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Han Guangwu Mausoleum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The original founders of the Eastern Han tomb is the tomb of Emperor Liu Xiu, Mengjin County, Henan Province is located in White Township iron Village pavilion. Locally known as "Han Ling", commonly known as "grave Patrick Lau." Have elapsed since the 1900 years of history, in 1963 in Henan Province have been designated as key cultural unit. For the Eastern Han Dynasty's founding emperor - Emperor Guangwu Patrick Lau Sau-generation (AD 6 - Year 57 years) of the cemetery, built in AD 50, by the Shinto, the cemetery and the composition of the Temple Institute.

  South Hill Mausoleum Emperor Guangwu Mangshan Mountain, north of the Yellow River, near Bangshui Hill, Wei thick silence. Que towering doors, the spectacular momentum, Shinto broad, direct access to the hills, on both sides of the stone buildings, mixed stele. Fang Cheng Chang cemetery , Covers an area of 66,000 square meters, Metella located in the middle of the cemetery for Rammed earth mound-shaped, 17.83 meters high, 487 meters perimeter. Guangwu Temple, located at the west side of the cemetery for the ritual of the Emperor Guangwu Temple hospital, covering an area of 20,000 square meters from the door Que, Bei Lang, Ershibasu Hall, the Hall of Guangwu, and so on, forming a row upon row of the Han Community building. Emperor Guangwu mausoleum for the tomb of the very few domestic garden, with other parts of the Emperor mausoleum, the four unique way: First, the election of the imperial mausoleum, a special case. Ancient emperor to choose burial tomb, are the mountains and the river surface, in order to change the open-terrain, a symbol of their mind Bardon, to master all things at all. Wei Ling Department of Emperor Guangwu River Hill leg pillow, "unconventional. Second, a thousand Parkinson's Park, only domestic. Remaining in the Sui and Tang Ling Bai Zhi 1458, thousands of Chapter Cooper, together planting a garden, out to Babel, ran inside the plant in bloom. His Third, Parkinson's apricot-quality, the best trees. Mausoleum Cooper rare tree species for domestic, its golden-colored, hard and soft, apricot-Parker , The color profiles the United States, commonly known as "Bai Xing." Fourth, Han Xiao Ling smoke, wonderful landscape. Third, Yang Chun-chun, before and after Tomb Sweeping Festival, every fair-weather, the early dawn, Cooper Xijianziyan sticks filled the air, shrouded cemetery, Zhuangruo Smoke, like floating clouds, Yanningyunju, rolling drop Teng-dropping, outside Park, such as Deng Ling Xiao, You may Xianjie. With Cooper as a result of old, and formed a "Kulian (pillars) Michael", "Bai birds", "Emperor Han supine" strange scene. Emperor Guangwu hills thousands of years and the amazing music for the audience, the study of imperial mausoleum in China has a history of high scientific value. In 1963, Henan Province People's Committee has been announced for the first Approved at the provincial level key cultural unit, in June 2001 by the State Council for the fifth national key cultural unit.

  As the saying goes, "Health Jervois in the dead buried Mangshan North", and the world hope that there will be a hero in North Mangshan grave Jian Xiu Ling. However, the original mausoleum is the "pillow mountain river" that is buried in the back Mangshan Hill, River Sea, the so-called "sit-Han emperor." It is said that because the son of Liu Xiu temper very stubborn, like his father and a rival show, Liu let him east to the west, he let him drive a dog chasing his chickens. Liu Xiu's time of death, he said: "You buried me into the Yellow River at the end of it." Liu Xiu's intention that the sum of his son oppose, so is To achieve his funeral in North Mangshan desire. But this time, Patrick Lau wrong. He would like his son: his father and fight all his life, never heard of one, I heard it back. Yellow River in the rolling Sure enough, his late Fu Huang built a city deep in the water. Later, as a result of the Yellow River diverted to the north, to stay on the tomb of Liu Xiu Mangshan Hill and between the Yellow River.

  Emperor Guangwu Patrick Lau (before 6 - after 57), the t-word the text, Cai Yang Nanyang (now the south-west Hunan Zaoyang), nine emperor Shi Sun. Wang Mang late great uprising of peasants, he flew to the country of origin Qibing, Greenwood joined the rebel army, the Kunyang a major battle to eradicate the Wang Mang. After his suppression of farmers Yi, Xiao Ping separatist forces, the reunification of the country to become the founding emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the capital Luoyang. In office, he has released nine servants under the edict to reduce the tax, irrigation, such as streamlining the official. Year by year a total of 25-57 32 years in office.

  Mausoleum of Emperor Guangwu mass graves located in the northern part of the cemetery, sitting North South, an area more than 100 acres, was rectangular, from Temple, the abbot hospital, cemetery consists of three parts. Otsuka pine and cypress shade up and down hills, the hills in front of a dome-monument, engraved Beishen "ZTE Eastern Han Dynasty Mausoleum of Emperor Guangwu generation." From the tomb mound Que door to repair a Shinto, the indigenous Shinto arranged on both sides of a stone, stone carving, such as Ma and tidy Serai the cypress. Now, remove Metella, is green and luxuriant, the weather Weiran Bai Shulin. Of which there are 28 towering cypress, the local people call it "Ershibasu" and follow the legend is a symbol of Liu Xiu set Nanzhengbeizhan hehe military exploits of the "Yunnan will be 28."

  Liu Xiu's grave cypress can be said to be Qi, the whole cemetery, green pines and cypresses, the Millennium Cooper out to Babel, Weng Yu green, "Parker birds", "Ku Lian Bo," Bo is in a way. The whole tomb in a Hong Qi, Calocedrus issued by the garden, such as storm, the deeper the feeling Yuxiang, Feng Guo Zhichu, Cooper fragrance can be 10-years away. Han Ling Cooper Different, is the only species of tree, the tree that hard-soft, color profile of the United States, rich flavor. As a result of its golden wood color, body armeniacum Park, also known as "Bai Xing", "Parkinson's blood," thousands of years been amazing. In fact, Liu advocate Jane funeral, at the time of the funeral and was buried with simple items. When there is no Weidianchongxie, Cooper of the millennium, but also in his death, 500 years after the planting period of the Sui and Tang dynasties. Liu Xiu really deserves to be the generation Mingjun.

  Another of the original tomb, known as qi Mengjin County, "Eight", "Han Xiao Ling smoke." Before and after the Ching Ming Festival each year, the same day Lang and clean air, Xia Feng Wei-income, emerging dawn, Park Ziqi suddenly filled the air, Zhuangruo Smoke, if the floating clouds, from west to east, Shanshan moved gradually so that the entire cemetery for the Piaomiao Yunyan shrouded. From the time Cooper leaves the gap between the sticks, poured gas around, or so up and down, rolling over Teng-dropping. The entire cemetery into a smoke-filled world, Calocedrus red walls, Bricks Tsukamoto, grass-spend the night, albeit not very clearly, Huangruo in Wonderland. Ancient people had a problem, "Han Xiao Ling smoke," said: "Kunyang thunderstorm war still intoxicated, red Hungui Suo Fu Yu Han, the cemetery today look back, look at his long-haired long-haired Green Yan Shu." Thousands of local spread of such Qu Tan: In which there is a Cijing, it bodes well harvest crops. So Yang Chun every March, the Ching Ming Festival will be temporary, people around the nearly Chao Zhao attention to the Han Tomb, well find out who Xixi, prayer-known wonders of smoke appeared.

  Han Guangwu Mangshan Mausoleum at the foot of the hill, the shore of the Yellow River, was the "pillow River Hill push" trend, Wang Ling conventional anti-imperialist, feudal history in 2000 for the special cases He intended to be, is still a mystery. Park in 1500 has so far preserved Cooper Sui and Tang dynasties, to pull Babel, Wei thick silence, they formed the outline of the huge readable as the human form lying, known as the "Emperor Han supine." Han Xiao Ling when smoke appears, Mausoleum of Zi Yan wave, like a fairyland. When you shoot under bird Parker , Between Cypress will issue a "chirp" sound of birds, so many people feel the magic.

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