Monday, March 16, 2009

The top three in Hong Kong beach - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pudong is located in the top three in Hong Kong's "mother river" Yang Chuan River estuary, the only section of the Pudong New Area has a 6 km long coastline of life, where days of water connected, Miles cloudless blue sky and pleasant weather. The top three in Hong Kong coastal areas to travel for leisure tourism thrust, high-tech as a carrier of tourists as a means to participate, have formed a beach scenery, is Construction, rural atmosphere, green world, and other characteristics of the four to meet the needs of multi-level tour of the seaside resort. The top three in Hong Kong Beach Water Curb use of the sea embankment, to clarify the method to filter the water filter, and scale up to 350,000 square meters of clear water and blue sky stretch of golden sand 1300 meters. Blue Days, the clear water. Walking in the palm, coconut, feeling the sea bathing, sitting in the sun under umbrellas, the taste of pure alcohol Yu coffee, and then go Pudong Folk Museum, the Museum Cang Shi Feng Xing-day, adventure play slide, live seafood taste . As night fell, the mood on the activities of more. You can look at the water-screen movies, Listen to music, play beach volleyball, lying on the beach to see a meteor to meet the rising sun. 300 tents, 100 Village is prepared for this. Would like to "out"? Small boats have been more than ready to go. In the forest would like to listen to the voice of the sea breeze you? Not far away, there is a 10,000 square meters of the coastal forest area US-clear water, blue sky on the beach, the red coffee trees and watch the sunrise sea, seafood products stones, you would like to return to nature, went to the beauty of the top three in Hong Kong it! Transportation: travel to the Line 3-for-chuan Chuansha after the three-direct. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - Nanpu Bridge - Longyang Road - Long Dong Avenue - Avenue of the Far East - China Road Address: East China in the first East Tel: 68909803 Tickets: adults 20 yuan, 10 yuan for children

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