Monday, March 16, 2009

Aquilaria Court - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aquilaria Old House "Wan Monastery," an area of 2378 mu (159 hectares), with King Hall, Main Hall, Guanyinge, Garan Hall and Memorial Hall, such as Master-chee. There are three four-post before the Court, Zhong Yan arches, there are Sha Menghai the title of "Aquilaria Court" words. Aquilaria Court to worship the "Guanyin sinensis," is famous, the original The concept of audio-visual Shinianhaojie have been destroyed. Guanyinge is enshrined in Hong Kong that was donated by followers of the water Haiqiong Ruyi Lun Chen Xiangmu of audio-visual concept. In 1988, Aquilaria Court of the State Council have been listed as the first batch of 142 national focus on opening up one of the temple, the seat is unique temple nuns. Traffic: 9 Rd 2 (Fuyou Lishui Road junction) terminal, the way 569 (Henan Star South Street) terminal, the people on the road (the north gate of the new 801,920,926,930, Jinjiang tourist bus. Henan Province in the South (Fuyou Road Station) has set up 66,929 points, Fang Chuan line. Address: Huangpu Aquilaria Court Road, 29 Tel: 63203431 opening hours :7:00-16: 00 tickets: 2 yuan

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