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Zhou Gongmiao (Shaanxi) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaanxi Province key cultural units at the provincial level scenic spots --- Zhougong Miao, is located in Qishan County of Shaanxi Province in the northwest 6.5 km south of the Phoenix Mountain, an area of about 620,000 square meters. Yishanbangshui here, towering old trees, beautiful scenery and the East, West, North Hill on three sides, only the south and the ground phase, like a loop. The Book of Songs "here described as" those Arab-volume, self-Piaofeng South. " As a result, later known here as "the Arab-Israeli Scrolls."

  Takenori the first year of Tang (618), Western Zhou Dynasty to commemorate the well-known politicians, who are out to help Wang Li-cheng and Wang assisted insurgency and bringing peace to the Duke of Zhou Ji Dan, Zhougong Ci built here. After Xiurong generation, expansion of the form to the public Wednesday (Duke of Zhou, the public response, Tai Gong) as the main hall, Jiang Plateau, supplemented by Hou Ji Temple, decorated pavilions to showcase the ancient buildings. Fat is Qishan Room of the week, more than 3,000 years ago, "Fengming Qishan," the story took place in the Arab-Israeli Scrolls in the mountains north of Phoenix. "Bamboo Ji "Contains: 33 years as Wang, Wang Zhou led a volume in the Arab-Israeli civil and military travel. Can be seen as early as the early Western Zhou Dynasty royal family here is the playground of the aristocracy.

Early Tang Takenori years, Li Yuan dynasty in order to cherish the memory of the Duke of Zhou Yin Tak diligent, Xia Zhao in the Arab-Israeli Scrolls for the Duke of Zhou Jian Li Miao temple, said Zhou Gongci before. Tang, gradually Its governance, and Jiang Taigong, the public response, Jiang salamander, the first week of Hou Ji, and other historical figures of the main hall decorated During this period, and the Des Pavilion, Taiwan, the floor, Tower Building, and so on a number. The northeast corner of the temple area has a natural spring, the spring water a few years, Chung, a few years dry up, water will come when the Thai-year-old Feng, Tian Han is not to close, the local people call it Lingquan. Tang Xuan Xia Zhao has been to the Ci Ming-chuen, "Run-de-chuen." Basaltic area inside the cave temple of the Tang Dynasty are the carved white marble carving basaltic Xiang Yizun, as his crown put on fat-free, barefoot uniform, sword in the hands of hand, foot Guiyi, jade carving process with its unique artistic value, and the local touch-sheng as can be Size-fits-all, the people here are really a joy to Mota. Zhou Gongmiao scenic spots large-scale, existing buildings more than 30 seats, Bo Han Tang Huai more trees and vegetation Feng Mao, Blot out the Sun shade, Baoji is the largest, most complete preservation of ancient buildings in China. From ancient times, people have been here to visit the places in the history of Han Yu, Su Shi, such as Kang Hae - Seekers can explore more than once to visit this sentiment, leaving more than 140 poems in the first visit and more than 30-steles.

In recent years, Zhou Gongmiao scenic spots of the hardware infrastructure has been a fundamental improvement. Since 1999, in particular, has invested more than 600 million yuan to complete the landscape of Zhou Gongmiao District arches, Zhou Gongmiao Mountain Gate, Bei Lang Tang Beiting, the door Sheng Yang, Om North Mountain Gate, the temple road sclerosis, both inside and outside the temple to beautify landscape, the size of the square in front of the temple, tourism service center, Kuixing Lou maintenance, painting, plate, and so on The task of building the project, the restoration of dry up the springs dried up many years of Run-de King. Based services Further improved. The construction of a high standard of three dry latrines, repair of the new closed-end La Jichi 3, to replace the production of the area to introduce bilingual signs explain the attraction card, said card lead over 40 pieces of a newly purchased area of public information graphic symbols 30 000. In addition, the county also built to the county seat of the second special tourist area Highway opened to the county seat from the area of public transportation bus line.

Inside and outside the temple landscape has been further strengthened. Has in at Fenghuangshan oriental arborvitae planted 2 million trees in the square in front of the temple and the temple of the Arab-Israeli lawn planting more than 3600 square meters, more than 2,000 strains of valuable trees, cedar trees and others-300 Trees. Constantly improve the level of quality service. To further increase the area of internal management, and strive to create unique scenic spots and brand image, quality services to vigorously contest, the full implementation of the standardization and institutionalization of service standards for the reception, to further improve service levels.

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