Monday, March 16, 2009

Song Ze ancient cultural sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingpu county is located five kilometers east of the village of Chak-song. After a series of archaeological investigations and excavations, discovered a primitive village, now there are about five or six thousand years, and save a lot of cultural relics and historical sites. It is the first in Shanghai to date ancient cultural sites. Song Ze ancient cultural sites of the upper deck: Tuse Malacosoma Archaeological finds in the late Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period and pottery, porcelain, bronzes and a small number of stone tools. Among them, a green color, exposure Tan Fu, rotating wall covered with patterns of porcelain, reflecting the working people of our country at the time of the manufacture of porcelain has a very high level. Middle: Tusehuihe, is a primitive commune of A total of burial place. The characteristics of buried human skeletons Yang Shen straight limb, to the southeast of voluminous, the bulldozers buried in the ground. In general, people cytoskeleton around the funerary objects. There are two tombs of middle-aged women and children buried together, reflecting the period from the children's mother, is still in the matriarchal society. Lower: Tusehuilan, including ancient Tibetan food for the excavation of the original cellar, as well as the means of production, reflecting the lower productivity. In the cellar, can be found in artificially propagated and indica rice grains of rice to prove that the ancestors in the Qingpu district of about six thousand years ago has mastered the technology of rice cultivation, but also proves that China is the world's earliest cultivated rice Countries.

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