Sunday, February 1, 2009

Zhang Heng's Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Heng's tomb is located in the city of Nanyang Wolong Stonebridge small area in the northwest Dan Qiaocun about 300 meters, the tomb 8 meters high and 62 m circumference, around the fence surrounding the octagonal.
  The erection of the tomb of the former president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guo inscription written by a pass. Yang Guo for the moment, Comrade biographical notes written by Zhang Heng, incised for the Nanyang Chinese county committee Brief Biography written by Zhang Heng. Erected on both sides of the Ming and Qing, "Han Zheng Zhang Pingzai Tomb of the Book of History," the monument side. 150 m from the tomb after-school level there are remains of Taiwan, the tomb of the East Village for the summer-level home. Zhang Heng cemetery has now turned into museums, the central axis are: two-Que, the door to the small bridge, Shi Xiang Sheng, Bai Dian, the statue of Zhang Heng, Metella, and so on; A side door, Langfang, celestial globe, Seismoscope model of a turret Siyu, like the overall construction of the Han Dynasty.

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