Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baoji Museum of History - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baoji City Museum of History, in the Taoist view of gold in view of Taiwan. The main museum to display the original Zhou, Yong City, a march, Binh Duong, a thousand-yang ZHOU Qin, and other sites of historical relics unearthed, the calendar describes the jurisdiction of Baoji city and the region from the primitive society to slave society and the historical status of the changes, the library is Collection of early Western Zhou Dynasty bronze High grade.

  The first part of the Library for the exhibition primitive society, the local concentration of 20 found in a number of cultural sites of the original antiques. Among them back in 7000 before the North Ridge of the first site of the most eye-catching. The second part of the museum reflect the early Zhou Dynasty the history of the development, focused on the former site of the week The bronze. The third part of the Museum of Qin's early activities were made vivid presentation. Museum's collection are the times of Shek Kwu Qinwen Gong (copies) and another site of archaeological finds in the city. In addition, Feng Qin Yong part of the city's cultural relics unearthed relics are on display here. Baoji Museum where land is still one of the Baoji Eight " Liu Xia between "Ferris Department. Whenever the rising sun, or sunset, that big yellow glazed tile-covered roof of the sun's shining, glittering, dazzling Shen Yao.

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