Monday, March 16, 2009

Tang Jing Zhuang Songjiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Shanghai's oldest buildings, built in the Tang and medium-sized 13-year (859). The Tang Jing Zhuang A total of 21, 9.3 meters high. 8 000 who face, engraved with "Fodingzunsheng dharani by" the full text, and there are questions in mind. The rest at all levels, such as child care seat, waist, and so part of the canopy, carved, there are patterns of sea water, Po Lotus, Bao-zhu, cirrus, Book, King, Buddha, support and dragon, lion, such as squatting. Building a whole big beautiful, delicate carvings, mellow lines Xi Lian, who are full of flowers and even the animal's sense of a Tang Dynasty style. "National key cultural unit." Address: Songjiang District, Zhongshan Road Primary School in Tel: 57,822,157 (prior appointment, free)

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