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Xiangxi hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangxi hole at Ankang City in the southern suburbs, according to the South hill, bounded by the Han River, was a legend, Lu will practice cents place. Area with a total area of more than 10 square kilometers, divided into Xiangxi hole, the door for three days, the Man Mo Shan, centipede Hill, neat's foot 5 Ridge area, scenic peaks again and again within range upon range of hills, lush vegetation, there are 12 kinds of precious trees in the country Level of plant protection; there are many built in the Tang Dynasty, rebuilt in the Ming and Qing Dynasties of ancient architecture, is a human into the natural-style garden in one area.

  Xiangxi scenic holes with a total area of more than 10 square kilometers, sub-Xiangxi, three doors, centipede Hill, neat's foot ridge of the five scenic spots, more than 50 scenic spots. Forest Cover rate of more than 85%. 12 kinds of rare and valuable trees, was referred to as "living fossils" for the protection of plants at the national level. In December 1989, Xiangxi scenic hole is listed as the first provincial-level scenic spots. Xiangxi scenic hole, surrounded by mountains, out with Ping, Rui luxuriant vegetation, Ting-Yu Lin, one beautiful Mei scenery! Brook, clean water, hanging cloth curtain hung. Cross-strait stream, rich green trees, Qingxinqishuang, Bicao flowers, grass flat. The rich have a long stream of "pilgrims Spurs" (commonly known as Qili Xiang), in full bloom every spring, with flowers to water, water broadcast floral fragrance far, an intoxicating, named "Xiangxi hole." Xiangxi hole through generations to repair, the macro scale. Pavilion, Yu-ting, Ladder, resplendent; caves, stone carving, stone carving, Yasugongshang. In particular the place where the sculpture Taoist figures, patterns of life, life. With a long history of cultural and natural landscape Xiangyingchengqu. The area within 3 , Tung Chun-yang, Alchemy furnace, Dragon Valley, the plane goes, bridge, Yuhuang Ge, Wang Jiangting, a legendary one, a one-story. Eight Xiangxi, Xiangxi eight holes, the more poetic, so beautiful.

  In the past, Xiangxi hole with its beautiful scenic charm talented, classical architecture The legend of magic, attracting numerous visitors, leaving many precious cultural relics sites. There are existing Xing'an Prefecture in the Song Dynasty, wrote the Greek-sun's "Tour of Xiangxi," the Ming Dynasty poet Pu-hui Seven of the quatrains and the end of the Qing dynasty, the last county magistrate Lin Yang Guang the author of the monument. After the liberation, in the leadership of the province and a number of foreign visitors to watch the Xiangxi. In recent years, security Urban construction department and a rehabilitation Yu Huangge, Ladder, cloud bridge, pavilions, kiosks-yu, caves, the statue; and tree flowers, and even an entirely new look. This is called "the clouds pavilion built over the bamboo Cong Shan, flowers, guests laugh, stream-ching Four Seasons" in Wonderland.

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