Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ssangyong groups cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ankang City, located in the southwest town of Ssangyong in the territory, the highest honor in the cave, the cave and Rohan Guanyin cave, and other components. ?? ?? the highest honor in the urban areas well away from the cave about 40 kilometers, is located in the town of Ssangyong Ssangyong nine halfway up the mountain village, with a total area of about 700 square meters and can accommodate more than 100 people crowded a significant but not Tourism. Tung is the highest honor in Ankang Found in a limestone cave of wonders, as a result of a foot inside the cave Hydrangea push the stone lions named after the "lion hole." ?? ?? engine lights overlooking the cave, rocks inside the cave, rocks, thousands, very strange, countless rows of white icicle sparkling like stalactites, stalagmites have many of the cone to the stand And become pillars of various shapes. That is particularly Biaohan physical enough to push Hydrangea, eyeing the majestic lions, well that life, the amazing nature of the uncanny workmanship. There are a dragon pillars, about 20 meters high, surrounded by four in order to Wei Yao and the other three pillars distant relative, it is Magnificent. Sword handle more than 10 close together, Spinibarbus the air, flashing a sharp knife; 10 small Rong-chu, forming the confrontation, Junxiu tall and straight, as well as the brightest spot in the Ocean View days, lotus throne, Bao fishing boat, the Maitreya Buddha statue and other fine shape, Stone-realistic, one has also become a unique spectacle, it is Then too busy, relaxed and happy. ?? ?? There are two lion-hole, was at Qidong, winding streets, people want to explore the mysterious. Lion-and provincial-level scenic spots even for first-line Ying Hu, is the well-being of the city's distinctive tourist attractions.

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