Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baoji People's Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

People's Park is located in Baoji City, cultural and educational center, according to the North rolling Wei-shui, the south and the Museum of the Bronze Sports Center, the Weihe River Bridge in the east, and the bustling downtown across the river, an area of 519 mu, of which more than 140 surface acres, is A comprehensive multi-purpose entertainment break, more than 500,000 Chao????? Times. Park has beautiful scenery and full of water Huguang Yan, surrounded by shade, Jade, is the perfect place for recreation.
  Founded in 1974, in October 1, 1979 the official opening to the outside world, have been completed and cultural and entertainment district, open viewing area, animal exhibition area, water sports and the district administration five To the district. A total of the whole garden planting various types of ornamental flower, shrub, tree more than 40,000 trees, evergreen Four Seasons, there are three quarters of flowers, a beautiful, into which visitors to see Lake Adventure in waves, forest birds listen to contend, relaxing, away.

  After 20 years of reform and opening up the construction and development, in accordance with the master plan has been Has become a busy district animal exhibition, elegant view of the open areas, rich and colorful cultural and entertainment district, the crystal clear water sports area and administration area, and other functions of the five areas. Huguang in the park landscape, an integral whole Tingtailouxie, Xiangyingchengqu, there are three quarters of flowers, there are four seasons King, ran, is flourishing and leisure entertainment The best spots.

  In recent years, in order to adhere to sustainable development and meet the challenges of the tourism industry in the new century, they speed up the construction pace of development, more than two years to invest 400 million yuan for infrastructure construction in the park and has worked for the construction of the Big Island, etc. "Let the Moon" and "Wai Fung Ting "Pavilion of the new millennium", "Century Gallery," "Yi De door" scenic spots, travel up the mountain trail laying 350 meters, rockery spots so that the Big Island to attract visitors to become a new bright spot, the renovated terminal, the construction of a modern air was filled with long rest Gallery, and built a new and unique form of two, a full range of facilities, environmental protection, garden-style water closets, laying The road with more than 3000 meters, laying brick around the lawn of the more than 1300 square meters, making the all-stainless steel signs, warning signs, guide maps, park notes, publicity column 12; to attract more than 200 million investment to increase access to the concept car, naughty fort, Crazy bus, to travel through time, space, luxury cabin, disco turntable, Celestial sphere, such as large-scale recreational facilities, formed a "land, sea and air," the full flowering of the situation; on the management of the area renovation, conversion of office buildings, planting grass 1200 square meters, equipped with a sprinkler irrigation facilities, making it a showcase of professional garden green The level of "fine demonstration garden"; for the zoo to invest more than 40 million The introduction of African lions, tigers, Jin Qianbao, Takin, an ostrich, emu, and other rare animals, the expansion of the animal cages, have greatly enriched the content of the exhibition, has been acclaimed. At the same time, adhere to the garden plants, has completed a rockery Oshima, the Eastern Great Lakes, the management of afforestation and beautification of the area, etc. tasks, planting trees 4 More than 00 trees, grass planting more than 8000 square meters, greatly increased the level of afforestation and beautification.

  Baoji People's Park has been awarded the provincial party committee and the provincial government in recognition of the "poor rating success," the best units at the provincial level health units-the-art, civilization and city-level unit, the municipal public security model unit, the municipal model of respect for the elderly Units such as the honorary title of party branches as advanced grass-roots organizations recognized by the municipal party committee, as Liannian Pi Bureau advanced units and branches.

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