Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yique shrines of monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Yique Shrine of the monument," also known as Chu Suiliang monument. In the Longmen Binyang in the Western Hills and South-hole, high-about 5.00 meters, 1.90 meters wide. The monument on the record, Song Jiayou found in the first six years (Year 1061) Ouyang Xiu's "old-recorded," Zhao Mingcheng and "recorded in stone." According to these two books said, Monument was drilled holes Binyang statues of the monument. Zhenguan 15 years to the Tang Dynasty (641 AD), re-carved monument in the fourth emperor of the Tang Dynasty son Lee Tae-opened Queen's eldest grandson to his mother's hair is ready to cave statues text. This article by Shi Lang book written by the CEN, Dr. Jian Yi Chu Suiliang Dan book. A total of more than 1600 words. Font dignified and delicate and pretty, Kin strong, Early is an example of regular script. Chu Shi Yu Shinan fewer from the school, after Shi Fa Wang, Po De-Xi Book of the essence. Ou Yangxun with him, Xue Ji, Yu Shinan and known as the "Early 4."

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