meters. The protection of the region are associated Zhang, Nan, Sassafras, Bai Jian, Huang Qi, Huang Chu, Cinnamon Hill, and other Section 24 is more than 50 kinds of trees, 34, and sambar, flying squirrels, black bear, pangolin and white pheasant, chicken feet, and other fly Animals. C.kawakamii Forest Park Village has, there are restaurants, guest rooms and meeting rooms, Castanopsis forest scattered more than a dozen "castles in the air" (Yuanyang Building).

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Swiss Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanming City in the north-west of the town of Chen, 14 km from the city center, due to wind around the mountains are often named Choi. Scenic area of 10 square kilometers, the highest 1249.8 meters above sea level, into a unique volcanic landscape and rich evergreen broad-leaved forest landscape as a whole, the main tourist attractions are Rui Yun-dong, Bian Fudong, gold-longevity , The immortal pool, Triassic rocks, Ma Feng, and so on. The third provincial-level scenic spots.

  Ruiyun hole, hole 30 meters deep, 61 meters wide, 4 meters high, such as lion-shaped mouth opening. Dong Ding, such as covered pines, gurgling water, such as beads, such as screens, suspended all the year round hole. Shek Pik, such as cut holes, Song Cliff has a number of stone , Which?????(1736 ~ 1795) to monitor the official Yu Shi Zhi Han at this time to teach the Inscription of "tolerance", and "people in the jade stone in the possession of visitors from every hole Zhulian" couplet. According to a rock in the Song Dynasty, founded in the 5-room wooden structure temple for the Buddha Road, and were the gods in a local, incense peak Since the Ming Dynasty frequent repairs. -Rock Hill Gate was built before the Kangxi period (1662 ~ 1722), inscribed on the "Rui Yun-dong," the words. Hill's single-arch stone bridge in front of Ming's, rustic style.


  Northeast hole, and the Mountain Gate, one old, tall and straight vigorous, under the shade Jian Circled, call Stephen longevity. Stephen next to Wu Ming-hong-year period (1368 ~ 1398) Inscription visitors "from Yuquan waterfall." Southwest has good fortune-hole mini Yi Xiantian, a fish pond view of the landscape, and so on. Scenic areas within verdant trees, plants, 31 types of Section 192 kinds. Guteng mountain is covered with soft vigorous efforts, such as the flying dragon and snake respectively, more meandering For a major feature of the area.


  Yi Yinian before the area was formed in the Early Cretaceous volcanic eruption, peak-show, Qiao Shi, the ancient temple, Shigeru Goto, better than the quiet mountain valley. Crater formed by the accumulation of natural called the Big Buddha of the Chinese, and Ma Yan, General Teng, Butterfly Valley, volcanic rock, God Beacon, Rui Yunfei waterfall, mountain scenic spots, such as suspension. The mosaic volcanic cave on the ancient temples of the Millennium Rui Yun Temple, Buddhism and Taoism were home, magic shows and lucky ... ...

  First-class area of the ecological environment, the average annual temperature of 18-19 ?, with the winter cold and summer heat without, Four Seasons Travel Safe. Vegetation Cover rate of 95%, 70 woody plants are more than 400 kinds of Section 210, the type of herb and more than 1000 kinds of ferns, the state primary and secondary protection of plants Cephalotaxus, such as the Golden Dog, scenic areas or plants C.szechuanensis living fossil of the original habitat, is listed as the provincial plant protection zone, the world's plant expert At this study. Into the forest, accompanied by singing Chong Ming, falling butterflies, particularly fresh Jingya ... ...

Traffic is very convenient area, since the high-speed drive through just 10 minutes, and the new green tourist spots every 15 minutes for a round-trip flights, and the wireless signal coverage throughout the area. The New Penny Recreation Area, Ruiyun Villa Park Recreation Rui Yun-food, housing and entertainment into one, tourism, leisure, entertainment and an ideal place.

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Three national forest park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Three national forest park is located in the city of Sanming in Fujian Province, the area with a total area of 4573 hectares, with King and convenient traffic, and many attractions in the park, a unique landscape. Park is divided into 8 scenic characteristics, that is, Grignard copy of eco-tourism zone, Hill writing fitness and leisure areas, Hengkeng spa area, pre-rock area to watch the trees, Pu Shan Buddhist tourism Light District, Zhuzhou and entertainment district on the water, Zhong Shan Heritage Tourism District, Lin Fa Shan Road 8, and other resort spots. C.kawakamii especially eco-tourism zone covers an area of 1125 hectares, is the world's largest pure grid tree Castanopsis community, known as "rare" and "Green Pearl." Park Forest vegetation protection Well, there are 190 vascular vegetation is ll00 Section 700 species, 95.3 percent forest cover, rich in tourist resources. Babel has a quiet garden, azalea garden, orchard Jane, three Zhulou, Khao Wang trees, forest adventure, a castle in the air, five water lake, the generals race (the site), the tree of life and death, the habitat of migratory birds Hill area, as well as writing, Lin Fa Shan, Xian Yan Peng, Pu Shan Buddhist scenic resort, the Department of Shaxi drifting resort, Zhuzhou and entertainment district on the lake, and other scenic spots in various 50. In addition, the formation of Georgia's forest copy of the history of the peasant uprising in the late Ming DENG Mao-seven leaders of the camp, General Chai, 18 million years ago, ancient people living Wan Yan Remains loyal village folk culture and folk legend anecdote and cultural temple, CAO Yuan at the end of the Qing Dynasty, ancient soil, and other cultural fort.

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Sanming Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanming City of Fujian Province is located in the northwest, is an emerging industrial city, is china's spiritual city, the National Health City, Garden City and one of the best tourist cities in China, 1993, a period approved by the State Council included in the coastal economic open zones . Second District jurisdiction of a city nine counties, a total land area of 22,900 square , The population of 2,700,000 people. Since reform and opening up, economic construction, the city of Sanming has made rapid development. In 2004 the city's gross domestic product 37,660,000,000 yuan, of which 8,650,000,000 yuan added value of production in the first, second stage 16,560,000,000 yuan industrial added value, tertiary industry added value 12,550,000,000 yuan, Fang-class financial budget for the general revenue 1,740,000,000 yuan, the export value of 250,000,000 U.S. dollars.

  Three Ming Senlin is rich in resources, the South is the comprehensive reform of collective forest pilot zones, Fujian enjoy the "green treasure house" of good reputation, a wide variety of trees, the forest coverage rate reached 76.8 percent, live tree has Volume of 115,000,000 cubic meters (for one-third of the province), bamboo reserves 380,000,000. In 2004 the production of material goods 1,963,000 cubic meters, 33,000 tons of rosin, wood-based panel 689,000 cubic meters, paper pulp and 597,000 tons.

  Sanming rich in mineral resources, enjoy mine in Fujian "Treasure bowl" reputation. Metal have been found and 79 non-metallic minerals, has proven reserves of 49 minerals, the bulk are: coal, iron, tungsten, aluminum, tin, manganese, barytes, limestone, marble, sapphire and so on. One of the country's rich barite, tungsten, manganese, such as sapphire in the country, the province's mineral resources Occupies an important position.

  Sanming rich water resources, territory River with plenty of water. Formation of major rivers, Jinxi, Youxi, were Minjiang River, the total length of 875 km, in run-off amounted to 21,580,000,000 cubic meters, of which for the Formation of the city's largest rivers, 320 km length of the main stream of 7 flows through the counties (cities, districts), the annual runoff 11,000,000,000 cubic meters. The city's water resources for the development of power generation installed capacity of up to 1,700,000 kilowatts, is now completed the development of hydropower installed capacity of 1,425,000 kilowatts.

  Sanming beautiful mountains and rivers, unique scenery and rich tourism resources. The main tourist There Taining Lake, Le Tung Yu-hua, Wing-yuen, hidden scales Stone Forest, Ning-hole Swan, Gold Hill County, the city of Sanming C.kawakamii Nature Reserve, Daisuke Hill, Rui Yun-dong, Le Long Xishan , Youxi nine Fu Shan, Jianning Rao Jin Shan, Min River source, Mingxi Ziyun, and so on. Taining Geopark one of the world geological park Ning Lake, Stone Forest Wing - To Yuen Tung, Yu-Hua Tung Lok for the state-level scenic spots. There are historical sites Youxi Song of the agent of Jurists, the birthplace of Zhu Xi's site, at the national level protection units Taining Shang Ming Dynasty section, Ahn Yong-fort, and other ancient buildings and Shek Pik-ling of the Hakka, and so on. At present, the city has launched the "clear water Dan Yu, Tan Qi cave tour, the rafting adventure travel, the forest inspection tour, tour Yezu roots "and other travel routes." Trip to the Green Triangle "and" Hakka trip "is listed as the three provincial-level joint marketing gold line.


  Sanming strong industrial base, Fujian Province is an important raw material industrial base. Ye have , Chemical, coal, machinery, textiles, plastics, paper, forestry, building materials, electrical, pharmaceutical, and other categories of relatively complete industrial system. Have 51 large and medium-sized enterprises, Fujian Province, the largest iron and steel, chemical fertilizer, cement and coal companies in Sanming, "Qu's" brand pain blood capsule, "cabbage" of agricultural Licensing , "Constant" brand color printing machine, "re-fu" brand Vibratory Roller, "double" brand tire curing press, "Pageflakes" brand of hard PVC film, "Rao Shan" brand copy paper, the "Milky Way" Zhu Liangxi card and a number of other well-known brand products.

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Kaiyuan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kaiyuan Temple is located in West Licheng District, covers an area of 78,000 square meters, was built in 2002 Chuigong Wu Tang (686 AD), has been a long history of 1,300 years, is a key focus of the Buddhist temple and cultural unit . Kaiyuan Temple's Main Hall has 86 large pillars, called the Hall of hundred columns, with Dian Jian Zi Yun floating around from time to time to cover, it is also called Ziyun hall.

  Kaiyuan Temple, the most famous is the Twin Towers, East as a "country town of Tower," West "Renshou tower", which more than 40 meters high, China's top pair of stone. Tap the door of each niche on both sides of the gladiators, King, King Kong, such as Ocean's like a relief. Two - After the storm hit, Yiran stand still, it is the ancient city of Quanzhou, a unique symbol and a symbol of China's ancient stone architectural gems, of which the East Tower in 1994 is listed as "ancient China" stamp one of the four patterns.

Kaiyuan Temple at the beginning of the "Lotus Temple", after the words "Hing Education and Temple," "Longxing Temple . Tang Kaiyuan 26 years (in 739 AD) emperor ordered the state to build a national Kaiyuan Temple, who has now changed. Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou fall on the table is unexciting Licheng District of West Street, Firestone and cut off the only backing it in front of the symbolic barrier blocking a Ziyun screen, which virtually shortened the distance between the earth and Buddhism. Lack of Grand Sichuan's foil, men and women are more close, the Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou, which is unique. Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou is the key cultural unit, also in Fujian Province "Top Ten" spots, Kaiyuan Temple, how can this well-known both at home and abroad? Kaiyuan Temple, also known as King of the Mountain Gate of the Temple. It was built in three-Chuigong Wu Tang 687 AD), has several times before and after the fire burned with the reconstruction of the existing building is 14 years of the Republic of China (1925 AD) built. Up and down a little thin side pillars, the central thick, was shuttle-shaped, the scientific name column shuttle, according to research for the pillars of the Tang Dynasty style, age has a very long time. Columns is also hanging on a Couplet system, "said the local Buddhist country, the streets are all saints." This is the Southern Song Dynasty scientist Dali Suozhuan Zhu Xi, a high priest in modern times written by Master Hong Yi. It is the Quanzhou has a strong religious culture and style of a true portrayal of the ancient city. Hours sitting in the Hall of Heavenly Kings on both sides of the Tantric Buddhism is based on regulation by the configuration of the track closely with the King Kong Fan Wang Browbeat their chest, like a very dignified, and in general the temple sculptures of King Kong are very different from the four, it was ridiculed for saying they "will be the second Hengha." Mountain Gate on the cross to the al-ting. Here, we can see things from where they stand and the tower things bright and spacious two corridors arranged symmetrically on both sides in, and where we are Kaiyuan Temple in the home on the central axis. Buddhism in China have been more than a thousand years of history and Chinese flowering ground, together with the Chinese culture. Kaiyuan Temple on the layout of the highlights of China's ancient architecture of the south and respect for the characteristics of the main axis.

  Ting Qian worship this great rock garden, a "Where grass Health The Court of worship, ancient and modern for the Government and the people to worship and activities. During the Lunar New Year on the 26th, the sea of people here, the Vatican repeated claims made by the chant with one of South quan Buddhist images. Rock garden on both sides of the breakdown of the 2-800 8-year-old banyan, Blot out the Sun Yi Yin, the deep-rooted, adding Kaiyuan Temple quiet, solemn atmosphere. Tree lined with 1 Block, Tang, Song and Ming period, different forms of ancient Jing Zhuang, a small stupa, and two bi xi. Chambers also purchase a stand 3 meters high silk burning stone oven, covered button squat Ni eagle, eagle-week pennant furnace body. Long, cloud, lianpan, Mancao decoration and so on, beautiful shapes and exquisite Diaogong. Later on both sides of the silk burning stove, there are two Shaoxing Song 15 (Year 1145) Quanzhou South San Niang hand Liu Juan Jian Shui India's blocking of a square wave stone, engraved with the tower on Prince Edward Sa hammer to die a tiger's story is in the Hindu traces left behind by the Southern Song Dynasty.
In the central axis of the main building, that is, before the Main Hall. Hall of legend as a result of construction at a time when there are Cloud cover, so Ziyun, also known as the great hall. The top of the giant Basilica of this inscription reading "Lin Sang realm of the" four Weibei style tycoon to be open Sang Lian said. As early as the Tang Dynasty in the early days of Quanzhou has rich silk. This was the brain rich Huang Shou-Gong of Mulberry Park, and later donated to care Kuang Jian Si master. In regard to this, there is a Moving legend: One day, Huang Shou-Gong dreamed of a monk to him to raise Jiansi, he said, and so on Mulberry open to offer Bai Jie Yuan after the lotus. A few days later, mulberry garden are really out White Lotus, Huang Shou-Gong have been deeply touched by the power of Buddhism, this film was to donate out of Mulberry Park. In fact, Huang Shou-Gong for the charity of the person Lian Kai-Sang of people admire the Buddha is said, will be attached but it seems that the magic of the legend but for the people of Quanzhou relish, from generation to generation, which had also Kaiyuan Temple, "Lin Sang realm" known.
Main Hall was built in the Tang Dynasty Chuigong 2002 (686 AD), Tang has been carried out, the Southern Song, Yuan, Hit several times with the reconstruction of existing buildings is 10 years Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty (1637 AD) remains. 20-meter-high main hall, nine wide, deep into the six, covering an area of 1387.75 square meters, the hall arch far-reaching, powerful appearance, preservation of the Tang Dynasty mode Ju-hong, towering spectacular style. Middle of the hall dedicated to the Royal Secret Inspector Vairochana Buddha statues, the largest Japanese Translation Nyorai, is the highest Tantric Buddhism arrived in God. Five are on both sides of his trial, Wang Gui Xiu hall when plasticized 4 of the Big Buddha, followed by the world plot Oriental Hong Ah Chu Buddha, the world is happy in the South Po Sang Buddha, the Buddha of Western Paradise, the North Lotus World On the Buddha, the five parties collectively known as the Buddha, also known as the five-chi Nyorai. This is the Big Buddha 5 spangle, Yiwen clear, kindly allow God, the solemn law, as were his hands, handout, Jieyin, such as with meditation, sophisticated technology, it is not a sigh. Buddha's five threatened a paternity Monju, Fugen, Ananda, as well as Kassapa Guanyin, to power, Wei Tuo, Yu, Fan Wang, Di Shi heavens, and so on Buddha, God will protect the law a total of 10. In the middle of the hall after the memorial tablets of six Tibetan Buddhism Guanyin's first saint, as well as Shan Cai Yin, Dragon and the two wings of the different look of Ocean's 18. Kaiyuan Temple abbot comply with the ages were mixed: there were law, Lvzong, Pure Land Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, such as the Zen sect, and the great Have been able to maintain such a rare regulation, which both boast worthy, is also worth considering.
Main Hall has a "Hall of hundred columns," Blair said. Temple-wide plan to set up columns of the original 100, and later because of the need to place the Buddha and Buddhist pilgrimage to vacate the place, it extended the Liang Heng, a decrease of post and become 8 Columns of the "Hall of hundred columns." Chongzhen 10 years (1637 AD) right in politics, has Ancha Shi Ying and Zheng Zong Bing Long Ziyun repair Kaiyuan Temple hall, which will replace all the wooden pillars. A hundred columns of the Temple pillars in the form of colorful, Song, Yuan and Ming periods of artistic Begonia column, cylindrical, square columns. Lenz shuttle column Beaulieu column, and so on. Lang Yan bring up the rear in particular those between 16 diabase angular columns, carved with ancient India and Ceylon spread of large ancient Hindu god Krishna and the story of 24 flower pattern, caused by Chinese and foreign scholars of great interest. Dian Qian Xu Mizuo platform with the waist of the Office 72 diabase and the lion Sphinx Relief, with the Hall of time to repair damage from the Yuan Dynasty of China and India to teach the main temple to the shift. They are the Song and Yuan Dynasties period of prosperity and well-developed transport Quanzhou Overseas Chinese and foreign cultural and friendly exchange of historical evidence.

In the five pillars before the Buddha and Liang Heng joint meeting, there are two rows of 24 against the body plump, gorgeous decorative patterns, colorful F-day stretch of the wings, the Sanskrit "gamma-frequency" (that is, birds Miao Yin). According to Buddhist scriptures say: This bird delicate voice, elegant tone cents, even the song of God and do not bear that she Luo. They used to be the Buddha of the waiter, and the craftsmen who put their lower body embedded tenon column, under the threat of claw foot wing of the exposed, upper body to move out, heads held high, Semi-bare clothes, Luo Ying ring shank embryo, stretching his arms, a wrist bracelet tame, the four treasures of the stick in hand, fruit snacks, orchestral string and wind, if elegant cents. They not only give the United States and the enjoyment of the arts, but also to replace the brackets, relying on large Liang Heng, to reduce their excessive span, extremely cleverly religion, art and architecture from integration It is not that.
A hundred columns of the Temple back to the west, is said to have held a white lotus millennium old mulberry tree, that is, "Peng Sang heritage." Laotailongzhong like to see it, we all believe it has more than 1000 years old, it held its White Lotus did not hold a majority. However, in old trees, there is a piece of ancient legislation The monument, with certainty, it seems true. In 1925 a thunderstorm, lightning-old mulberry tree was split into three, one technical fall to the ground, the monks will be used to hold up a piece of granite and engrave a couplet "of the Lin-sheng Chuigong 2002, to support Not bad to its all-day ", the old mulberry tree was a miracle Survived, and Climb, youthful glow. A few years ago, will wind up the tree from the rock Chuila, such as at the end of it up again, it has a root. Today, the "three trees with the roots" of the old trees in full bloom like a flower, towards the north, east and south extension of the open, all year round, Green dies .
Hall mannosidase behind Jie Tan, built in the axis on the second level. It is said that the Tang Dynasty, often down here Mannan, a man named Zhao line of monks here then dug a well Mannan. Tianjin North to three years (Year 1019), Inoue Tan Jian, was Jietan Mannan said. 2002 Southern Song Jian Yan ( Million in 1108) that the monk Zhao Jie Tan Dun inconsistent with the norms, "by the Nanshan map" into a five-level, during which the level of width, there are stringent restrictions. After the Yuan, Ming and repair many times, the existing building is a five-year reign of Emperor Kangxi (1666 AD) the reconstruction of the four octagonal Zhong Yan-tip save the structure. Tan middle of the roof algae Ruyi using brackets, the overlap on the land, such as Spider-node network, like brocade paper, the structure of the complex and sophisticated. The scene around the shop and post brackets for inter-24 "Flying Yue Ji", who the Department of colorful ribbons, holding a lute, Er Xian, Dong Xiao, sounding board, Qinggemanwu, elegant Ruofei. With a hundred columns of the Temple-frequency gamma, both Architectural gems, is also a study of South and the sound of the South plays a very valuable image data.
Caisson under five minutes. Taiwan's altar dedicated to the Ming Dynasty at the top of the wooden seated Buddha Losana, they take a thousand lotus pedestal Yelena petals, each engraved with the lotus leaves on a 6 centimeter-sized statue of Buddha, is exquisite. Lu The floors around the Shili hook King Kong, King Kong II, King Kong Ling, King Kong-lock four Buddha, and Buddha, the Buddha, Han Shan, Lost, Avalokitesvara Weituo and 24 days, and so will the Buddha statues. Eight statue of King Kong in particular for the best. Angry knot of their hair, barefoot Tanxiong, appears to be very dignified. Central Block altar of the waist and Conservation Department also Sangui and Wu Jie care of a variety of God trump card 64. Jie Tan is the place where Buddhist monks, the solemn atmosphere of mystery, awe is make people incessantly, all are read out, one conversion. This nationwide Jietan is said to have been a very few.
Jie Tan, is "a hundred Po "The Cangjing Ge said. Fatang was here, is 22 years Yuan Yuan Dynasty (1285 AD), Liu Kam-monk recorded in the construction of justice. Yuan, Ming period has been rebuilt many times, to 14 years of the Republic of China ( Year in 1925) round-young monks into the two-story cement structure Fangmu pavilion. Downstairs is now the monks read Ceremony, the top collections of various versions of the book by more than 3700 volumes. Five at the time of Wang Kai-Min Wang Zhi-trial live to the throne, Jiang Min-dominated purely by chance opportunity, so he became a post-Min Wang, Jie Yuan and the Buddha, from great confidence in the legislature vows large, manned comply with the heart, so as to the psychological Balance. He was home-made hall cord millions of money, and other construction Collection of gold and 12,000 silver, the Institute for the fine soil, Kaiyuan Temple Master Yi-ying wrote two gold and silver "Tripitaka", is preserved on the second floor there are residual page. As well as Master of the Yuan Dynasty, such as barbed written in blood, "Lotus Sutra", as well as Tamil by the Bayeux. They are our precious Buddhist classics. In addition, also Cangjing Ge There are from the Tang Dynasty to the Republic of China's ancient heritage. All of them on behalf of jade, copper, ceramic, wood the size of the Buddha, Bodhisattva, Rohan, King, God, and so on will be 32. Tai Ming Dynasty calligrapher Zhang Rui map and a high priest of modern masters such as Master Hong Yi's writing couplets and wood collection is also here. On the first floor of the hall also has a collection of 12 to the Southern Song Dynasty Side of the bell, which is particularly valuable 17 years of Qing dynasty (1837 AD), "Lukang areas of public ownership" of the iron bell, cast on 10 minutes with the Quanzhou Trade Lukang 46 areas of business inscriptions, is Taiwan and the study of Quanzhou in the history of economic value.

In the both sides of the axis, and More complex: the East by Caramel Blue Yue Tan Temple into the temple to mark the donor Huang Shou-Gong. Mr Wong is an IV (Nam, Hoi An, Tongan, Anxi) family, descendants of ziyun and overseas are proud of it. There are commonly known as "small Kaiyuan Temple" to the quasi-Buddhist temple, dedicated to the roof of the original case to the quasi-Buddha; West Zunsheng hospital has now opened up a Master Hong Yi for the memorial, the temple land and water, habitat for the monks.

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