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Confucius Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Confucius Temple is located in the Jiading District of Shanghai Jiading Main Street, Town, Jiading Southern Song Dynasty, founded in 12 years (1219), now covers an area of 17 acres or so.
  Confucian temple door "Star lattice door" before "Xing Xian", "talent", "Bianco" three lions of St. Paul and railings. 72 attitude of the different rock , A symbol of yin only 72 Confucius. The wall around the Confucius Temple, "Ren-million wall." Inside the pool, "Chi Pan," Yuan-tai will be drilled in the first year (1324).
Pan Chi Shing is the North Gate, the middle of the five pillar, the one thing Jiaomen Ying, 29 meters wide with a stone turtle Block 7, 2 meters high negative Large stone, repair ancient Confucian Temple in the case record. Dong Jiao Men walls have embedded a few precious stone, Song has set 2002 (1229) Pu Shen wrote, "Jiading County's school", 10-year-ming Xuande (1435), "County political situation in mind," bell documented status of any Suzhou Zhifu, punish corruption, clean up a miscarriage of justice, Xing Water deeds, and so on.

Great in the courtyard in front of the post, there are few Cooper dragon and phoenix, it has been recorded in local records in the yuan to shun the cultivation of three years (1332), a total of 16, only now in front of Dacheng's a live, very rare.

Veranda of the two things, the original disciples and worship Kong Men ages of Mingru , Is now a museum of the history of Jiading showroom.
  Da Dian Zhong Yan Qiao Fei, the towering majesty. Shitai front, even more momentum. Miankuo hall 5, 3 into the deep, high Liang Jia, Fang purlin painting, to retain the structure of the Ming Dynasty. Display is a statue of Confucius and the Confucius Temple and Confucius.
The east Minglun together, and when Beilang Lake College, and other construction. Minglun Hall is the history of assembly of scholars to give lectures, unique architecture, 3 spacious hall, the former Baoxia located, and on both sides of the Fenqianglouchuang, outside the wall a small hospital, the hospital in Guibo planting trees, there are a hundred peonies. Minglun hall displays ancient Chinese imperial examination. Minglun Sai Tong a Beilang, is the Confucius Temple in 1958 to repair, the tablets will be collected over the years, various types of stone epitaphs and embedded in the intramural, an important historical value. When the courtyard of the eastern Lake College, the museum into showrooms. College wall along the river more than 30 meters, there is a built in 1987 Bei Lang, with family history of painting and calligraphy art, including Huang Tingjian, Wen Zhengming, and other valuable manuscripts.

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