Sunday, February 1, 2009

West Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Myth West Palace on the west side next to Tang Temple, Xuan Zang is the tourist area of investment 5,000,000 yuan of a new large-scale entertainment, West Palace covers an area of more than 30 acres, the whole territory of tall building, the level of white space to modern architecture for Framework, in order to decorate the main building transfer Classic, Heritage, affordable elegant, and has embraced with Tang Temple To the fairy tale "Journey to the West," the story pleasure palace built by the China Central Television design and construction, facilities intrauterine birth Monkey King, Hua Guoshan, Shuilian Dong, the Dragon King's palace, Pan Sidong, Huoyanshan, nine Qu series of holes, four Journey Jihad, to government, his daughter, Lei Yinsi more than 20 large-scale scenes, Flower and Fruit Yaocao Qionghua, Lam Xiuzhu, green and luxuriant; Dragon King's palace in Qionglouyuyu, re-stacked Court building, the Saga of sea turtle, coral Tingxiu; Huoyanshan flames steaming, winning Tieshan, the spirit world of deep piles of bones of the dead, appeared impermanence. Tang and his disciples going through many difficulties million risk to overcome the demons, finally arrived in the Holy Land in the West Buddha, LEIN , Saw the resplendent, sitting Buddha ancestors St. Mid law, the Buddha of a good sequence on both sides of the Western Paradise. Representing these scenes with modernized system means King, with brilliant light and vivid style myth figures, the use of advanced machine control, so that visitors feast their eyes, away.

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