Monday, March 16, 2009

White drunk tank - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Drunken white pool of five well-known Shanghai Jiangnan one of the ancient garden of the Qing Junji 2007 (1650) principal and Industry Advisory Board to build big. Layout of the garden to water as the central pool ring on three sides are Qulangtingxie, Shangjing barometer can lean on a railing. White drunk tank at the check in the name of Su Shi, "Bai Tang drunk", that the prime minister Han Qi Song Dynasty poet Bai Mu Tang Home In old age for drinking Wing Lok and build Baitang drunk. Gu Shen Tai good at painting, good poetry, music and Mu Bai Ju-yi's "Drunken white" for the pool, the park name. Drunken white pond pool area more than 600 square meters, and a pile of rocks, unique. There are old Xuan, Ikegami cottage and scenic spots, such as kiosks and Mandarin Song, Ming stele since the Masters Stone. Nagqu Wai Ting Xie Yong-water, according to bar visitors Shangjing English the fun. Inter-profile South pool wall "between the cloud Kunihiko map" stone, Juan Ming and Qing Xiang Xian Songjiang county government is a famous portrait of more than 100 people, the very portrait of workers. Jiaqing 2002 (1797) to Yuying Tong. After the founding of the PRC, the restoration of gardens. 1959 Amendment Open and expand the area to 76 acres. Zhang more than the park, Ligustrum lucidum, Guangxi, and other old trees. Are building in 1983 with the "reward Office of deer, Magnolia House, deep study Liu Tong, carved Office." Address: Songjiang District People's South Road No. 64 Tel: 57814763 opening hours :8:00-17: 0 Admission: 12 yuan

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