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Kaiyuan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kaiyuan Temple is located in West Licheng District, covers an area of 78,000 square meters, was built in 2002 Chuigong Wu Tang (686 AD), has been a long history of 1,300 years, is a key focus of the Buddhist temple and cultural unit . Kaiyuan Temple's Main Hall has 86 large pillars, called the Hall of hundred columns, with Dian Jian Zi Yun floating around from time to time to cover, it is also called Ziyun hall.

  Kaiyuan Temple, the most famous is the Twin Towers, East as a "country town of Tower," West "Renshou tower", which more than 40 meters high, China's top pair of stone. Tap the door of each niche on both sides of the gladiators, King, King Kong, such as Ocean's like a relief. Two - After the storm hit, Yiran stand still, it is the ancient city of Quanzhou, a unique symbol and a symbol of China's ancient stone architectural gems, of which the East Tower in 1994 is listed as "ancient China" stamp one of the four patterns.

Kaiyuan Temple at the beginning of the "Lotus Temple", after the words "Hing Education and Temple," "Longxing Temple . Tang Kaiyuan 26 years (in 739 AD) emperor ordered the state to build a national Kaiyuan Temple, who has now changed. Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou fall on the table is unexciting Licheng District of West Street, Firestone and cut off the only backing it in front of the symbolic barrier blocking a Ziyun screen, which virtually shortened the distance between the earth and Buddhism. Lack of Grand Sichuan's foil, men and women are more close, the Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou, which is unique. Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou is the key cultural unit, also in Fujian Province "Top Ten" spots, Kaiyuan Temple, how can this well-known both at home and abroad? Kaiyuan Temple, also known as King of the Mountain Gate of the Temple. It was built in three-Chuigong Wu Tang 687 AD), has several times before and after the fire burned with the reconstruction of the existing building is 14 years of the Republic of China (1925 AD) built. Up and down a little thin side pillars, the central thick, was shuttle-shaped, the scientific name column shuttle, according to research for the pillars of the Tang Dynasty style, age has a very long time. Columns is also hanging on a Couplet system, "said the local Buddhist country, the streets are all saints." This is the Southern Song Dynasty scientist Dali Suozhuan Zhu Xi, a high priest in modern times written by Master Hong Yi. It is the Quanzhou has a strong religious culture and style of a true portrayal of the ancient city. Hours sitting in the Hall of Heavenly Kings on both sides of the Tantric Buddhism is based on regulation by the configuration of the track closely with the King Kong Fan Wang Browbeat their chest, like a very dignified, and in general the temple sculptures of King Kong are very different from the four, it was ridiculed for saying they "will be the second Hengha." Mountain Gate on the cross to the al-ting. Here, we can see things from where they stand and the tower things bright and spacious two corridors arranged symmetrically on both sides in, and where we are Kaiyuan Temple in the home on the central axis. Buddhism in China have been more than a thousand years of history and Chinese flowering ground, together with the Chinese culture. Kaiyuan Temple on the layout of the highlights of China's ancient architecture of the south and respect for the characteristics of the main axis.

  Ting Qian worship this great rock garden, a "Where grass Health The Court of worship, ancient and modern for the Government and the people to worship and activities. During the Lunar New Year on the 26th, the sea of people here, the Vatican repeated claims made by the chant with one of South quan Buddhist images. Rock garden on both sides of the breakdown of the 2-800 8-year-old banyan, Blot out the Sun Yi Yin, the deep-rooted, adding Kaiyuan Temple quiet, solemn atmosphere. Tree lined with 1 Block, Tang, Song and Ming period, different forms of ancient Jing Zhuang, a small stupa, and two bi xi. Chambers also purchase a stand 3 meters high silk burning stone oven, covered button squat Ni eagle, eagle-week pennant furnace body. Long, cloud, lianpan, Mancao decoration and so on, beautiful shapes and exquisite Diaogong. Later on both sides of the silk burning stove, there are two Shaoxing Song 15 (Year 1145) Quanzhou South San Niang hand Liu Juan Jian Shui India's blocking of a square wave stone, engraved with the tower on Prince Edward Sa hammer to die a tiger's story is in the Hindu traces left behind by the Southern Song Dynasty.
In the central axis of the main building, that is, before the Main Hall. Hall of legend as a result of construction at a time when there are Cloud cover, so Ziyun, also known as the great hall. The top of the giant Basilica of this inscription reading "Lin Sang realm of the" four Weibei style tycoon to be open Sang Lian said. As early as the Tang Dynasty in the early days of Quanzhou has rich silk. This was the brain rich Huang Shou-Gong of Mulberry Park, and later donated to care Kuang Jian Si master. In regard to this, there is a Moving legend: One day, Huang Shou-Gong dreamed of a monk to him to raise Jiansi, he said, and so on Mulberry open to offer Bai Jie Yuan after the lotus. A few days later, mulberry garden are really out White Lotus, Huang Shou-Gong have been deeply touched by the power of Buddhism, this film was to donate out of Mulberry Park. In fact, Huang Shou-Gong for the charity of the person Lian Kai-Sang of people admire the Buddha is said, will be attached but it seems that the magic of the legend but for the people of Quanzhou relish, from generation to generation, which had also Kaiyuan Temple, "Lin Sang realm" known.
Main Hall was built in the Tang Dynasty Chuigong 2002 (686 AD), Tang has been carried out, the Southern Song, Yuan, Hit several times with the reconstruction of existing buildings is 10 years Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty (1637 AD) remains. 20-meter-high main hall, nine wide, deep into the six, covering an area of 1387.75 square meters, the hall arch far-reaching, powerful appearance, preservation of the Tang Dynasty mode Ju-hong, towering spectacular style. Middle of the hall dedicated to the Royal Secret Inspector Vairochana Buddha statues, the largest Japanese Translation Nyorai, is the highest Tantric Buddhism arrived in God. Five are on both sides of his trial, Wang Gui Xiu hall when plasticized 4 of the Big Buddha, followed by the world plot Oriental Hong Ah Chu Buddha, the world is happy in the South Po Sang Buddha, the Buddha of Western Paradise, the North Lotus World On the Buddha, the five parties collectively known as the Buddha, also known as the five-chi Nyorai. This is the Big Buddha 5 spangle, Yiwen clear, kindly allow God, the solemn law, as were his hands, handout, Jieyin, such as with meditation, sophisticated technology, it is not a sigh. Buddha's five threatened a paternity Monju, Fugen, Ananda, as well as Kassapa Guanyin, to power, Wei Tuo, Yu, Fan Wang, Di Shi heavens, and so on Buddha, God will protect the law a total of 10. In the middle of the hall after the memorial tablets of six Tibetan Buddhism Guanyin's first saint, as well as Shan Cai Yin, Dragon and the two wings of the different look of Ocean's 18. Kaiyuan Temple abbot comply with the ages were mixed: there were law, Lvzong, Pure Land Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, such as the Zen sect, and the great Have been able to maintain such a rare regulation, which both boast worthy, is also worth considering.
Main Hall has a "Hall of hundred columns," Blair said. Temple-wide plan to set up columns of the original 100, and later because of the need to place the Buddha and Buddhist pilgrimage to vacate the place, it extended the Liang Heng, a decrease of post and become 8 Columns of the "Hall of hundred columns." Chongzhen 10 years (1637 AD) right in politics, has Ancha Shi Ying and Zheng Zong Bing Long Ziyun repair Kaiyuan Temple hall, which will replace all the wooden pillars. A hundred columns of the Temple pillars in the form of colorful, Song, Yuan and Ming periods of artistic Begonia column, cylindrical, square columns. Lenz shuttle column Beaulieu column, and so on. Lang Yan bring up the rear in particular those between 16 diabase angular columns, carved with ancient India and Ceylon spread of large ancient Hindu god Krishna and the story of 24 flower pattern, caused by Chinese and foreign scholars of great interest. Dian Qian Xu Mizuo platform with the waist of the Office 72 diabase and the lion Sphinx Relief, with the Hall of time to repair damage from the Yuan Dynasty of China and India to teach the main temple to the shift. They are the Song and Yuan Dynasties period of prosperity and well-developed transport Quanzhou Overseas Chinese and foreign cultural and friendly exchange of historical evidence.

In the five pillars before the Buddha and Liang Heng joint meeting, there are two rows of 24 against the body plump, gorgeous decorative patterns, colorful F-day stretch of the wings, the Sanskrit "gamma-frequency" (that is, birds Miao Yin). According to Buddhist scriptures say: This bird delicate voice, elegant tone cents, even the song of God and do not bear that she Luo. They used to be the Buddha of the waiter, and the craftsmen who put their lower body embedded tenon column, under the threat of claw foot wing of the exposed, upper body to move out, heads held high, Semi-bare clothes, Luo Ying ring shank embryo, stretching his arms, a wrist bracelet tame, the four treasures of the stick in hand, fruit snacks, orchestral string and wind, if elegant cents. They not only give the United States and the enjoyment of the arts, but also to replace the brackets, relying on large Liang Heng, to reduce their excessive span, extremely cleverly religion, art and architecture from integration It is not that.
A hundred columns of the Temple back to the west, is said to have held a white lotus millennium old mulberry tree, that is, "Peng Sang heritage." Laotailongzhong like to see it, we all believe it has more than 1000 years old, it held its White Lotus did not hold a majority. However, in old trees, there is a piece of ancient legislation The monument, with certainty, it seems true. In 1925 a thunderstorm, lightning-old mulberry tree was split into three, one technical fall to the ground, the monks will be used to hold up a piece of granite and engrave a couplet "of the Lin-sheng Chuigong 2002, to support Not bad to its all-day ", the old mulberry tree was a miracle Survived, and Climb, youthful glow. A few years ago, will wind up the tree from the rock Chuila, such as at the end of it up again, it has a root. Today, the "three trees with the roots" of the old trees in full bloom like a flower, towards the north, east and south extension of the open, all year round, Green dies .
Hall mannosidase behind Jie Tan, built in the axis on the second level. It is said that the Tang Dynasty, often down here Mannan, a man named Zhao line of monks here then dug a well Mannan. Tianjin North to three years (Year 1019), Inoue Tan Jian, was Jietan Mannan said. 2002 Southern Song Jian Yan ( Million in 1108) that the monk Zhao Jie Tan Dun inconsistent with the norms, "by the Nanshan map" into a five-level, during which the level of width, there are stringent restrictions. After the Yuan, Ming and repair many times, the existing building is a five-year reign of Emperor Kangxi (1666 AD) the reconstruction of the four octagonal Zhong Yan-tip save the structure. Tan middle of the roof algae Ruyi using brackets, the overlap on the land, such as Spider-node network, like brocade paper, the structure of the complex and sophisticated. The scene around the shop and post brackets for inter-24 "Flying Yue Ji", who the Department of colorful ribbons, holding a lute, Er Xian, Dong Xiao, sounding board, Qinggemanwu, elegant Ruofei. With a hundred columns of the Temple-frequency gamma, both Architectural gems, is also a study of South and the sound of the South plays a very valuable image data.
Caisson under five minutes. Taiwan's altar dedicated to the Ming Dynasty at the top of the wooden seated Buddha Losana, they take a thousand lotus pedestal Yelena petals, each engraved with the lotus leaves on a 6 centimeter-sized statue of Buddha, is exquisite. Lu The floors around the Shili hook King Kong, King Kong II, King Kong Ling, King Kong-lock four Buddha, and Buddha, the Buddha, Han Shan, Lost, Avalokitesvara Weituo and 24 days, and so will the Buddha statues. Eight statue of King Kong in particular for the best. Angry knot of their hair, barefoot Tanxiong, appears to be very dignified. Central Block altar of the waist and Conservation Department also Sangui and Wu Jie care of a variety of God trump card 64. Jie Tan is the place where Buddhist monks, the solemn atmosphere of mystery, awe is make people incessantly, all are read out, one conversion. This nationwide Jietan is said to have been a very few.
Jie Tan, is "a hundred Po "The Cangjing Ge said. Fatang was here, is 22 years Yuan Yuan Dynasty (1285 AD), Liu Kam-monk recorded in the construction of justice. Yuan, Ming period has been rebuilt many times, to 14 years of the Republic of China ( Year in 1925) round-young monks into the two-story cement structure Fangmu pavilion. Downstairs is now the monks read Ceremony, the top collections of various versions of the book by more than 3700 volumes. Five at the time of Wang Kai-Min Wang Zhi-trial live to the throne, Jiang Min-dominated purely by chance opportunity, so he became a post-Min Wang, Jie Yuan and the Buddha, from great confidence in the legislature vows large, manned comply with the heart, so as to the psychological Balance. He was home-made hall cord millions of money, and other construction Collection of gold and 12,000 silver, the Institute for the fine soil, Kaiyuan Temple Master Yi-ying wrote two gold and silver "Tripitaka", is preserved on the second floor there are residual page. As well as Master of the Yuan Dynasty, such as barbed written in blood, "Lotus Sutra", as well as Tamil by the Bayeux. They are our precious Buddhist classics. In addition, also Cangjing Ge There are from the Tang Dynasty to the Republic of China's ancient heritage. All of them on behalf of jade, copper, ceramic, wood the size of the Buddha, Bodhisattva, Rohan, King, God, and so on will be 32. Tai Ming Dynasty calligrapher Zhang Rui map and a high priest of modern masters such as Master Hong Yi's writing couplets and wood collection is also here. On the first floor of the hall also has a collection of 12 to the Southern Song Dynasty Side of the bell, which is particularly valuable 17 years of Qing dynasty (1837 AD), "Lukang areas of public ownership" of the iron bell, cast on 10 minutes with the Quanzhou Trade Lukang 46 areas of business inscriptions, is Taiwan and the study of Quanzhou in the history of economic value.

In the both sides of the axis, and More complex: the East by Caramel Blue Yue Tan Temple into the temple to mark the donor Huang Shou-Gong. Mr Wong is an IV (Nam, Hoi An, Tongan, Anxi) family, descendants of ziyun and overseas are proud of it. There are commonly known as "small Kaiyuan Temple" to the quasi-Buddhist temple, dedicated to the roof of the original case to the quasi-Buddha; West Zunsheng hospital has now opened up a Master Hong Yi for the memorial, the temple land and water, habitat for the monks.

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