Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wu Zhang Liang of the original temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liang temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, the temple sit north of the Southern Dynasties, Song Zhi in the first of the original, magnificent, resplendent into the Mountain Gate, is a tall order Xiandian, in the main hall, the Eight Diagrams Pavilion, the roof ridge animal, are thousands, walls painted, brilliant colors. Xiandian on both sides of the walls, a mosaic of Yue Fei hand-written before and after the "Inst" Stone Tablets 40 Erchi by the square of the run-on from Qingshi, a text-to-speech forms the heart, writing outstanding; vigorous and imaginative writing, fluent earned; Juan technical skills, become artworks, known as "Sanjue" monument. Yuen is a backyard in Berlin, lawn flower bed, like spring all year round, fresh clean, Liang Yi Guanzhong Youju Berlin, the delicate beauty Star Pavilion stands in the backyard of the Central, Central Beilang get back yard, Wen-Chen Gallery generals on both sides of the separation, its winding streets, elegant environment.

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