Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Qinciyangdian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Millennium ancient concept of" Yu-Chin Chee-Yang of Temple, Shanghai is one of the earliest Taoist temple. Legend has it that when the three countries is Soochow Sun Quan built for his mother, Qing Emperor Qianlong changed to "Chee-Chin Yang Temple." Dongyuetaidi worship. It is also known as the "palace Dongyue." Hall of the Qing Emperor Qianlong in 35 years (in 1770) after the reconstruction, Dong Yue, the three-ching, Dry moat, more than 10 Hall of Guan Di, and so on, all kinds of respect for more than 600 statues. Lunar New Year each year three, four, seven, September pilgrims should not rush, the Chinese New Dongyue birthday on March 28, the "Lotus will ship", a more flourishing incense. During the first day, or 15 Taoist festival, one after another four-believers, wind around cigarettes, crowded Transport: Road 736,746,772,773,778,785,791 Address: Pudong New Area, the source of deep routes, 476 Tel: 58828689 Tickets: 5 yuan

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