Monday, March 16, 2009

Shou-an Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Treasure Island is one of the four ancient temples, located at the southern end of the Aoshan Kim, was founded in 2002 Chunyou Song Dynasty (1241 AD), Chongming Island is the oldest of the ancient temples. Former "life-an Temple," had "Si Wai foreign Castle Hill Hill, Ting Ting Zhong green water in the water" reputation. After the war, and as a result of harassment of Japanese pirates, as well as unrest in the disaster were looted, Japan must destroy event. Life of an existing temple in 1983 is the reconstruction. The door has a wonderful together, Mr. Zhao Puchu for the title - "immeasurable Nyorai life, the years-an Pure Land." In addition to the magnificent main building qualities of the Main Hall, Third Temple, the Hall of Heavenly Kings is also unique charm, and Wood Sakya Muni Fo like gods and colorful gold , Nyorai III, Monju, Fugen, the 16 islands, such as Guanyin Buddha. One wing of the West Building 2 of a giant Yuzhiwofo. Weighing 13 tons, more than 6 meters long, is Shanghai's largest Yuzhiwofo.

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