Sunday, February 1, 2009

To poke holes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To poke holes in the Western Hills in central gantry. Inside the cave as a result of the North-South Liangbi engraved with more than 15,000 Buddha statue named after. Wing Lung completed in the first year of the Tang Dynasty (AD 680). Wall is the main Buddha statue, about 4 meters high, octagonal sitting in the lotus pedestal Sumeru waist, looked serene silence. Posterior wall engraved Lotus 54, each branch Lotus The sitting Buddha or a dependent people, new ideas Yingqi Te. North and South Liang Bi-wall carving more respect and Ji Yue dancers. Ji Yue people armed with a variety of musical instruments, a lively and vivid image, seems to have drunk on its own to play in the Teana. Enaduozi dancers, Chan Yi Mei, as if being careful interpretation of the most graceful dance. Outside the south wall carving Buddha image, Executive stag the end of his right hand, left hand to Jingping, the performance of the "Law million to the total defeat of the South China Sea, Chan Jing spotless mind," the supreme Buddhist realm.

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