Sunday, February 1, 2009

Peng Memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Peng Memorial Hall is located in the town of Bei Yu Ping county, adjacent to the highway, covers an area of 9200 square meters. Peng is in the face of the tall bronze statue, erected in the sparkling granite base, so that the ability and political integrity, Zhiyongshuangquan outstanding statesman and military strategist of the glorious image of the enormous admiration intelligent life to be Now. Matrix engraved on the "Peng" inscription, I selected the ink and write in God, free and easy Cang Road, do not have the charm. The two stone monuments on both sides of the statue, a monument to introduce Peng's life, a monument describing the construction of the memorial through. Offices are open hospital with flowers, grass flowers and trees decorated. Construction of the main exhibition hall, located in the post - The central, two-story, white, unique. With a total area of 2350 square meters, more than 600 pieces of related martyrs Peng army horse of a lifetime of precious photos, divided into eight parts focus on exhibitions, a reproduction of the martyrs of the glorious life.

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