Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Xujiahui Church - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Church is located in Xujiahui, Xuhui District, Po Road 156, Shanghai is the third Catholic Congress seat of the self-love. Qing Dynasty before Sanshiyinian (1905), Xuantong 2002 (1910) concluded that rehabilitation in 1980. For the medieval Gothic architecture, Cheng Chang-plane cross, to the east front, on both sides of the building House, the towering.

  Xujiahui Catholic Church after the Opium War, Shanghai was the first Catholic church. End of the 19th century, the area near the tomb of Xu Guangqi of the Shanghai Catholic Center, 1906 New Church Hall, completed in 1910, that was the Xujiahui Catholic Church, is China's first built by the West Style church built. 79 meters high and 28 meters wide, the altar is 44 meters wide Department. Suzhou halls are producing Jinshan Stone Diaozao rooted in the 64 columns, each have 10 small cylinder combination. Fangzhuan shop floor, the channel is in the middle of a flower shop tiles. A pointed arch doors and windows are Gothic style, stained glass inlay, and set into a pattern Like. There are 19 altar in the middle is the big altar in 1919 from Paris, Easter brought a higher artistic value of religion. Halls can accommodate 2,500 people at the same time doing mass. Is a typical appearance of the Gothic Middle Ages in Europe, double-brick structure of the steeple, 18 m high ridge together, the whole clock tower about 60 meters high, spire 31 , On the steeple of the two crosses, in-line roller. Hall also found a cross-shaped wheel Posi - just as life-wheel control, the appropriate analogy. Church body is the middle-relief plate, gorgeous complex, very From a distance, like the shape of the watch Rome. External structure adopted all-red brick, graphite laying tile roof, decorated with many Son of God stone, pure and serene.

  Shanghai Xujiahui Catholic Church is the largest Catholic church, as the Far East who had the most spectacular Hong-li of the Church. Every morning there are more than one Mass every Sunday and religious festivals, bringing together Catholics, a grand ceremony.

  "Cultural Revolution" , Xujiahui Church was severely damaged, have not even removed the cross and steeple of the two major organ was not spared, the church was used as a warehouse, the interruption of religious activities. In 1978, after the restoration, renovation in 1980, Christmas in 1982, to repair the steeple cross, Gothic-style cathedral to reproduce.

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