Sunday, December 7, 2008

Taiping Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple is located in Qishan County, Taiping town at the western end of the original peace in the former site of the Temple, Yuanyou three years in the Song Dynasty (1088) to build for the nine-storey octagonal pavilion Fangmu structure, 28 meters high pass. The south tower, tower 1-7 canopy tower on each floor are five shops to jump two brackets, an eight-storey tower canopies are single-hop brackets, the nine-storey brick tower canopy is a canopy Corbel The tower two, three, four, five, six, seven floors each side are hidden by a brick column, there is stigma Fang-ping, each side is divided into three bays. In the second, four-story east of the west door voucher Bi You are in the middle, on both sides of the openings between the brick lined square to leave the window; to the north is false doors and windows off. Three, five or six east, Is in the middle of the face-off for vertical doors on both sides of the cross for each of the false window frame; in the third, fifth floor of the south, north of Pi You are in the middle of a coupon the openings. Taiping Temple eaves on the second floor of the tower-block fence decorated with lianpan three, three, four, five-story flat is not any decorative railings.

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