Monday, March 16, 2009

The former site of the central organ of the Communist Youth League - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is an old-fashioned brick house Shikumen. Shanghai was where the communist group's activities. August 22, 1920, as advocated by Chen Duxiu, YU Xiu Song, Shi-deposit system, Yuan Zhenying, at the end of Ye Jin Feng Deng Baren home here in Shanghai announced the establishment of the socialist youth league, YU Xiu Ren Shuji song. 1 21, the beginning of the establishment of the Chinese Socialist Youth League, where the central authority for the mission. In 1920-1921, the Communist Party of China's first news agency (China and Russia news agency) and was set up here and start editing the work of the issue. Here are the State Council, has been listed as national key cultural unit. Traffic Tourism on the 10th line, 02,42,146,911,920,926,945 Road, Huaihai Road, free sightseeing vehicles Address: Huaihai Road in Luwan District get 567 (Yuyang Village) 6 Tel: 64576327

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