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Chongfu Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chongfu Temple is located in Licheng District Chongfu Road, the ancient name Song Bay, one of the jungle for three Quanzhou, Fujian Province heritage unit. Chongfu Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou is the Shaolin martial arts teaching of waste after another temple. Main Hall renovation work to maintain the style of the Ming Dynasty regulations, a large temple bell, cast in the early Ming, clear voice, "Wan Zhong Chongfu" Eight of the state.

  Founded in the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, the Song Qingyuan Chen Chin-jun Jiedushi their daughters to do to build the nuns, who in the early qianfoensis Um, later renamed Chong Sheng Temple, the Temple Hongzhong. Song Yuanyou 2006 (1091), called Chongfu Temple. Yuan is not destroyed by fire, the restoration of the Ming dynasty. Qing Emperor Kangxi period (16 2 ~ 1722), Zhi Fu Jiang Yuying, Li Lan, such as rehabilitation of admirals Chongfu Temple. Qianlong and Jiaqing years Chongfu Temple and local officials, monks and Azeri rebuilt many times. Houdian and the existing hall, a renovated late Qing Dynasty. Reconstruction from 1996 to 2001.

  Chongfu Temple area of about 15 acres, at Temple In halls of the unique style of regulation. Before the Hall of Maitreya, Maitreya temple, next to the Four Heavenly Kings, about Liang Zhang, the grand-Kui Wu; Qiandian Shanqing to the left side of the floor, to the right side of the Fulu Court. Is the middle of Main Hall. Houdian dedicated to Avalokitesvara, the exquisite sculptures. Drum Tower and 10 minutes or so to build symmetry. Hong Chang majestic temple, Yanjiaogaoqiao Large brackets, painting houses carved beams, massive grand, ancient wooden structures in the building, said the fine could be rare. Hengbian hall, "Pu Jie Xiang possession of" Master Hong Yi is calligraphy.

  Early Song of the existing stone pagoda (G should tower), the bronze bell in the early Ming (Tai Hong-zhong) and maintain the Main Hall of the Song Dynasty style.

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