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Qinciyangdian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Millennium ancient concept of" Yu-Chin Chee-Yang of Temple, Shanghai is one of the earliest Taoist temple. Legend has it that when the three countries is Soochow Sun Quan built for his mother, Qing Emperor Qianlong changed to "Chee-Chin Yang Temple." Dongyuetaidi worship. It is also known as the "palace Dongyue." Hall of the Qing Emperor Qianlong in 35 years (in 1770) after the reconstruction, Dong Yue, the three-ching, Dry moat, more than 10 Hall of Guan Di, and so on, all kinds of respect for more than 600 statues. Lunar New Year each year three, four, seven, September pilgrims should not rush, the Chinese New Dongyue birthday on March 28, the "Lotus will ship", a more flourishing incense. During the first day, or 15 Taoist festival, one after another four-believers, wind around cigarettes, crowded Transport: Road 736,746,772,773,778,785,791 Address: Pudong New Area, the source of deep routes, 476 Tel: 58828689 Tickets: 5 yuan

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Xujiahui Church - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Church is located in Xujiahui, Xuhui District, Po Road 156, Shanghai is the third Catholic Congress seat of the self-love. Qing Dynasty before Sanshiyinian (1905), Xuantong 2002 (1910) concluded that rehabilitation in 1980. For the medieval Gothic architecture, Cheng Chang-plane cross, to the east front, on both sides of the building House, the towering.

  Xujiahui Catholic Church after the Opium War, Shanghai was the first Catholic church. End of the 19th century, the area near the tomb of Xu Guangqi of the Shanghai Catholic Center, 1906 New Church Hall, completed in 1910, that was the Xujiahui Catholic Church, is China's first built by the West Style church built. 79 meters high and 28 meters wide, the altar is 44 meters wide Department. Suzhou halls are producing Jinshan Stone Diaozao rooted in the 64 columns, each have 10 small cylinder combination. Fangzhuan shop floor, the channel is in the middle of a flower shop tiles. A pointed arch doors and windows are Gothic style, stained glass inlay, and set into a pattern Like. There are 19 altar in the middle is the big altar in 1919 from Paris, Easter brought a higher artistic value of religion. Halls can accommodate 2,500 people at the same time doing mass. Is a typical appearance of the Gothic Middle Ages in Europe, double-brick structure of the steeple, 18 m high ridge together, the whole clock tower about 60 meters high, spire 31 , On the steeple of the two crosses, in-line roller. Hall also found a cross-shaped wheel Posi - just as life-wheel control, the appropriate analogy. Church body is the middle-relief plate, gorgeous complex, very From a distance, like the shape of the watch Rome. External structure adopted all-red brick, graphite laying tile roof, decorated with many Son of God stone, pure and serene.

  Shanghai Xujiahui Catholic Church is the largest Catholic church, as the Far East who had the most spectacular Hong-li of the Church. Every morning there are more than one Mass every Sunday and religious festivals, bringing together Catholics, a grand ceremony.

  "Cultural Revolution" , Xujiahui Church was severely damaged, have not even removed the cross and steeple of the two major organ was not spared, the church was used as a warehouse, the interruption of religious activities. In 1978, after the restoration, renovation in 1980, Christmas in 1982, to repair the steeple cross, Gothic-style cathedral to reproduce.

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Lu Xun's tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Xun in China is well-known modern writer, thinker and politician. Lu Xun Memorial Hall was built in 1951 in Hongkou Park (now Lu Xun Park). Museum exhibits focus on the performance of Lu Xun in Shanghai 10 years of social and cultural life. Lu Xun's Tomb of the country's key cultural units in 1956, Lu Xun The 20th anniversary of the World, by Lu Xun's tomb million Qianzang cemetery in this country. Traffic: Pearl Hongkou football field station, 18,52,139,939, four-Lu Xun Park Airport terminal, Terminal Road 70,97,597 Duolun Road, 854, Hong Chuan green sweet love the way the terminal, via Hongkou sports 51,101,502,508,531,537,541,942 of the road, travel route 10, through Dalian West (Shanghai International Studies University) were 79,222,529,937,853,875 Road, via Sichuan North Road (Duolun Road), there are 21,4 , 592,848,863 way. Address: East Bay Road, Hongkou District No. 146 Tel: 56669711 opening hours :9:00-16: 00 tickets: Lu Xun Park: 2 yuan, Lu Xun Memorial Hall: 9 yuan for adults, students 6 yuan.

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Former residence of Soong Ching Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Former residence of Soong Ching Ling was a German-style red tile roof of the white boat-shaped building. Soong Ching Ling in 1948, moved this winter. Housing is the former residence before a large lawn, surrounded by green all year round camphor tree, a quiet elegant environment. House Office of the ground floor is over, the living room, library and restaurants. Office have been on display in a given Comrade Lin Boqu "Bainiaochaofeng" Decoration stone and landscape oil paintings donated by foreigners. Small living room, but clean, simple, elegant, the table laid with flowers in full bloom, and temperament commensurate with the hostess. North middle of the wall hung a portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in the south wall in 1961 when Mao Zedong came to visit her, she warmly shook hands with the pictures. The living room, she met Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, and other Party and state leaders, a number of foreign heads of state such as Kim Il Sung, Sihanouk also have a guest here. Traffic: 44,48,72,113,126,138,506,548,911,920,9 3,926,945,946 Road, travel Route 7. Address: 1843 Huaihai Zhong Road, Xuhui District, Tel: 64376268 Opening hours: Mon-Sat 13:00-16:00 Tickets: 7 yuan

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Shanghai Art Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Art Museum is a socio-cultural public utilities. She is located in the bustling Nanjing West Road, backed by the People's Square and Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater and Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, adjacent to the People's Park, is a function of sound-the-art facilities at home and abroad have some impact on modern and contemporary art Museum The building was built in 1933, was the old race track in Shanghai, is the age of 30 English-style buildings. To complete the expansion project to retain its original neo-classical exterior features and functions in accordance with the requirements of the Museum of Art conducted an internal transformation in the design of the inherited language of traditional European-style buildings, and strong The crisp modern style, is an elegant, open the Arts Center. When the audience entered the hall, dignified, solemn look of the column, and then along the spacious staircase rising, touched the 1930 Copper Tau, visit the artist's fine to make, will be a taste of old and new in Shanghai Historical changes, feel cited To win the cultural charm. Shanghai Museum have 12 exhibition halls, exhibition area of 6,000 square meters, equipped with modern facilities for organizing various arts exhibition provided a good condition;-the-art equipment and the Lecture Hall, conference rooms, library, fine arts and fine arts database Workshops for school Education for all discussions and other activities provided to ensure that. In addition, the art bookstore, souvenir shops, galleries, cafes, have also created an audience for the arts, full of casual atmosphere. Shanghai Gallery of the existing collection more than 8,000, based on collections, and actively carried out in China's modern history focusing on art theory Museum of Science study and research, collection and custody of the exhibition on display, the promotion of education, and foreign exchange operations, such as work to create the conditions. 2002 special session of the "Shanghai Biennale" China is the most important exhibitions, academic activities, has become the international influence of a certain brand items. Shanghai Hall is a new gesture to welcome guests from the Quartet, she and the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater, the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum together to form the modern city's landmark cultural circle, where the beating pulse of the times, the focus of the world's attention. Address: 325 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai Tel: 63,272 29, opening hours :9:00-16: 00 (16:00 stop ticket) Tickets: adults 20 yuan, 5 yuan students.

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Coastal Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Coastal tourist resorts in the region of the coastal resort Magnolia, is a bright "Pearl of the sea resort." Founded in 1992, is a three-star foreign tourist resorts. Resort-food, lodging, transportation, purchase, travel together with a standard off (sets of) 156 rooms, 10 luxury villas (62) and Mongolia Group composed of a number of ethnic villages, there are various styles of small private rooms, an English pub, discotheque, KTV private room, Steppenwolf room, billiards room, auditorium, beauty center, sauna centers, such as the Chamber. There is a large outdoor swimming pool, fishing pond, race track, tennis courts, sea and yacht racing club . Coastal tourist resorts in the region still live ammunition into a world-class shooting range, water recreation, resort to shooting one of the Pudong Recreation Co., Ltd. (Tel: 58058234), Euro-Asian style show, the largest in East China's coastal Golf Club, and the only Chinese One of the largest in the Far East-car entertainment market -- Fujitec Circuit (Tel :58291000-646) and full-featured entertainment seaside resort palace night. Here you can play with genuine firearms, the live ammunition, gun fight, driving pleasure, the car, playing golf, fishing villa, you make a rough fight, the Wild have suffered a life of the strong. Transportation: car Nanhui South Station bus lines directly to the foreshore. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - Nanpu Bridge - Longyang Road - Luo Shan Road - Outer Ring Road (A20 highway) - Yingbin Avenue (A1 highway) - Far East Avenue (A30 highway) - South Road - South bin Highway Tel: 58058 11

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Guilin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Area of 3.55 hectares. The whole Park South classical style using traditional sets, the layout of sophisticated chic. Wrap-long wall in the park Huaqiang, bridges, stacked Li-Feng Shan, Ting Xie up the house, its winding streets. Kim planted the whole garden, Gui Yin, Tan Kwai, such as 23 varieties, more than 1,000 trees. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the floating garden . The annual festival is a sweet-scented osmanthus it one of the major characteristics. Address: Guilin Road 80 Tel: 64360042 opening hours :8:00-21: 00 fare: 6 yuan

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Gongqing Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gongqing Forest Park located in the Yangpu District of Shanghai, east near the Huangpu River, the military road west, the entire park covers an area of 1965 mu of the total, 1870.6 acres of open public green space.
River Park was the location of the beach, in 1956 the Shanghai Municipal People's Government in river dredging, reclamation dredging, into the nursery; 1958 Chun secretary of the CYL Central Committee with Comrade Hu Yaobang in Shanghai to lead a meeting of the national youth activists planting fruit trees in the garden to establish a youth experimental orchard, nursery named Gongqing; early in 1982, the expansion of the city as a public green area of the practical focus of the project, a total of Green nursery into a block north, "Gongqing Forest Park", 1 86 years in March, General Secretary Jiang Zemin's visit Zaishu Park and Forest Park personally wrote Huibi "Green Shanghai for the benefit of the people", since forest park in Shanghai as an urban oasis officially opening to the outside world; by the end of 1995, Gongqing South Block nursery into a "million Chuk Yuen", and opening up one after another.
Gongqing Forest Park "in order to plant-based landscaping, tree planting nearly 200,000, more than 200 varieties, with hills, grasslands, lakes, streams, forests, bamboo and so on constitute a rich Wild in the natural deep space, the formation of a "Valley Song" and "wild forest" and "Love Qiulin night", "Yingxiuwan water", "sik Lin commemorate the "12 major scenic spots, a" natural, Wild, quiet, rough "for the characteristics of the forest landscape.
Entertainment features
Verdant green of the Gongqing Forest Park in Shanghai is not only an oasis, is also a paradise for entertainment, shade in the shade of a pair of feature entertainment for people in Shanghai do not have Fan attract and charm. In order to meet the park at different levels and different preferences of the needs of tourists, setting the Wild, challenging, sports, exciting, fun and entertainment, and other types of more than 30, people familiar with the Shanghai and the popular barbecue field, horse riding, Rowing hands, and so on a train full of small forest and forest taste of the Wild EC characteristics, there are new young fashion items, such as the challenge of rock climbing, bungee jumping, sliding demand and so on. Of course, cheap and not lose the joy and stimulation of public entertainment, such as Liu Yong Jin, pirate ships, dragon boat pulley, target practice shooting, abundant water projects are also in the visitors feel the joy of the green in less Choice. Favorite sport of young people, also have their own happiness the world, play tennis, play football, play paintball, ride a double bike, a lot of choices. Young people can enjoy good time, and the most challenging to the introduction of the new park a few brave the roads, all of the items imported from Japan, is the first in Shanghai The introduction of the Eco-Entertainment, run by the Trojans, ancient explorers, Renyuantaishan, cliffs, the air Stagecoach, net, and so on Lingboweibu more than 30 land-based group projects and water projects, from the full range of training young people Running, jumping, casting, climbing, climbing, cross-movement of the ability to cultivate a strong will-power, by Team spirit.

Holiday fun
To improve the park service, recently launched a project Business Services holiday. Forest Resort is located in a natural shade of the leaves taste, and water and dependency, Chuang Chuang a unique model of European, Japanese-style villa, away from noisy city, to On the work of the busy urban people increased by a quiet, natural, fresh, elegant resort field. Treasury rally and entertainment functions into one multi-purpose activity center is located in the center of the park area, there are size 4 conference rooms, which can range from 10-150 people at this meeting, as well as billiard room and outdoor network The market is enterprises and organizations to conduct business meetings, and gather to discuss the new world of entertainment.
Jiangnan style with water, "Wan Yuen," located in the Nen River Road south, along the Nen River near Pier, the park is South Park. Wan Yuen "bamboo culture" as its theme, to build a "southern Zhu Yun, the clear-You - Penny King's beautiful. Chuk Yuen relief, Lin glauca, long stream, bridges, Bamboo send Shannon, has formed an attitude of "fine-clearing day, as on the clear film" Fun abundant bamboo scenery. Yuen was the main building in the Ming and Qing style, and backed with bridges, water seems to come to southern beauty. Antique "Silk and Bamboo Town" to fall back on, "Zhu Tang mirror," visitors to this point, the impressive bamboo pavilion, decorated with bamboo tours, food and bamboo rice, designated bamboo boat, to buy bamboo. "Zhu Ying Bridge," "vegetarian Maizhokunggar", "Zhu Yun Pavilion", "Dai floor," features clever construction site in Yuen cloth, streams, bamboo and building the perfect combination of painting on a quiet The Rural screen.
Gongqing Forest Park for its unique natural landscape to create an urban area can not enjoy the natural scenery and outdoor bamboo garden of a color picture of an integrated resort, is the park was named "Shanghai unit of civilization" and "Shanghai New beautiful scenic spots. "

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Yangpu Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangpu Bridge, Nanpu Bridge is the second after another across the Huangpu River to the design, construction of the Twin Towers two-cable-plane cable-stayed bridge beams together again and again. Bridge full-length 7658 m, 602 m long main bridge across the River like a rainbow in the cable-stayed bridge of its kind in the world in the first ranks. 208 meters tall and straight high-rise towers like a main benefit Into the firmament, the tower on both sides of the 32 pairs of steel cables to connect the main beam, the Sector was launched, such as the giant strings, is playing a sonata of the dragon off. Comrade Deng Xiaoping personally written to the bridge to bridge, he boarded the 94-year-old when the Yangpu Bridge, said with emotion: "Hi look at the way today, the book wins years time!."

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Jing'an Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jing'an Temple in Shanghai is a famous ancient temples. Jing'an District by the Jing'an Temple is famous. It is hard to come by in downtown Qingxiu place. Legend has it built in the Red Soochow Ukraine when the three countries 10 years (247 AD), the Southern Song Dynasty Jiading nine years (1216 AD) moved to the site. Lvjing after the construction of the Yuan Dynasty, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom destroyed in the end, only the permitted large, 1921 Third Temple building, one by one into today's scale. To 1999, the temple to carry out a large-scale renovation, Relics from Mountains Afar more quiet long. Temple Hall of Heavenly Kings a whole, the Main Hall, Temple III, and other construction. Abbot upstairs room with a few lines which were altar market, down Porphyra 5. There are also a few lines were holding Dade Song Master Read together. Song Guangzong surviving inscription of this monument and the two Dae-jung Hongwu, and other cultural relics. Chuba lunar calendar every year in April, held here every 3-day temple fair, very lively. Address: 1686 Nanjing West Road, Jing'an District, Tel: 62566366 opening hours :7:30-15: 45 Shannon period open 5:00 Tickets: 5 yuan in peacetime, Hong phase 2 yuan

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Tianmashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sheshan Tianmashan south-west of Shanghai is the highest point above sea level on land, Tianmashan in many temples, the largest may be considered "a round-chi Education Temple." Sihou in the Mid-levels between a Leaning Tower of the Millennium, by the name of "protection of jewelry Minaret," the Northern Song Dynasty Yuanfeng 2002 (1079) by the local people Yokoyama Wen-wide building, now has 915 As long as eight seven-tower, 20 meters high. Although the small tower, standing Shan, Qi Jun Tingxiu. 27 Shaoxing Southern Song Dynasty (1157), Gao Chee-colored Tibetan Buddhist relic in this column, when Baoguang significantly. In the Qing Dynasty, incense Tianmashan very strong. According to the Qing Dynasty from the Alliance, "Chai-ming know little," it reads: Fifty-three Qianlong (1788), the temple ritual act, set off firecrackers, which caught fire, burning wood to the heart tower and escalators, and so on the floor, the tower ladder, canopies waist, flat seat are destroyed, the remaining brick tower, tower body is cut-off south-west Kok section of wood residue left is proof. It was later found in Zhuanfeng Yuanfeng coins of the Song Dynasty, was constantly demolished brick Bao, so that gradually turn north-west corner of bottom removed to form about 2 meters in diameter big hole. Due to changes in the foundation so that the tower gradually tilting a south-easterly direction. According to the survey in 1982, the tower has been tilting to the southeast 62 � 51'52 ", the top center shift 2.27 meters, it is commonly known as" Leaning Tower. "According to the" people Daily "reported: jewelry care than the Leaning Tower of Pisa Minaret also tilt more than 1 �, can be said to be leaning tower in the world. Tower tilted 53 degrees up to 6 hours, a greater angle than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, known as the "Leaning Tower of the best in the world." Tianmashan Tianmashan Buddha is a great spectacle, usually retaining beads around the tower, or sometimes the early morning of Day , With the sun through the clouds of water vapor in the tower reflects the surrounding halo of colorful and beautiful. Tianmashan under a newly-discovered the Grand Canyon, will be built here Tianmashan Grand Canyon Park, will soon become a new tourist area Sheshan "bright spot." Transportation: Shanghai Stadium on by too green tourism, the Western Station and Shanghai Automotive Queensland Direct Line. In addition, the Jinjiang Park subway station, a bus station in Songjiang car line up. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - the Yan'an Elevated Road - Huqingping highway into the city paragraph (A9 highway) - in the spring - Shanghai Highway Song - Shen Brick Road

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Shanghai Natural History Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Natural History Museum built in 1956, is China's largest integrated one of the Museum of Natural Science. A total of more than 24 pieces of specimen collection. The Library has ancient human history, the history of ancient animals showroom, as well as invertebrates, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, such as the Mummy Chen Room. In addition, often a wide range of topics exhibition disciplines. Shanghai has been planned in the city's Pudong New Technology, Natural History Museum will move into its site, and use of electricity, light, sound and so on-the-art technology, display model to be closed to open to visitors to promote participation in the exhibition of experimental To promote better S & P knowledge, to promote the role of scientific development. Address: No. 260 Yan An Road East

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American Dream Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

American dream theme park in Shanghai is China's first true sense of the theme park. It provides visitors to enjoy the leisure life of the United States. Jiading in 450 acres of space, the theme of the five regional add radiance to each other, all kinds of colorful construction. Day by the theme of the five major road in the western cowboy, Adventures in Wonderland fairy islands, look for Europe USA Today and composition. Bring visitors to the United States in today's popular entertainment themes. People can experience the fun, enjoy access to China for the first time Hollywood stunt performances, exuberant, as well as special effects movies, music, dance, magic and sports performances, but also serves as park of 15 special meals and shopping Places. Fantasy Land application of the Group of the United States more than three decades of its global theme park operator, as well as a lot of experience in the United States, Hong Kong and the Chinese entertainment industry experts to create talent, you have a brand-new world of entertainment. Transportation: Shanghai Stadium travel by line 6B (6:30 - 17: 20), the town of Pearl Line North Station Road, an direct line. She took the West (Shanghai West Railway Station - Sheshan), Huang Lu (three gas companies), Kerry Huang (Jiading terminal), Huang (Qingpu), Huang Xu (Xu Jing) line, Huang Xiang (Nanxiang), and so on Can also reach the green. Address: Jiading District Huang Du Zhen Cao Road, 4498 Telephone: 595 8686 Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 weekend fare: 20 yuan since the drive line: the urban areas - Wuning Road - Cao Highway (Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, or Huangdu exports).

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