Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ding Mountain Room - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Room Luanchuan Ding Shan City, 2.5 km away from the convenient transportation, beautiful scenery, the average annual temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Beautiful scenery, fresh air, Summer is summer, gaining an ideal position to play. E-ting Mountain, about 10 km journey, 800-2100 meters above sea level, forest cover The rate of 97%. Lin here closely, Stephen Ling, Shi Qi, Hill Show, deep tan, secluded valley, the original scenery, Jade, the mountain is covered with wild fruit, Tam linked to the waterfall, like a Shangri-la. Ding room is divided into Mountain Recreation Area, forest areas, tourist areas. Leisure area of natural landscape, Shan Shui Sau-ling, the attraction is over suck . Along the way, the stream water features, Feipuzhixie, Guaizhuang stones, gurgle spring, the natural path along the cliff, mixed Mongolian plain, open things quiet inside. "Lin happy", "Tan Lotus", "Chi Girl" and "clothes Stone," "Rainbow Falls" and "Tam Virgin" and "husband and wife Feng", "Ju Xian Valley," "General Tan" is really --- And good luck, King easy walking. In addition, on the way into the Hill, from time to time there are roving birds, so fresh and new, relaxed and happy. Ding Mountain room belonging to the primeval forest, some roads are to be convergent with the path along the cliff in order to leap Stephen Tam, running on its quite exploration of rhyme. And here's the original dense vegetation, called on people not The plants must bow on their sides in order to avoid the wild fruit Shanzhen, and floated from time to time, such as silk, such as with the clouds, the visitors added to the sense of mystery. During walking, tired impatient Xiao Yun, the more refreshing.

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