Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coastal Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Coastal tourist resorts in the region of the coastal resort Magnolia, is a bright "Pearl of the sea resort." Founded in 1992, is a three-star foreign tourist resorts. Resort-food, lodging, transportation, purchase, travel together with a standard off (sets of) 156 rooms, 10 luxury villas (62) and Mongolia Group composed of a number of ethnic villages, there are various styles of small private rooms, an English pub, discotheque, KTV private room, Steppenwolf room, billiards room, auditorium, beauty center, sauna centers, such as the Chamber. There is a large outdoor swimming pool, fishing pond, race track, tennis courts, sea and yacht racing club . Coastal tourist resorts in the region still live ammunition into a world-class shooting range, water recreation, resort to shooting one of the Pudong Recreation Co., Ltd. (Tel: 58058234), Euro-Asian style show, the largest in East China's coastal Golf Club, and the only Chinese One of the largest in the Far East-car entertainment market -- Fujitec Circuit (Tel :58291000-646) and full-featured entertainment seaside resort palace night. Here you can play with genuine firearms, the live ammunition, gun fight, driving pleasure, the car, playing golf, fishing villa, you make a rough fight, the Wild have suffered a life of the strong. Transportation: car Nanhui South Station bus lines directly to the foreshore. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - Nanpu Bridge - Longyang Road - Luo Shan Road - Outer Ring Road (A20 highway) - Yingbin Avenue (A1 highway) - Far East Avenue (A30 highway) - South Road - South bin Highway Tel: 58058 11

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