Sunday, February 1, 2009

Zhai Gou Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhai Gou Scenic Area is located 3 km east Luanchuan, there are scenic Water Park, Ewha Fan Zhai, Cheung Pei Shan, Qing Rengu more than 20 attractions. Shanqingshuixiu in the region, absolutely beautiful scenery, more unique, "Tam seven of eight waterfall" drop 250 meters, such as media, such as spring water line, which in turn fall under the level of a dam, called waterfall Wonders. The most singular of "a wind tunnel," Shen You unfathomable, who listen to the last hole, "Hong Ming," the wind, warm winter wind, cool in summer, admirable. Nearly 10,000 square meters of artificial lakes, green mountains and blue waters into a matched-hui, Dangzhou Lake, relaxed and happy.

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