Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kanda de Prairie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Living in the hill above the peak, at an elevation of 2300-2540 m, the level area of 780 hectares, has an area of 11,000 hectares. When the grasslands around the steep cliffs and luxuriant forests. If looking down at the high-altitude grassland, the bus is like a giant top general hold up a piece of boundless generosity of the green carpet. ?? ?? containing the history books: "The number of acres of wide pools and muddy throughout the year, if the stone, in a moment of heavy rain, named Kanda." Heyuan less than God km, the river winding paths, 99 Bay and grassland Kanda 99 backpack to form a wonderful frame of reference. Land package between the size of the lawn 32, 10 Chi, the largest lawn, about 1000-2000 acres. The largest pool of about 3000 square meters. It is strange that there are around Rock Hill, with the exception of the grasslands is a land of deep, almost no stones, people walk on the grass like riding in the same soft sponge. A total of here ?? ?? 10 major scenic spots De Dragon's Back, Hua Chi, Ya Dong-yun, throwing fairy Hydrangea, Bainiaochaofeng, black pool, Yang Shan large number of God, small Kanda, Kanda, and other scenic spots around the steep cliffs, the vast virgin forest Zhetianbiri. Kanda give the impression that six Grassland not understand the fans to be insightful to study the feasibility.

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