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Jiuxian Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuxian Shan scenic spot is located in the north-west of the Chishui Dehua, the upwelling, the three-ming at the junction. Fog-year average, the average wind speed and relative humidity are listed second in the country. There are strange stones in the mountains, and so on holes 12 scenic spots and scenic areas with rock Lingjiu, Wing Yan, rock, such as Lotus Temple 7.

  Wulian for Jiuxian Shan Shan King spots, and every other human Wulian Hill Xiangzhi, are renowned for their "odd, such as Huangshan, such as Mount Tai Xiu, such as insurance Mountain", is well known. Jiuxian Shan Qifengyidan cave with as many as Quanbao, Wulian Shuangjue Hill said. Its towering peaks, green vegetation, ancient culture, in order to form a sightseeing tour for the main types of products From the winding mountain Xiuse ring to clear the snow hanging Fei Bao-Quan, a mysterious pulse from the rhyme to the natural landscape rich in ancient history and culture, are subject to many tourists love to become good tour of the Department. Jiuxian Shan can be summed up in the United States and the odd show, dangerous, weird, quiet, open, Austrian seven characteristics, the biggest feature is "in , And in Tam, and waterfall in "rare in North China, it is wow. Also known as" a Jiangbei must "Manshanbianye of azaleas, spring and summer, the opening race, it is intoxicated. Autumn's frost season, Man Hill leaves with Shi Guang Shan and embraced the magnificent.

  Home Wolong cents, strange and vivid. Many in the history of Poet who, in this regular session, the paper poetry, praise Jiuxian Shan Sheng Jing. Su Shi of the Song Dynasty writer had "nine cents Jingdong exercises had been pressure" from a poem. Sun Bin Victory of the Warring States Maling, Qi resigned from the military adviser, traces the mountains, and finally the election here, to build huts, to give lectures to be together and wrote a monumental work of the military's age-old immortal, "Sun Bin soldiers . " Ming Dynasty is the spring Libushilang Weng Chan as "really the most Chiluba is also the Holy Land."

  In 1988, including in Wulian Jiuxian Shan Shan, was listed as the provincial government at the provincial level scenic spots, and its popularity rise dramatically. Pine and cypress in 1995 the township government official to be included in development plans. Sun Bin repair the school house Site, and Sun Bin as the remodeling, Sun Bin College opened up a resort. In addition, Qualcomm has been thoroughly revised Jiuxian Shan County main road leading to the winding road open to traffic by-laws to build medium-sized parking lot, also has a small hotel room and board and the Folk Village and other facilities, set up in various shopping outlets, travel services system has basically taken shape .

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