Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yanshi City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanshi City Museum is a museum of Chinese history feature category. Yanshi County of Henan Province is located in the southwest. Construction in October 1985, completed in April 1987 opening. The library building for the simulation of Xia and Shang One Erlitou palace, was the "four Arab-Israeli re-house" antique-style buildings. The library collection of nearly 10,000 pieces of cultural relics, the main : Bronze, jade, ivory, bone, gold and silver, lacquer, pottery and so on. In addition stele collection of statues, stone epitaphs, Perl nearly 1,000 pieces of turquoise, with the Western Han Dynasty Stone, Han Gan Ling Fu Jun phase yet monument, built in the early years, Shi-Ting Shan elders bound to buy tickets Stone, Northern Wei, Northern Qi statues monument , The niche statues and so on. The library has two special exhibitions inside Yanshi city sites and a large number of relics unearthed in the ceremony of life and equipment. Jade cup with ears Tao, Li Tao, and other appliances as well as life Yanshi city unearthed bronze statue Taotie Wen, Ge Dragon copper, copper Ge, Qi copper, copper wok, and jade, ivory, pottery. Museum to recover a second-generation Xia and Shang Palace city model With a drawing board, photographs, text description. The library also held a "history treasures," and "Tang" and "Buddhist Art" and "ancient Chinese currency," such as temporary exhibitions.

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