Sunday, February 1, 2009

Binyang hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Binyang holes, including holes in Southern, Central and North-dong, the North Wei Xuan Emperor Xiaowen Emperor of their parents and do Fumiaki Empress of the story rather than created one of the caves. Only one in the hole drilled on the cost of 24 years, the magnificent scene of numerous Longmen Grottoes is the number one. Lord Buddha Sakyamuni sitting of the Central, slender delicate and pretty face, the face Amiable kind, smiling slightly. Kassapa, the two disciples Ananda, and Monju, Shi Li Fugen II Buddha around. Kassapa Laochengchizhong image, the image of Ananda lively and cheerful, Wang's life. Buddha's clothing by the early Northern Wei's right shoulder and bare-shoulder style, with a favorable Yi-Bo, Emperor Xiaowen is the implementation of Chinese policy in stone To reflect on the operation. Dong Ding has carved lotus Baogai, carved around the elegant and refined of Nature and Man Ji Le divine support. Hole on both sides of the wall inscribed with the original three large-scale relief, the lower is the famous "Emperor ceremony map" and "Queen's ceremony map", rigorous composition, exquisite carving and engraving in China's ancient masterpiece of art. Unfortunately, this 1934 pieces of treasures were stolen by unscrupulous traders overseas. People have no chance to see, can only be made only at Shek Pik and the emotion.

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