Sunday, December 7, 2008

Leung Ping River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ningshan County Leung Ping River Forest Park, like a dreamy fairy tale world, the earth will be decorated into the wonderful beauty of the four seasons - spring vigor of spring; warm, unrestrained in the summer; Eclisse, sweet autumn; Holiness, the Jingying Winter. Four Seasons landscape is changing, less than beautiful to see. Leung Ping River belonging to the Ling branch, 2280 meters above sea level, 152 kilometers away from Xi'an, 36 km from Ningshan County, Forest Park with a total area of 130 square kilometers. As a result of the unique features of the landscape in the region, not only the vast wilderness of acres of pasture large hinterland of Qinling Mountains, the spectacular momentum of the crater, Fei Liu and gold coins were let go under the waterfall , Winding streets of the vast primeval forests, there are a variety of animal and plant resources. Giant panda, golden monkey, golden takin, deer musk deer, flying squirrels, golden pheasant habitat for rare animals such as forest, giant salamander Hynobius flows in streams. Here is more a result of the four seasons changing scenery, beautiful people and so reluctant to leave. Spring Where to send warm spring breeze, sprouted vegetation, for Tao Liu Yan, Feng Fei Splendor, as if an artist to the earth as paper, pens for the wind, painted a bright color all over the green into the wilderness, mountains, dazzling Fruit on the stained color, light green to sprinkle on lakes, rivers, Nongmo a color painting of the spring; Xia, Lin Green Wave, breezy summer if Bristol Hill, the rain Rain Man, Yanlanpiaomiao, sun showers, endless changes. Fenglin autumn to make dye, Wan Shan Hong Bian, numerous wild fruit, delicious Seyan; temporary winter snow man open, snow-wrapped, the tree is the ice, tree trunks into Yu-zhu, "River Deep hard snow, mountain Not to cold flow, "" Wild Bridge A few trees and white one after another. "All this is a masterpiece of nature air, the fine spirit of the Holy Spirit! 18 Joe Falls Park for another scenic spots. Sai Wan Road 173 kilometers, about 15 km from the county seat. Falls more than 30 meters high , 10 meters wide, the upper reaches of the river basin with an area of about 2 square kilometers. Waterfall from the On the cliff top of the fissures in Fei Liu, Ya Xia pouring pit to form a curtain, shed one of the silver blurred. Shen Lei, such as falls off, with echoes of the cliff pool, playing a remarkable movement of the magnificent, filled with water, such as tobacco Ruhuan, the color of their voice, intoxicated people. Waterfall into the side, the more thoroughly cool, 210 countries Throughout the whole territory of the park, from the Falls Road, about 1 km, narrow, Chui Man-sinense, elegant scenery, convenient transportation, every spring and summer to autumn, followed by visitors. Leung Ping River Park, the main peak-top, flat, open field of vision, look around Zuozuo low mountains, Cui Bo Songtao off-ming; blue sky and white clouds hovering eagle, Shao Dewy shining strong. This is a natural eco-tourism resort, for a variety of special travel or adventure, hunting, or rock climbing, skiing; or collecting specimens, or scientific investigation, honeymoon or vacation ... ... Chinese and foreign tourists all sigh and admiration for their Miaojing .

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