Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lu Xun's tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Xun in China is well-known modern writer, thinker and politician. Lu Xun Memorial Hall was built in 1951 in Hongkou Park (now Lu Xun Park). Museum exhibits focus on the performance of Lu Xun in Shanghai 10 years of social and cultural life. Lu Xun's Tomb of the country's key cultural units in 1956, Lu Xun The 20th anniversary of the World, by Lu Xun's tomb million Qianzang cemetery in this country. Traffic: Pearl Hongkou football field station, 18,52,139,939, four-Lu Xun Park Airport terminal, Terminal Road 70,97,597 Duolun Road, 854, Hong Chuan green sweet love the way the terminal, via Hongkou sports 51,101,502,508,531,537,541,942 of the road, travel route 10, through Dalian West (Shanghai International Studies University) were 79,222,529,937,853,875 Road, via Sichuan North Road (Duolun Road), there are 21,4 , 592,848,863 way. Address: East Bay Road, Hongkou District No. 146 Tel: 56669711 opening hours :9:00-16: 00 tickets: Lu Xun Park: 2 yuan, Lu Xun Memorial Hall: 9 yuan for adults, students 6 yuan.

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