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Bowang sloping site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bowang sloping site is located 30 km south-west side County, North negative Funiu Mountain, south of Hidden Hills, West River Hill for this extension of the Funiu Mountain Man Kong, Xian Yao terrain, ancient, "Han Xiang Pass" Tongqu, Su vital importance for the military. Hou has to, for the county to shop for the station for the town. Western Han Dynasty, diplomat, explorer Zhang Qian, twice as ambassador to the Western Regions, the remarkable exploits, was Emperor Yuanshuo in 2006 (123 years ago) called "Hou Bowang" In this connection, select the "broad look" was conveyed. "Bowang" in the name, derived. Legend has it that, here are the three wise when the fire fledgling Bowang slope ancient battlefield.

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Temple curtain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple tongbai curtain is located 6 km west of the town in the gorge. Hall behind a close meters Qiao Ya, Kazuhiro spring pouring down from the cliff top, like Gualian a crystal hanging in the air to the upper part of a natural Qiaoya hide in caves behind the scenes, known as the Shuilian Dong. Therefore, in the name of Temple.

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Peng Memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Peng Memorial Hall is located in the town of Bei Yu Ping county, adjacent to the highway, covers an area of 9200 square meters. Peng is in the face of the tall bronze statue, erected in the sparkling granite base, so that the ability and political integrity, Zhiyongshuangquan outstanding statesman and military strategist of the glorious image of the enormous admiration intelligent life to be Now. Matrix engraved on the "Peng" inscription, I selected the ink and write in God, free and easy Cang Road, do not have the charm. The two stone monuments on both sides of the statue, a monument to introduce Peng's life, a monument describing the construction of the memorial through. Offices are open hospital with flowers, grass flowers and trees decorated. Construction of the main exhibition hall, located in the post - The central, two-story, white, unique. With a total area of 2350 square meters, more than 600 pieces of related martyrs Peng army horse of a lifetime of precious photos, divided into eight parts focus on exhibitions, a reproduction of the martyrs of the glorious life.

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Zhang Heng's Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Heng's tomb is located in the city of Nanyang Wolong Stonebridge small area in the northwest Dan Qiaocun about 300 meters, the tomb 8 meters high and 62 m circumference, around the fence surrounding the octagonal.
  The erection of the tomb of the former president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guo inscription written by a pass. Yang Guo for the moment, Comrade biographical notes written by Zhang Heng, incised for the Nanyang Chinese county committee Brief Biography written by Zhang Heng. Erected on both sides of the Ming and Qing, "Han Zheng Zhang Pingzai Tomb of the Book of History," the monument side. 150 m from the tomb after-school level there are remains of Taiwan, the tomb of the East Village for the summer-level home. Zhang Heng cemetery has now turned into museums, the central axis are: two-Que, the door to the small bridge, Shi Xiang Sheng, Bai Dian, the statue of Zhang Heng, Metella, and so on; A side door, Langfang, celestial globe, Seismoscope model of a turret Siyu, like the overall construction of the Han Dynasty.

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Nanyang Travel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanyang City, Henan Province is located in the south-west, north Funiu Mountain, East Tongbaishan help, according to the West Qinling Mountains, south Han River. 1 dominates the city of 2 10 counties with a total area of 26,600 square kilometers, the population of 10,550,000. Nanyang is a historical and cultural city. As early as in "Nan Zhao man" on the proliferation of interest-bearing here. Warring States period, the National Of the iron center of the Western Han Dynasty when the country will be one of six "are all over the world, no matter they are rich crown" for the Eastern Han Dynasty Emperor Guangwu Patrick Lau Sau-rich land, so that "all South ... 'Dixiang." Nanyang has to cultivate and foster a well-known strategy, business saint, "Fan stupid," Division St. "Zhang Heng," medical saint, "Zhang, an outstanding statesman, Liang's family, and other things in the world of the historical figures. In 1948, Chairman Mao Zedong to celebrate the liberation of Nanyang, written under the "Central Plains Nanyang occupation army," a glorious chapter.
Today's Nanyang, is a modern new town. Nanyang City downtown area of built-up area of 40 square kilometers and a population of 43 . The urban environment beautiful, spacious and clean streets and high rise buildings. Beijing Road, Industrial Road, the people of the road, Xinhua Road on the main road, such as methyl vertical staggered, as the road network; Nanyang Hotel. Meixi Hotel, Wanbin Henan Museum, and other types of guests eight points of the compass for the star-level hotels to provide pleasant service; Nanyang shopping centers, commercial buildings Kim Han Feng, Yang buildings such as shopping malls in Asia, to show friends at home and abroad Nanyang Business developed a new chapter. China's best known as the Nanyang gas project, Nissan 400,000 cubic meters of methane to meet the 20,000 residents of gas users. The city's high aesthetic value and cultural relics in the value of a number of 40 a day Cited a large number of foreign visitors.
Nanyang is a "Shuicheng." Nanyang's Mother River - the Trans-Shirakawa Nanyang city, with the May River, Sanlihe, Wen Liang River constitute the city water system, the formation of a "city within a river, the river has a clear head," a unique urban landscape. Nanyang especially the "Bund" was River resort has been built and has three large oak paste Nanyang is a "Green City." Nanyang City, the National Greening Committee has been named as the "Top 10 cities nationwide afforestation," the State Ministry of Construction has been named the "National-the-art urban landscape," the city green coverage rate reached 37.06 percent, 31.2 percent rate of green space In the urban area has formed a park for the park, on the Road to Green Line, green for garden residential area of the park system. The whole city, "the city has forest, the forest floor," Yingying perennial grass, flowers and trees Conglong.
  In 1986 the State Council for the historical and cultural city of Nanyang, Nanyang four, before Wushiwannian Nan Zhao man "and the new stone age site period. Xia and Shang, the ancient monuments all over the world, especially the most famous cultural relics of the Han Dynasty, the distinguished scientist Zhang Heng of the Han Dynasty and medical Zhang was born in St. Nanyang, the legend of the civil Ershibasu, that is, Han Liu Xiu Emperor Guangwu of the 28 major generals will also born in Nanyang. III Period outstanding statesman, military strategist Zhuge Liang Gonggeng here.
  Nanyang relics in the temple waiting arms, medical shrine, site of Wan Cheng, Shan Shan Hall, Fu Sheng Temple, Confucian Temple hall, the only Chinese to preserve the most complete ancient Xian Ya - Ya Neixiang Xian Museum, Nanyang Han Stone Carvings Museum collection of 20 portraits of stone 0 block over, is to study the Han Dynasty painting, sculpture art and economic and social life of the treasure-house. Bodhi Temple in the town level, Nan Zhao Danxia Temple, the Temple Xichuan Hong Yan, Tongbai "Shuilian Dong", as well as historical sites Baotianman, top Taibai National Nature Reserve and the Danjiangkou Reservoir, Yahekou Reservoir, River resort, the old community Ridge The natural landscape and attractive. In 1993, the Nanyang Basin of dinosaur egg fossils found in groups, have been listed as UNESCO's "World Cultural Heritage."
  Nanyang is a great potential to be the continued development of the treasure, Nanyang City, more than 1000 million people sincerely welcome people of all circles at home and abroad to come to tourism Light, invest in commercial trade, a common cause.

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China Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China Garden at home and abroad to collect more than 800 varieties of peony, more than 300 varieties of peony, peony is the national collection of germplasm of the most abundant one of the park.
Hua Mei is a symbol of mankind's natural beauty. Flowers is the purification of the mind, mold the spiritual act. Peony Peony colonization in the region to watch more than 30 million trees, brought together more than 400 varieties of peonies at home and abroad, Yao Huang, Wei purple, red Luoyang, Huolian-saver, makeup Fei-Hung, Yu-white version, Joe II, the top red, green beans, Sheng Dan furnace, Lan Tianyu, ink spreading gold, purple splash-ink, cinnabar Ke Lan, luminous white, lying Dragon Pool Mexico, Yung three changes, the first case of red, pink Zhao, Hu Hong, big-brown-purple, Wang Hong, Dan furnace flame, the ice cover Hongshi, Luo, like Lotus and the Netherlands, Cinnabar base, color-for-Chi Long, Chui Ling Xiao Hua, Silver Jin Lin, Yu Huang gowns, towels, Ge Zi, Yang Fei drunk, and Moyu world crown, coral Taiwan, Royal inserted Tsui, precious stones and other traditional blue Famous, Yongronghuagui do Fragrant; Japanese varieties Huang Hai, the Golden Pavilion, Jindi, seven new Mascot, the White Lion King, and so on; France, and other overseas Alice Golden Flower limelight, show the heroic bearing.

The number of mu peony flowers Yan try to form a flower of the sea, red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple spots million for Wing. Die Lian Bee drama, Lung Fung Mo Wang Yang Zi Si, the glory days of video. Fumian spring breeze, sunshine, wind Shui-hee, Heaven and Earth traditional costumes, put itself in the place, Sally is also magic, relaxed and happy people. Laughing all the tourists, fun sudden, lingering affection fishes, and match the flowers in order to spend more than the heart, Dodge praised again and again, not only Fuxiang even Pina, exciting, but also Shu Wai pen: "I only country Peony color, flowering season moving the capital.", "Should know I spend non-World situation, and Seoul can move with a sense of quiet."

There are rare treasures of the Chinese national essence ? ? meters Peony art gallery; Yun Genei country is located in China's largest white marble statue of Ouyang Xiu ? ? Luoyang Peony a day Historical evidence, on display around the more than 20 pieces of contemporary Chinese painting master of fine quality, Chinese and foreign tourists to the system about the Luoyang Peony glorious course of development; wealth building large-scale indoor Inkjet photo, graphic and landscape, the focus of the all-round display of peony culture , Peony technology, application of Peony, Peony, such as art, so that people deep Peony and understanding of the social, political, economic, scientific and cultural development of internal relations.

China Garden in your Tingxie or rest, or Immersi� pond, or Shall We trees, flowers or next to the heart, or stop the foot of a mountain, eating or drinking, playing or plaza, tea or poetry, or Fangge piano tuning, Adventure water down or dance floor Dancer, reward or court drama, you can fully display the style of a gentleman Yayun and the king, and you wake up early's Minds, so that you Qingchunyongzhu longevity 100 years.

For the history of rejuvenation of the national flower,

Go to China Garden.

Wealth Yun-go with you,

Awards do not regret leaving the park.

China Garden is one of the advantages of science and technology advantages. The rapid development of science and technology in today's society, China Garden-based culture, relying on science and technology, in the fierce market competition, always march in the forefront of the international. At present, I have been with the Chinese Garden ASTRI, Shanghai Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shanghai Botanical Garden, Shanghai Fudan University, Beijing Forestry University, and other large-scale scientific research institutes to establish a long-term business relationship, the State "863" Peony scientific test base model I have settled in China Garden, Peony And breeding new varieties of high-tech incubator program being implemented In order to increase research and development efforts of the peony, I park has invested more than 600 million peony for the research and development. And a high salary for more than 10 peony, Paeonia well-known experts and engaged in postdoctoral research and development, my garden is completed, a Chinese Peony Peony research center.
In recent years, in the Peony Fat and production plants in technology and technology-season Forcing have been mature in many places have been put into mass production, a huge economic benefits. Peony due to the natural growth of state is rather special, cut the peony flower and the extension of technology has been very difficult. China Garden now, I have carved a variety of services Difficult, the use of high-tech equipment and technology to realize a peony flower throughout the year can be reality.

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Luhun Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luhun reservoir is located in Luoyang City, Henan Province, Song County near the village of Tin Town, Luhun, the second Yellow River, a tributary of Iraq, 67 kilometers away from Luoyang City, controlled drainage area 3492 square kilometers, accounting for Iraq River Basin area of 57.9 percent.
Luhun scenic area of 60 square kilometers. Luhun reservoir in the center, including Lake City, hometown of the two-way, the native place Yiyin, and other tourist areas, the scenic-human, natural landscape features as the central reservoirs, including Lake County, the native place of the two-way, the native place Yiyin, and other tourist areas, scenic areas of the humanities collection, the natural landscape as one, Water features entertainment by five million mu of rippling blue lake, water recreation Complete head, as the "South Luoyang," Red Bay Central Plains, Central Plains is the best water park.

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Tian Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianchi Mountain Forest Park in Henan Province is located in Song County in the northwest, away from the ancient capital of Luoyang only 98 km, 4 million mu of habitat and scenic areas in the growth of the 184 kinds of wild animals, more than 1,800 plant species, the forest coverage rate as high as 98.57 percent, the average annual precipitation 812 Mm, the highest temperature of 28 degrees Celsius year, the main peak of Wang Mang 1859.6 meters above sea level, the scenic road gentle, safe and comfortable, easy to visit, the land of the Central Plains is a unique style of a tourist destination. Scenic mountain range upon range of hills with overlapping peaks, valleys Shen Jian, lush forests, such as shade cover, such as washing Shijie, such as clear-filter, in order to Tianchi Lake, River Lady, Jiro groove, as represented by Fei Bao Tam landscape; coming to Stone, Stone Eagle, Gap Qingshi, Rufeng group, represented by rabbit peak Xian-feng landscape stones; to forests, rhododendron, Metasequoia, as represented by larch forest landscape, with the spring azalea, summer Peony, red leaves in autumn, winter fog for the song on behalf of the phenology of the landscape to Wang Mang removed when Liu Xiu combat troops in this big , Xiaozhaizigou ruins, Buddhist temple of the Tang Dynasty and the Spring and Autumn period for the King of Korea on behalf of the human landscape. Scenic water, stone, forest, four human tourist routes, scenic spots throughout the mountains, rock, water, forests, flowers, grass and integration. Kwok-hung, dangerous, extraordinary show, You add radiance to each other. Tam a two-step, a three-step waterfall, King Wu Buyi, see Flowers in full bloom, listen to the BUZZ spring. One place, as if the world outside the Court cents.

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Two-way tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang City in the south about 25 kilometers west of this Yichuan county. Cheng Hao (1032-1085), Cheng Yi (1033-1107) brother, the same as the Northern Song Dynasty philosopher, educator, scholar, respectively, said Mr. Ming Cheng Yi, Luoyang, two of the Northern Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism founder, said the Second-World . Their theory, after the The development of the succession of Zhu Xi, Zhu said the World School. Second-way for the tomb of Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi and his father's base. CHENG Ji-including, two-way part of the temple, before Temple, based upon graves. By the Temple Gate Tower, room and hall, and so on, the Ming and Qing Dynasties era and another side of the dozens of stone. Tsukamoto-ago base for the monument, surrounded by security guards back to the wall of the tomb, the base, the Temple area Towering trees, its view appears to be very quiet and solemn.

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Wang Zhou City riding the emperor Six Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Wang Luoyang Museum is located in the Son of Heaven drive six Wong of the city of Luoyang City Center Square, site of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty King City district of the north-east, is a show in order to protect the original site of the Eastern Zhou period Juma Keng large as the main theme of the museum.
Throughout the museum covers an area of more than 1700 square meters, the exhibition is divided into two. Into the museum door First of all, the eye is the first exhibition. Is divided into four sections, the first capital of Luoyang region and 5 largest contemporary Luoyang mutual relationship between the location of the plate; Second, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Wang overview of the city; Third, the Tomb of the exploration and discovery; four of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty is a precious cultural relics.
After the first exhibition, to the west across the aisle for some, it will enter the first Area, the Eastern Zhou period Juma Keng large area. Here is a display of 2002-2003, the archaeologists discovered the clean-up of 17 Juma Keng 2. One of a north, 42.6 m long, 7.4 meters wide, the size of the Department of domestic rare, and its vertical travel allowance was 2 emissions, like a trip array The scene, is even more exciting. What the people of the world's attention is only a "six-riding", in order to form a clear visual evidence of ancient literature, "the emperor riding six," the account, China is also the only site of a display of the "Son of Heaven six drive" .
Zhou Wang Luoyang City riding the emperor Six Museum, with its heritage of the feed Chen , A spectacular display of real Juma Keng, to show the world the ancient capital of Luoyang City of distant history, splendid culture of the material, she is bound to become the upgrading of urban civilization, the ancient capital of Luoyang, at home and abroad to promote the culture of Luoyang new window.

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Zhai Gou Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhai Gou Scenic Area is located 3 km east Luanchuan, there are scenic Water Park, Ewha Fan Zhai, Cheung Pei Shan, Qing Rengu more than 20 attractions. Shanqingshuixiu in the region, absolutely beautiful scenery, more unique, "Tam seven of eight waterfall" drop 250 meters, such as media, such as spring water line, which in turn fall under the level of a dam, called waterfall Wonders. The most singular of "a wind tunnel," Shen You unfathomable, who listen to the last hole, "Hong Ming," the wind, warm winter wind, cool in summer, admirable. Nearly 10,000 square meters of artificial lakes, green mountains and blue waters into a matched-hui, Dangzhou Lake, relaxed and happy.

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Ding Mountain Room - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Room Luanchuan Ding Shan City, 2.5 km away from the convenient transportation, beautiful scenery, the average annual temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Beautiful scenery, fresh air, Summer is summer, gaining an ideal position to play. E-ting Mountain, about 10 km journey, 800-2100 meters above sea level, forest cover The rate of 97%. Lin here closely, Stephen Ling, Shi Qi, Hill Show, deep tan, secluded valley, the original scenery, Jade, the mountain is covered with wild fruit, Tam linked to the waterfall, like a Shangri-la. Ding room is divided into Mountain Recreation Area, forest areas, tourist areas. Leisure area of natural landscape, Shan Shui Sau-ling, the attraction is over suck . Along the way, the stream water features, Feipuzhixie, Guaizhuang stones, gurgle spring, the natural path along the cliff, mixed Mongolian plain, open things quiet inside. "Lin happy", "Tan Lotus", "Chi Girl" and "clothes Stone," "Rainbow Falls" and "Tam Virgin" and "husband and wife Feng", "Ju Xian Valley," "General Tan" is really --- And good luck, King easy walking. In addition, on the way into the Hill, from time to time there are roving birds, so fresh and new, relaxed and happy. Ding Mountain room belonging to the primeval forest, some roads are to be convergent with the path along the cliff in order to leap Stephen Tam, running on its quite exploration of rhyme. And here's the original dense vegetation, called on people not The plants must bow on their sides in order to avoid the wild fruit Shanzhen, and floated from time to time, such as silk, such as with the clouds, the visitors added to the sense of mystery. During walking, tired impatient Xiao Yun, the more refreshing.

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Million Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yellow Sun On Lake million eco-tourism zone is located in the northern part of the new County, 100 km from the city of Sanmenxia, Luoyang City, 30 km, the city of Zhengzhou, capital of 150 km. Around a good regional infrastructure, roads, railways, aviation and other transportation convenience. In the Central Plains Tourism Network, the location with better conditions. Cover River Xiaolangdi reservoir area of the new territory of the County's 168 square kilometers of waters in the reservoir area and the south bank of the valley, Ishii, Sivori, the first position in the north Ye, Cao village of 6 parts of the township. To the north of the Yellow River as the border, and Jiyuan City, Henan Province, Shanxi Province Yuanqu County, across the river; South County with the stone temple is the village, township, which borders 5; with the West Pool next to the county; Mengjin County to the east. Lake million eco-tourism area of the main tourist areas, including Shan Dai Mei, Jing Shan Zi tourist areas, tourism Longtan Canyon, Green Hill to scenic spots, Xia Yu tourist areas, tourist areas ancestor Hill, Yingzuishan tourist areas, Han Han Guguan Tourism, soil protection of the eco-tourism Kwu Tung District, Forest Hill Public Yu , And other tourist areas.

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Yanshi City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanshi City Museum is a museum of Chinese history feature category. Yanshi County of Henan Province is located in the southwest. Construction in October 1985, completed in April 1987 opening. The library building for the simulation of Xia and Shang One Erlitou palace, was the "four Arab-Israeli re-house" antique-style buildings. The library collection of nearly 10,000 pieces of cultural relics, the main : Bronze, jade, ivory, bone, gold and silver, lacquer, pottery and so on. In addition stele collection of statues, stone epitaphs, Perl nearly 1,000 pieces of turquoise, with the Western Han Dynasty Stone, Han Gan Ling Fu Jun phase yet monument, built in the early years, Shi-Ting Shan elders bound to buy tickets Stone, Northern Wei, Northern Qi statues monument , The niche statues and so on. The library has two special exhibitions inside Yanshi city sites and a large number of relics unearthed in the ceremony of life and equipment. Jade cup with ears Tao, Li Tao, and other appliances as well as life Yanshi city unearthed bronze statue Taotie Wen, Ge Dragon copper, copper Ge, Qi copper, copper wok, and jade, ivory, pottery. Museum to recover a second-generation Xia and Shang Palace city model With a drawing board, photographs, text description. The library also held a "history treasures," and "Tang" and "Buddhist Art" and "ancient Chinese currency," such as temporary exhibitions.

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Kung Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kung Ling Yanshi City, Henan Province is located in the town of Gou's Hutuo Village South, is the Tang (AD 618 years -907 years) the fifth son of Emperor Li Zhi, Li Hong, the eldest son of Wu's tomb. Sit cemetery south, flat square, neat structure, Zhang Kuange about 440 meters. Retaining walls around the original God, this is no longer kept on the ground. Four Wall of the home in the central gate of God. South Gate peripheral Shinto gods, Shinto points out there on both sides of the stone of Health. There are Lingtai cemetery and tomb of Queen's sorrow. Ling-tai was rectangular, 164 meters from east to west, north-south 146 meters wide, 24 meters high residue. Queen's sorrow at the Tomb of the Northeast Lingtai 40 meters, was square-shaped structure, Zhang Kuange about 50 meters high residual 1 Meters. The existing cemetery ground stone 19. East, West, North Third, God outside the home sat a pair of lions, South God for a confrontation outside the Lions. Kung Ling-made stone carving delicate, lively style that can be called art of the Tang Dynasty stone treasures. Kung Ling is the construction of the Central Plains region of the Mausoleum in the preservation of the integrity of a mausoleum, which is to study the mausoleum of the Tang Dynasty , The ritual tomb, the burial customs of valuable information.

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Luoyang Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang Museum is located in the ancient capital of Luoyang bustling downtown areas Wangchenggongyuan west, China is the best city in Henan Museum and the outstanding patriotism education bases.

Luoyang Museum in May 10, 1985 to set up, more than three decades of history. Museum has a collection of unearthed in Luoyang area of history Your heritage, the display area of 1700 square meters, according to the stage and the history of North Korea
On behalf of the order of several galleries, displays from the 50 million years ago, down to the Ming and Qing dynasties more than 2,000 pieces of cultural relics, many of which are products of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage Center, reflects the image of Luoyang economic, political,
Culture and development History. In addition the library also has the "palace of art" exhibit, on display-Royal Empress 400,000. From the beginning of 1982, the Luoyang Museum also held the ancient painting, China
Ancient currency, the Ming and Qing court, and other art exhibitions held outside the Tang court and art tour, as well as to Japan's " States to the ancient capital of Luoyang Jane Room "," Tang Exhibition ", as well as into the
Museum of the line in the second phase of the project to build a heritage of more than 3000 square meters to the Treasury. Luoyang Museum of Luoyang City will be the collection of information on cultural, historical archaeological research, publicity and education of the three centers.

?? ?? Luoyang is the Luoyang Museum One of a comprehensive Museum of History. Luoyang Museum for many years and always adhere to the custody of the collection, education and scientific research combining the collection and give full play to advantages of the organization to operate a variety of integrated or thematic exhibition, an extensive and profound display of the ancient capital of Luoyang's splendid culture. The new "eternal text Minlo Antiques on display "from prehistoric times, during the Xia and Shang, a two-week period, during the Han, Wei and Sui and Tang Dynasties period of five major components, display nearly 1,000 pieces of cultural treasures. Among the exhibits in the area highlighted Wu Wannian before the fossil elephant, painted pottery of the Neolithic period, during the Shang-Zhou Chronology of ritual bronze, painted during the Han, Wei And a movie a hundred figurines, music and dance painting during the Sui and Tang figurines and colorful glaze, different patterns of Tang and so on. One of the Xia Dynasty bronze Grand, the fault of the Warring States period Jinyin Tong Ting, the Northern Wei Dynasty ceramics, Tang Dynasty three-lantern, the three countries can be called Ma Cai treasure.

  Luoyang Museum show focused on the region since the founding of Luoyang Turkey's antiques. It is divided into bronze, ceramics, gold and silver, jade, and other four parts. Yangshao culture from the Neolithic period, until the Ming and Qing Dynasties era under a wide range of items. True, the bronze ceremony, including musical instruments, food, weapons, tools, such as traveling, especially in the Erlitou Culture Grand copper, the royal family of Western Zhou Fang Yi female uncle, Tin Drum volume Spring and Autumn Period of Qi Hou Yu Bao typical. Ceramic is more colorful, painted pottery, black pottery, porcelain original green, lead-glazed pottery, porcelain, and so on, again focused on the ceramics of the ancient capital of Luoyang with a long history of excellence. Display of the Warring States silver hook, the Western Jin Dynasty, "Hu Wang Jin-yi to the" Golden India in the Tang Dynasty, "Roman gold coin," " Adams silver "and" mountains and rivers of the elite, the humanities fine, "treasures such as jade, to a certain extent, reflects the cultural cohesion Jiuzhou Luo, the radiation characteristics of the eight points of the compass.

?? ?? Luoyang Museum, the modern use of a variety of ways to give new vitality to the exhibits, so that the exhibition has a powerful generosity, Qiao elegant style and momentum, represents the ancient capital of the Millennium special historical status. State Administration of Cultural Heritage and won the "1999 National Exhibition of the 10 display of Excellence Awards."

?? ?? give full play to the Luoyang Museum and opened up publicity and education functions, often holding a variety of temporary exhibitions. At the same time out of the The door, one after another went to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Belgium and other countries held an exhibition, the ancient capital of Luoyang splendid ancient culture to the world. Over the years the publication of "Luoyang Tang" and "the essence of Luoyang cultural relics", "hall commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the Collected Works" and other large-scale picture album and album.

?? ?? as the ancient capital Chuan window, Luoyang Museum to display its rich content, beautiful collection of cultural relics, the novel design and display quality of service, attracting a large number of Chinese and foreign guests, and state leaders including Li Peng, Hu Jintao, Yang, Song Jian, Li and so on A number of foreign heads of government dignitaries had come to visit Lobo guidance Lobo and achievements fully affirmed and supported.

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Yao Chai shop - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cottage was built in Mangshan Hill above the surrounding non-Shen He is the big ditch the high cliffs rise steeply Zhaiqiang, and the cliff wall of Sierra Leone is also the head wind, Duokou ups and downs. At the same time, allow only two of the Mountain Gate was constructed on the mountain, in front of a deep, steep-side is anomalies, easily defensible. Although Guzhai After 100 years, can still be seen "as Kazuo clearance million Mo open "to the momentum. Part Zhaizhong In addition to the Housing Authority was in good condition, there are not many villagers live, is in many Canyuanduanbi, broken brick tile rotten, humilis problems, more Guzhai backed out of desolation. The movie" Eight Rohan century, "the television series" artists "and" Hurricane Zhongyue "are here to have been recorded on location. Yao-old shop name Stores, like its cottage Luoya Harrier and the top 000. Qianlong Zhongzhou tour that year, went to a special tour to Luoyang Longmen Mountain View, Harrier and the shop is via land. Walled Harrier can shop at this time has been occupied by a few number of brigands and loot, stop at no evil. At the moment, when Chaobu officers and soldiers, or hide in mountain fastness, Zhaimen closed; or the attack was a bit tight, Mangshan escape while on the mountain, Chao Bu failed several times, Guan Jia also had to stop doing. Qianlong of the smell, with the guards of honor is charged with pretending to deliberate on the publicity from Guan Dao Harrier through stores, overtly or covertly, has left a crack team set aside, buried in the ravine, when the three-shift, surprise surrounded the cottage. In the officers and men with the help of villagers stormed the stockade, Were all criminals. Qianlong Harrier shop will be renamed the "Yao-shop" always-wai Wong to show honor.

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Han Guangwu Mausoleum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The original founders of the Eastern Han tomb is the tomb of Emperor Liu Xiu, Mengjin County, Henan Province is located in White Township iron Village pavilion. Locally known as "Han Ling", commonly known as "grave Patrick Lau." Have elapsed since the 1900 years of history, in 1963 in Henan Province have been designated as key cultural unit. For the Eastern Han Dynasty's founding emperor - Emperor Guangwu Patrick Lau Sau-generation (AD 6 - Year 57 years) of the cemetery, built in AD 50, by the Shinto, the cemetery and the composition of the Temple Institute.

  South Hill Mausoleum Emperor Guangwu Mangshan Mountain, north of the Yellow River, near Bangshui Hill, Wei thick silence. Que towering doors, the spectacular momentum, Shinto broad, direct access to the hills, on both sides of the stone buildings, mixed stele. Fang Cheng Chang cemetery , Covers an area of 66,000 square meters, Metella located in the middle of the cemetery for Rammed earth mound-shaped, 17.83 meters high, 487 meters perimeter. Guangwu Temple, located at the west side of the cemetery for the ritual of the Emperor Guangwu Temple hospital, covering an area of 20,000 square meters from the door Que, Bei Lang, Ershibasu Hall, the Hall of Guangwu, and so on, forming a row upon row of the Han Community building. Emperor Guangwu mausoleum for the tomb of the very few domestic garden, with other parts of the Emperor mausoleum, the four unique way: First, the election of the imperial mausoleum, a special case. Ancient emperor to choose burial tomb, are the mountains and the river surface, in order to change the open-terrain, a symbol of their mind Bardon, to master all things at all. Wei Ling Department of Emperor Guangwu River Hill leg pillow, "unconventional. Second, a thousand Parkinson's Park, only domestic. Remaining in the Sui and Tang Ling Bai Zhi 1458, thousands of Chapter Cooper, together planting a garden, out to Babel, ran inside the plant in bloom. His Third, Parkinson's apricot-quality, the best trees. Mausoleum Cooper rare tree species for domestic, its golden-colored, hard and soft, apricot-Parker , The color profiles the United States, commonly known as "Bai Xing." Fourth, Han Xiao Ling smoke, wonderful landscape. Third, Yang Chun-chun, before and after Tomb Sweeping Festival, every fair-weather, the early dawn, Cooper Xijianziyan sticks filled the air, shrouded cemetery, Zhuangruo Smoke, like floating clouds, Yanningyunju, rolling drop Teng-dropping, outside Park, such as Deng Ling Xiao, You may Xianjie. With Cooper as a result of old, and formed a "Kulian (pillars) Michael", "Bai birds", "Emperor Han supine" strange scene. Emperor Guangwu hills thousands of years and the amazing music for the audience, the study of imperial mausoleum in China has a history of high scientific value. In 1963, Henan Province People's Committee has been announced for the first Approved at the provincial level key cultural unit, in June 2001 by the State Council for the fifth national key cultural unit.

  As the saying goes, "Health Jervois in the dead buried Mangshan North", and the world hope that there will be a hero in North Mangshan grave Jian Xiu Ling. However, the original mausoleum is the "pillow mountain river" that is buried in the back Mangshan Hill, River Sea, the so-called "sit-Han emperor." It is said that because the son of Liu Xiu temper very stubborn, like his father and a rival show, Liu let him east to the west, he let him drive a dog chasing his chickens. Liu Xiu's time of death, he said: "You buried me into the Yellow River at the end of it." Liu Xiu's intention that the sum of his son oppose, so is To achieve his funeral in North Mangshan desire. But this time, Patrick Lau wrong. He would like his son: his father and fight all his life, never heard of one, I heard it back. Yellow River in the rolling Sure enough, his late Fu Huang built a city deep in the water. Later, as a result of the Yellow River diverted to the north, to stay on the tomb of Liu Xiu Mangshan Hill and between the Yellow River.

  Emperor Guangwu Patrick Lau (before 6 - after 57), the t-word the text, Cai Yang Nanyang (now the south-west Hunan Zaoyang), nine emperor Shi Sun. Wang Mang late great uprising of peasants, he flew to the country of origin Qibing, Greenwood joined the rebel army, the Kunyang a major battle to eradicate the Wang Mang. After his suppression of farmers Yi, Xiao Ping separatist forces, the reunification of the country to become the founding emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the capital Luoyang. In office, he has released nine servants under the edict to reduce the tax, irrigation, such as streamlining the official. Year by year a total of 25-57 32 years in office.

  Mausoleum of Emperor Guangwu mass graves located in the northern part of the cemetery, sitting North South, an area more than 100 acres, was rectangular, from Temple, the abbot hospital, cemetery consists of three parts. Otsuka pine and cypress shade up and down hills, the hills in front of a dome-monument, engraved Beishen "ZTE Eastern Han Dynasty Mausoleum of Emperor Guangwu generation." From the tomb mound Que door to repair a Shinto, the indigenous Shinto arranged on both sides of a stone, stone carving, such as Ma and tidy Serai the cypress. Now, remove Metella, is green and luxuriant, the weather Weiran Bai Shulin. Of which there are 28 towering cypress, the local people call it "Ershibasu" and follow the legend is a symbol of Liu Xiu set Nanzhengbeizhan hehe military exploits of the "Yunnan will be 28."

  Liu Xiu's grave cypress can be said to be Qi, the whole cemetery, green pines and cypresses, the Millennium Cooper out to Babel, Weng Yu green, "Parker birds", "Ku Lian Bo," Bo is in a way. The whole tomb in a Hong Qi, Calocedrus issued by the garden, such as storm, the deeper the feeling Yuxiang, Feng Guo Zhichu, Cooper fragrance can be 10-years away. Han Ling Cooper Different, is the only species of tree, the tree that hard-soft, color profile of the United States, rich flavor. As a result of its golden wood color, body armeniacum Park, also known as "Bai Xing", "Parkinson's blood," thousands of years been amazing. In fact, Liu advocate Jane funeral, at the time of the funeral and was buried with simple items. When there is no Weidianchongxie, Cooper of the millennium, but also in his death, 500 years after the planting period of the Sui and Tang dynasties. Liu Xiu really deserves to be the generation Mingjun.

  Another of the original tomb, known as qi Mengjin County, "Eight", "Han Xiao Ling smoke." Before and after the Ching Ming Festival each year, the same day Lang and clean air, Xia Feng Wei-income, emerging dawn, Park Ziqi suddenly filled the air, Zhuangruo Smoke, if the floating clouds, from west to east, Shanshan moved gradually so that the entire cemetery for the Piaomiao Yunyan shrouded. From the time Cooper leaves the gap between the sticks, poured gas around, or so up and down, rolling over Teng-dropping. The entire cemetery into a smoke-filled world, Calocedrus red walls, Bricks Tsukamoto, grass-spend the night, albeit not very clearly, Huangruo in Wonderland. Ancient people had a problem, "Han Xiao Ling smoke," said: "Kunyang thunderstorm war still intoxicated, red Hungui Suo Fu Yu Han, the cemetery today look back, look at his long-haired long-haired Green Yan Shu." Thousands of local spread of such Qu Tan: In which there is a Cijing, it bodes well harvest crops. So Yang Chun every March, the Ching Ming Festival will be temporary, people around the nearly Chao Zhao attention to the Han Tomb, well find out who Xixi, prayer-known wonders of smoke appeared.

  Han Guangwu Mangshan Mausoleum at the foot of the hill, the shore of the Yellow River, was the "pillow River Hill push" trend, Wang Ling conventional anti-imperialist, feudal history in 2000 for the special cases He intended to be, is still a mystery. Park in 1500 has so far preserved Cooper Sui and Tang dynasties, to pull Babel, Wei thick silence, they formed the outline of the huge readable as the human form lying, known as the "Emperor Han supine." Han Xiao Ling when smoke appears, Mausoleum of Zi Yan wave, like a fairyland. When you shoot under bird Parker , Between Cypress will issue a "chirp" sound of birds, so many people feel the magic.

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West Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Myth West Palace on the west side next to Tang Temple, Xuan Zang is the tourist area of investment 5,000,000 yuan of a new large-scale entertainment, West Palace covers an area of more than 30 acres, the whole territory of tall building, the level of white space to modern architecture for Framework, in order to decorate the main building transfer Classic, Heritage, affordable elegant, and has embraced with Tang Temple To the fairy tale "Journey to the West," the story pleasure palace built by the China Central Television design and construction, facilities intrauterine birth Monkey King, Hua Guoshan, Shuilian Dong, the Dragon King's palace, Pan Sidong, Huoyanshan, nine Qu series of holes, four Journey Jihad, to government, his daughter, Lei Yinsi more than 20 large-scale scenes, Flower and Fruit Yaocao Qionghua, Lam Xiuzhu, green and luxuriant; Dragon King's palace in Qionglouyuyu, re-stacked Court building, the Saga of sea turtle, coral Tingxiu; Huoyanshan flames steaming, winning Tieshan, the spirit world of deep piles of bones of the dead, appeared impermanence. Tang and his disciples going through many difficulties million risk to overcome the demons, finally arrived in the Holy Land in the West Buddha, LEIN , Saw the resplendent, sitting Buddha ancestors St. Mid law, the Buddha of a good sequence on both sides of the Western Paradise. Representing these scenes with modernized system means King, with brilliant light and vivid style myth figures, the use of advanced machine control, so that visitors feast their eyes, away.

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Yique shrines of monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Yique Shrine of the monument," also known as Chu Suiliang monument. In the Longmen Binyang in the Western Hills and South-hole, high-about 5.00 meters, 1.90 meters wide. The monument on the record, Song Jiayou found in the first six years (Year 1061) Ouyang Xiu's "old-recorded," Zhao Mingcheng and "recorded in stone." According to these two books said, Monument was drilled holes Binyang statues of the monument. Zhenguan 15 years to the Tang Dynasty (641 AD), re-carved monument in the fourth emperor of the Tang Dynasty son Lee Tae-opened Queen's eldest grandson to his mother's hair is ready to cave statues text. This article by Shi Lang book written by the CEN, Dr. Jian Yi Chu Suiliang Dan book. A total of more than 1600 words. Font dignified and delicate and pretty, Kin strong, Early is an example of regular script. Chu Shi Yu Shinan fewer from the school, after Shi Fa Wang, Po De-Xi Book of the essence. Ou Yangxun with him, Xue Ji, Yu Shinan and known as the "Early 4."

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To poke holes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To poke holes in the Western Hills in central gantry. Inside the cave as a result of the North-South Liangbi engraved with more than 15,000 Buddha statue named after. Wing Lung completed in the first year of the Tang Dynasty (AD 680). Wall is the main Buddha statue, about 4 meters high, octagonal sitting in the lotus pedestal Sumeru waist, looked serene silence. Posterior wall engraved Lotus 54, each branch Lotus The sitting Buddha or a dependent people, new ideas Yingqi Te. North and South Liang Bi-wall carving more respect and Ji Yue dancers. Ji Yue people armed with a variety of musical instruments, a lively and vivid image, seems to have drunk on its own to play in the Teana. Enaduozi dancers, Chan Yi Mei, as if being careful interpretation of the most graceful dance. Outside the south wall carving Buddha image, Executive stag the end of his right hand, left hand to Jingping, the performance of the "Law million to the total defeat of the South China Sea, Chan Jing spotless mind," the supreme Buddhist realm.

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20 Longmen goods - Chinese tourism scenic spots

, "Gantry two goods" refers to the Longmen Grottoes in from the Northern Wei period of two statues to questions in mind, of which 19 products in the old-Yang, a Hong-ci goods in the cave. 20 items found in the first term of the Qing Dynasty written by Kang Yu-wei's "two-Ji Guang Zhou Yi" and written by side if the "monument school essay." Is the expression of the general content of the statues and praying to the good misfortunes Look. It's the art of calligraphy, Li Jin and Han Li is based on bad, to its dregs, and various miscellaneous Rou long and self-contained. Lishu both ancient energetic style, regular script and decent spirit of generosity. On behalf of the Northern Wei period of high artistic achievement of calligraphy, "Weibei" in the body products.

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Read by Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

After looking at the Dragon Temple to poke ditch on the north side of Dongshan, Dongshan largest cave. Wu Tang is for the Emperor's cut. The positive holes have built a generation of the two-story brick structure, engraved on the amount of doors "to see Temple as" words. Dong Ding has carved lotus caisson, surrounded by four voluptuous body, the beautiful image of flying. Inside East North and South in the three-wall 1.2 meters high relief on the platform like Ocean's 29, about 1.80 meters in height, have been mutilated, according to legend from the Maha Kassapa Bodhidharma to the 29 territories of the West "founder" The image depicts a nuanced expression, both unity and wealth to the changes caused by a vivid, lifelike, is the goal Images of birds with Ocean's masterpiece.

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Fengxian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fengxian Temple at Longmen Western Hills in the south, the Longmen Grottoes is the largest, most representative of the open-air shrines. Lord Buddha Losana 17.14 meters high, the Longmen Grottoes is the largest statue of Buddha. This Buddha statue wearing a scarf, full face, mouth Wei Qiao, a little smile, Italy, eye falls, the quiet implication look forward to endless chi , Expressed concern on earth. Dignified and generous, Hou serene deportment of the people have to respect. Shi Li on both sides of the strict disciple Kasyapa mature, pious submission Ananda, the Buddha reserved Diana, King Cumei angry, powerful and vigorous Book. Different patterns, vivid portrait of a Tang Dynasty statues show a high degree of sculpture art To become a spectacle in the history of stone carving art. Legend has it that Wu made to the Shrine had "money to help 20,000 through powder" and lead the Buddha Losana Qun Chen to participate in the "opening" ceremony.

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Binyang hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Binyang holes, including holes in Southern, Central and North-dong, the North Wei Xuan Emperor Xiaowen Emperor of their parents and do Fumiaki Empress of the story rather than created one of the caves. Only one in the hole drilled on the cost of 24 years, the magnificent scene of numerous Longmen Grottoes is the number one. Lord Buddha Sakyamuni sitting of the Central, slender delicate and pretty face, the face Amiable kind, smiling slightly. Kassapa, the two disciples Ananda, and Monju, Shi Li Fugen II Buddha around. Kassapa Laochengchizhong image, the image of Ananda lively and cheerful, Wang's life. Buddha's clothing by the early Northern Wei's right shoulder and bare-shoulder style, with a favorable Yi-Bo, Emperor Xiaowen is the implementation of Chinese policy in stone To reflect on the operation. Dong Ding has carved lotus Baogai, carved around the elegant and refined of Nature and Man Ji Le divine support. Hole on both sides of the wall inscribed with the original three large-scale relief, the lower is the famous "Emperor ceremony map" and "Queen's ceremony map", rigorous composition, exquisite carving and engraving in China's ancient masterpiece of art. Unfortunately, this 1934 pieces of treasures were stolen by unscrupulous traders overseas. People have no chance to see, can only be made only at Shek Pik and the emotion.

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