Sunday, December 7, 2008

Five of the Jialing River area: the birthplace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"No small plot difficult to flow into rivers", a large number of Jian River, under the stone springs between stone and water together to form a thousand miles a source of the Jialing River. Changing the source of water features, the thin jet of water is the source of water features in the first feature: the stone water, music-like sound of water, attractive; Silver Chain bead, the second largest of its features: Meeting the more Yue streams, water Increased from afar, hanging on the hillside, as Silver Chain on countless small pools, sparkling in the sun; Feibao spectacle is the third largest of its features: the first from the source is far more greater the potential flow of the river along a major If the slide down as the cornerstone of convective clouds, and then drop attached to form a width ranging from falls.

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