Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yandi Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baoji is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation. According to historical records books, archaeological excavation support, some dating back more than 5000 years ago, on the Yan Emperor tribal survive here, known as "Yan Emperor town."

  Yandi Ling is located in Baoji City, 7 km in the southern suburbs of the Department often sheep Peak.

  Yan The ancestor of the Chinese nation is one in the history of mankind's development has an indelible contributions. Contains the history books: Dili office set Baier Shi, Chuan-VIII 500 years. Ancestor of the Yan Emperor, who, code-named Shen Nong, any mother Si Chang Yu Yang (Hill) induced Timor, Jiang longer than water, because that's. Yan agriculture-based production Lei Si, Gengjia people; for the creation of Japan-China city of primitive open trade; Bianchang hundred herbs, medicine and serve our community, the original invention of medicine ...... and a great contribution to this life. As a result, China was non-respect for the god of agriculture, the sun god, the god of medicine, and was enshrined in the Yellow Emperor as the common ancestor of the Chinese humanities. Fang Huang Di's set: Born in Shen Nong Meng Yu, bathed in nine Longquan, longer than the ginger water, the roof of the old cerro. And the ginger water in the basin. As early as the Tang Dynasty in the past, and there is a large-scale temple Shen Nong, the Yan Emperor Temple, Shen Nong this pit, nine Longquan, Shen Nong bone sites such as Taiwan still can be seen. To ancient , During the ancient calendar on July 7 memorial day Yan Emperor, who come here to hold a memorial ceremony. Tiantai Mountain also for its beautiful scenery and rich source of the human landscape, in February 2094 by the State Council for the national key scenic spots.

Often located in the Yangshan Yandi Ling on the majestic, God , Solemn, quaint, quiet, the Chinese people become Yelingbaizu the Holy Land.

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